Set Sail During Bacardi Miami Sailing Week

Hit the water with sailors from all over the world during Bacardi Miami Sailing Week. This outdoor event takes place on Biscayne Bay in sunny Miami, FL from March 6th to March 12th and kicks off the season for many boaters. Whether you're ready to race or showing up for the excellent views, Safeguard Self Storage has tips for getting your boat out of storage and prepping it for this week-long celebration.  

A Preseason Checklist before Hitting the Water 

1. It's all about general maintenance.  

When you first take your boat out of storage, it's important to perform a general cleaning and dusting of everything. Clean the hull and the teak, wash the windows and hatches, check the wiper blades and spray down the canvas. You might also want to give your boat a nice coat of wax.


2. Take care of the hull.

Look for any scratches or abrasions on the hull, and repair them as necessary. Covering your boat properly during storage will prevent minor damage from happening in the future. You should also inspect the trim tabs and perform a complete check of the rudder and fittings, rub rails, zincs, and the shaft.  

3. Check the upper and lower decks.

Check and test the seacocks below deck, and inspect the stanchion, lifelines and chain plates above deck. It's also a good idea to lubricate the blocks and pad eyes as well as clear any debris from the limber holes.  

4. Inspect the electrical system.  

Give your boat's electrical system and components a once-over. Inspect the battery's water level, clean any corrosion off the terminals, test all the gauges and check every lighting fixture on your boat. You should also inspect the antennas and check the electronics for maximum operation.

5. Do a complete check of everything.


Look everything over on your boat from the head system to the sails. Flush the water tank, replace the spark plugs and inspect the fuel lines for any leaks. It's also wise to inspect your boat trailer and prep it for the season, such as lubricating the wheel bearings, cleaning the winch and checking the safety chains.

Enjoy Sailing in Miami, FL This March


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