Motorcycle Storage for Bronx Commuters

Winter is right around the corner, and while you've enjoyed taking your bike out for joy rides around Staten Island on the weekends and using it for your daily commute, it's time to put it away before the winter elements blow in. New York experiences very cold winters and the weather can be severe. To keep your motorcycle safe during winter − in a state where space and parking is limited – use an affordable storage unit. From the Bronx to New Rochelle, Safeguard Self Storage has a variety of New York locations that can help busy New Yorkers keep their motorcycle protected until warmer weather. 

Choose a Motorcycle Storage Facility

First step to preparing your motorcycle for storage is to find the right storage facility for your motorcycle. Take the time to vet your options, and consider the following thoughts:     

Climate Control. A temperature regulated environment (heated and air conditioned) keeps many belongings in pristine condition, and your bike is no different. By keeping the temperature and humidity levels consistent, you can prevent the possibility of rust.

Security. Motorcycles aren’t inexpensive, and you want to ensure that your investment is protected from theft. Safeguard Self Storage facilities feature computer-controlled access, digital video recording, individual door alarms and a facility-wide intercom system. These features are designed to protect valuables while in storage.

Location. Choose a location that’s near your residence so you don’t have far to travel to store and retrieve your motorcycle. You may also want to visit your baby periodically, for your peace of mind. Choosing a nearby storage facility will help make travelling to and from easier.

Unit Size. Motorcycles can fit inside smaller units, so you have more options than simply outside storage. The unit should be at least 5x10 for an average size motorcycle to fit. You can also utilize outside parking, if that’s your preferred route. But remember, your motorcycle will be exposed to more elements if it’s outdoors.

Prepare Your Motorcycle for Storage

Once you find your bike’s temporary winter home, follow these steps to get your motorcycle ready for storage.

1.    Drain all fluids. Drain the gas and oil from the bike as no flammable items are allowed in self storage units.

2.    Wash the bike. Take some time to wash the exterior of your bike. This removes any dirt or debris that may cause permanent damage. Make sure it’s completely dry before placing it in your unit.

3.    Remove the battery. Don’t leave the battery in storage, take it with you. After disconnecting it from the bike, you can keep it in your home hooked to a trickle charger so it stays charged.

4.    Move to storage. After you’ve drained the fluids, washed the bike and removed the battery, you can move your bike to its overwinter home.

5.    Cover the muffler. To prevent any dust from using your bike as an overwinter home, use motorcycle exhaust plugs or wrap a plastic bag over your muffler.

6.    Cover the bike. A cover adds another layer of protection and added peace of mind.

While there are still a few months before the winter weather really hits, now is the time to figure out your plan for your motorcycle. Waiting until the last minute could mean you’re ill-prepared when winter weather hits, and this could lead to shoddy motorcycle storage. Find a New York storage facility near you, and contact Safeguard Self Storage when you need storage advice.

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