How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Source of Income

January is National Hobby Month. Now is a great time to turn your favorite hobby into extra income. Miami, FL, has plenty of potential customers. You just need passion, a few business pointers and a little help from a business storage facility. Here are a few tips to help you turn your favorite hobby into profit.

Tips for Turning a Hobby Into a Business

  • Do something you love. Your enthusiasm will get you through the less-than-perfect moments that are an inevitable part of any business endeavor.
  • Develop a good business plan. Starting out with no direction won't get you very far. Educate yourself about small business practices, and talk to other entrepreneurs for encouragement and advice.
  • Build a presence on the web. You can develop a private website, latch onto social media, or carve out your niche at eBay, Etsy or other popular sites.
  • Consider your present resources, and don't go overboard. Starting small doesn't mean you'll stay small. Invest carefully, and be sure that you have a stable backup plan.

Top Money-Making Hobbies

Not every hobby brings in tons of cash. If you're looking for one with a lot of money-making potential, consider one of the following.

  • Pet-sitting and dog-walking require virtually no overhead, and if you love animals, you'll be getting paid to have fun. Before you get started, do your research. Certain safety measures and protocols apply.
  • Home-baked treats like cookies, cakes and pies bring in thousands of dollars at charity bake sales every year. If you're a talented baker, take your love of flour and sugar to the next level. Sell your goodies at local flea markets, craft fairs and farmer's markets. If your popularity grows, you may even convince a local grocery store to carry your products.
  • Become a writer. If you love to write, brush up on your grammar skills, and make money from the privacy of your computer. Various websites offer opportunities for freelance writers. You can also offer your services to local newspaper publishers and other businesses that might need promotional materials, newsletters or brochures.
  • Monetize your crafting skills. From jewelry and scrapbooks to clothing and toys, people love handmade items. Rent a booth at your local flea market or sell online.

Find Great Business Storage in Miami, FL

When your hobby-turned-business starts to blossom, you'll need extra space to store products and promotional materials. You probably don't want your hobby to take over every room of your home, and keeping your wares in your garage or basement exposes them to insects, moisture and mold. Renting a Safeguard Self Storage unit is a more practical and professional solution. Check with your local Safeguard storage facilities, or use online resources to find the best rates in Miami, FL. If you have a great business plan and a little elbow grease to spare, your storage unit and your wallet will fill up quickly.  

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