Storing Electronics: What You Need to Know to Keep Electronics Safe

A person holding up a electircal plug-in cord.

A fast pony over at Empire City Race Track can be a sure bet, but you don't want to gamble when it's time to store expensive electronic gear. Computers, televisions and audio equipment need special prep before you move them into self storage. Whether you're relocating, downsizing or just clearing space at home, make sure your best gadgets are ready for household storage in a climate controlled Yonkers, NY facility.

Be Careful with Computers

Laptops, towers and even tablets come with cables, chargers and internal batteries. It's important to disconnect everything before you start packing up, so keep it all straight with small, color-coded stickers. Be sure to remove batteries because they can leak and cause serious damage. Wipe down components with an anti-static microfiber cloth, and double-check drives for overlooked discs. Secure computers in sturdy boxes filled with packing material, tape lids shut to keep out dust, and bundle monitors in bubble wrap.

Fine-Tune Television Prep

Treat your TV to the same careful wipe down that you used on your computers. Climate controlled household storage units are clean environments, but any dust that moves in with your television can creep into its circuits. A flat screen is especially susceptible to scratching, so make sure it's dust-free before covering it with bubble wrap. In a perfect storage world, you'd have the original box for packing, but many facilities sell inexpensive containers designed for modern flat screens; you can also buy special dust covers.

Pamper Audio Equipment

Boom boxes, amps, speakers and headphones need the same climate controlled self storage as all your other electronic gear, and they need the same thorough dusting before you stash them away. When you move audio equipment, wiring and cables put stress on sockets. Disconnect everything, and then clean out socket areas with a compressed air duster. Pack small components in boxes with sealable lids, but don't wrap anything in plastic. Electronics need to breathe, so drape large items with soft sheets, or zip them up in mattress bags.

It doesn't matter if you bought those gadgets from a pricey store in Getty Square or a discount outlet at the mall. Electronic equipment represents an investment that deserves climate controlled self storage and the security of a Yonkers, NY Safeguard Self Storage facility. Treat your gear with care before the move, and you can count on it firing up when you're ready to turn on, tune in and listen up.

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