Storing Summer Clothes for the Winter Season

Cooler weather is finally here. It's time to put away your summer sun dresses and get out those boots and sweaters. If you live in Bronx, NY, finding room to store your seasonal wardrobe can be a challenge. Extra household space is a luxury that you may not have. Fortunately, you have a great storage option outside of your small home or apartment. Simply contact the nearest residential and business storage facility in your area, and rent a self storage unit to hold your summer treasures safely while you ride out the winter. To ensure that your shorts and bikinis are in top shape when you're ready to retrieve them, here are a few tips from Safeguard Self Storage for storing summer clothes. 

Essential Summer Wardrobe Storage Tips

  • Browse through your summer wardrobe, and remove items you never wear. If you didn't wear it this past summer, you probably won't wear it again. Donate these items, or offer them to family members. Don't force them to take up room in your tiny Bronx, NY space.
  • Organize your clothing by type and then by fabric, so you'll be able to store them properly and find them quickly later.
  • Before storing any item of clothing, wash and dry it thoroughly. Even if you’ve only worn it for a few minutes, residue from body oil, sunscreen, deodorant and colognes can degrade the fabric after the item has been stored for several months.
  • Avoid using chlorine bleach, fabric softeners and starch products on your clothes before storing them.
  • If you're using wardrobe boxes, hang garments on well-shaped hangers. Heavy fabrics that tend to droop or stretch and light, delicate items that become misshapen easily should be folded neatly instead of hung.
  • Don't store your clothing in nylon or plastic bags. It encourages mildew growth and can cause yellowing of fabrics. If you need extra protection, use a garment bag, or drape a cotton sheet over vulnerable items.
  • To protect delicate folded items, place them inside a cotton pillow case.
  • Avoid using moth balls to keep insects away. The smell can be difficult to remove and may even be toxic. Try cedar chips or lavender blocks instead.
  • Be sure to remove dirt and smudges from your sandals, flip-flops and sneakers before storing them.

Climate-Controlled Bronx, NY, Home and Business Storage

To keep your clothes fresh and intact, consider renting a climate controlled self storage unit for winter and summer storage. With around-the-clock control of temperature and humidity levels, you'll never have to worry about extreme cold or heat damaging synthetic fabrics, and you won't find disgusting mold or mildew on your favorite sun dress. Check local rates today, and keep your seasonal clothing changeovers easy and affordable.  

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