Military Storage in Illinois

Illinois is the fifth most populous state in the U.S., with more than 12 million citizens calling this state home. Chicago is their largest city and is home to more than 2.7 million people, over 70 community areas and the only boot camp for the U.S. Navy: The Great Lakes Training Center. Needless to say, the population of this “Windy City” fluctuates; people flock to this city, and military populations can find themselves uprooted at a moment’s notice. When military orders threaten to relocate you and your family, utilizing self storage lockers in nearby Des Plaines, Illinois can assist you in a variety of ways. Safeguard Self Storage has more than ten self storage locations throughout Illinois and the Chicagoland area. Let’s explore why Chicago Self Storage Bins are a valuable solution for military moves.

Reasons Service Members and Their Families Need Storage Space

Military service members and their families can find themselves moving to a different state at a moment’s notice, or preparing for an impending deployment. Check out the following reasons – and ways – military families use storage lockers.

  • Permanent Change of Station. Getting yourself and your family organized for relocation can be hectic, especially since you might not have much notice. Pack your belongings and store them for move out day, so they don’t crowd up the home you’re still trying to live in. That way, when you’re ready to travel to your new duty station, you can pack up at the self storage facility and be on your way.
  • Temporary Additional Duty. Temporary duty assignments refer to an assignment at a location other than your permanent duty station. These may last days or months in duration. Use storage lockers to keep valuables secure while you aren’t at your place of residence.
  • Deployment. If you’re leaving a family stateside while you deploy, self storage can come in handy for a number of reasons. Your significant other may decide to return to their family and their home state for the duration, and packing up belongings in a storage unit can be an easy way to make that transition. If you’re single, clearing out your barracks, apartment or home may be necessary to allow another person to move in or sublet.
  • Discharge. Leaving the military lifestyle can be an exciting change for some service members, but moving to a new home or even state can be stressful. Use self storage to make the transition between homes – and to civilian life – much easier.

Self Storage Tips for Members of the Armed Forces

Follow some basic self storage tips to ensure that your belongings are safe and secure – no matter where you are.

  • Pack bulky items such as furniture in the back of the storage unit and along the walls.
  • Use pallets to keep items off of concrete floors. This provides better airflow and ensure that items aren’t damaged by moisture.
  • Place heavier items at the bottom.
  • Leave a path so you can easily access items needed more often.
  • Organize the storage unit by room or item type.
  • Draw a diagram of the storage locker so you can locate your belongings easily when you return. (And don’t forget to label the boxes.)
  • Invest in a secure lock with a short padlock to keep it safe from bolt cutters. Disc or cylinder locks are a popular choice.
  • Choose a storage facility with the security amenities to provide peace of mind and one that offers month to month leases so you only pay for the time you need.

Why Choose Safeguard Self Storage

When choosing a storage facility, safety and security of belongings should be a major priority. At Safeguard Self Storage, our storage units have top-of-the-line security features. The Des Plaines, Illinois storage facility includes computer controlled access, digital video recording, individual door alarms and a facility-wide intercom system. Additionally, climate controlled units are available, which are essential for protecting sensitive belongings in long-term storage. These facilities also include other perks such as drive-in loading areas to protect you and your goods from the elements, flat beds carts and dollies to make moving your items in or out a snap and online payments or auto payment plans which make paying for your storage unit easy while you’re away.

These features – and countless others – make Safeguard Self Storage the ideal storage option for military member and their families. Explore our storage facilities in Illinois to find one that fits your needs.

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