How Brooklyn Businesses Can Capitalize on NYC Restaurant Week

Those who avoid going out into the cold or resolved to spend less money this year find new reason to get out to try fine cuisine throughout Brooklyn, NY. That’s thanks to New York Restaurant Week, the semiannual event that takes place January 18 to February 5. It features numerous restaurants offering fine cuisine at an affordable price. But it’s not just customers and restaurants that benefit. Safeguard storage units is sharing how business owners in Brooklyn, NY, can capitalize on this exciting event. 

Create Your Own Business Buzz During Restaurant Week 

While some business owners sit back and watch people walking by their storefront and heading to the nearest restaurant, you can view them all as potential customers. By targeting restaurant goers during this week, you'll not only increase your customer base but spread your brand to different areas beyond Brooklyn NY. 

1. Announce a major sale.

Nothing grabs consumer interest quite like a sale. However, you don't have to spend a lot of money on TV ads. You only need to create some fliers to hand out and place by your store. Prep them ahead of time and keep them in business storage till it’s time to hand them out. With all the additional eyes that will read your advertisement, it’s money well spent!

2. Team up with a participating restaurant.

You can always team up with a participating restaurant to bring in more customers for both businesses. For example, your business could offer a percentage off a meal if a customer spends a certain amount at your store. The restaurant could also offer a coupon to your store if the customer buys a particular meal at a set price. By working together, you increase sales at both establishments.

3. Offer freebies for those walking by.

People love getting free stuff whether it's a new key chain or a straw cup with a cool printed logo – and this is especially the case for tourists in the area. Look in your storage units for items that could be given away during Restaurant Week. You may have some older items that are simply taking up space and could be used as an incentive to shop at your store. 

Restaurant Week Isn't Just for Restaurants

You don't have to own a restaurant to reap the rewards of Restaurant Week. Simply create posters and fliers ahead of time, and store them away until you need them. With Safeguard Self Storage, you can store your sales ads and products in convenient storage units until later use. We have business storage available with as much space as you need to keep all of your items ready to go. 

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