Prepare for Paddling and Kayak Season in Baton Rouge

Two smiling women paddling in a kayak.

Louisiana is home to one of the world’s most fascinating cities, and is a unique mix of culture, food, and music. But while most people seek out Louisiana for the Big Easy, Baton Rouge offers a variety of activities for kayakers and canoers alike. Discover the hidden treasure that cause kayakers to seek out Baton Rogue, LA, then grab your kayak from your Safeguard Self Storage units and prep it for the ride of your life.

Get Your Kayak Ready for the Water

Proper storage is key to keeping a kayak in top condition for years to come. Many kayaks can deform or bend over time if the boat’s weight isn’t distributed evenly. Plastic hulls are more susceptible to damage, but deformation can occur with fiberglass and wooden boats as well. If you followed the proper procedures when you stored your kayak at the end of last season, then damage should be minimal – if any. Storing your kayak in a Baton Rouge storage unit should add extra protection from harsh elements throughout the year.

Now that kayak season is back in force, it’s time to get your kayak ready to hit the water. Follow these maintenance and upkeep tips and start paddling down Ward Creek or the Blind River.

  • Fixing a depressed hull. If stored improperly, the hull of your kayak can become deformed or depressed. Use the sun to help you restore a depressed hull. Heat can help restore a kayak to its original shape. Leave your kayak in the sun for a day, and it will most likely pop back to its original shape.
  • Check parts for damage. UV rays can damage parts over time, and if you didn’t replace these parts before storing your kayak, they’ll need to be replaced before casting off. Look at the rigging, hardware, bungees and perimeter lines to ensure they’re in good shape. If you’re kayak has a rudder or skeg, check the deployment lines, cables, pedals, and pivot hardware. Repair or replace anything that that needs it now! You don’t want to be caught in open water with a faulty part.
  • Repairing structural damages. The material of your kayak will determine how easy it is to fix cosmetic damages such as scratches, holes and gouges. Boats made from composite plastics – like Fiberglass and Kevlar – have an outer gelcoat that resists scratching better than boats made from polyethylene. The glossy finish may make the scratches more apparent but it can easily be polished. Major structural damage can also be patched, and even whole sections of the hull can be rebuilt.
  • Replace accessories. Getting ready for a new season may also require new gear, such as a bulkhead or seat. Check out your current gear to decide if anything is worth replacing or if you want to add any new features you missed last year, like a rod holder.
  • Stock up on emergency gear. Make sure your kayak is fully stocked with an emergency repair kit, first-aid kit, and bailout bag.
  • Wash and wax. While storing your kayak in personal storage can keep it protected from most dust and dirt, it’s still beneficial to give your kayak a thorough cleaning before hitting the water. After washing and drying your kayak, apply quality wax to protect it from harmful UV radiation. 

Kayaking in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Now that your boat is ready to hit the water, you can plan your must-visit spots for the season. Baton Rouge has a surprising amount of pristine kayak locations, and we’re letting you in on this city’s best kept secrets.

Paddle Abandoned Fort Proctor at Lake Borgne. On the shores of Lake Borgne lays the abandoned 19th century Fort Proctor, built to protect water routes toward New Orleans. Due to delays and the outbreak of the Civil War, the fort was never garrisoned and its design was obsolete after end of war artillery improvements. To reach this destination, launch off at Shell Beach, travel through the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet (MRGO), navigate through the Bayou Yscolskey, and a few hundred feet into Lake Borgne. The fort has endured well over the years, and provides a fun day of exploration.

Greenwood Community Park. The 18-acre lake in Greenwood Community Park is a great place for new kayakers to test their skills, or for your first paddle of the season. Kayak and canoe rentals are available on site if you don’t bring your own. The park is located off Highway 19 in Baker, and provides beautiful views. You can launch easily off the marked wooden docks.

Bayou Fountain at Highland Road Park.  Paddle through beautiful trash-free trails that are marked by handmade mile markers. Start at Highland Road Park and travel to Manchec Park for a total of around 6 miles. This route is great for beginners, and is moderately easy to get in the water when the levels are high. The launch point is through the woods. 

There are many kayaking trips to discover in Louisiana. Start exploring this state today to find a waterway that calls to you. And when the season ends, protect your kayak from the elements by storing it in a personal Safeguard Self Storage unit

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