Take the Farm-To-Table Trend Into Your Own Hands

woman holding pot of planted herbs

Dining well in our city's biggest borough is deliciously easy. Local foodies find fresh ingredients for healthy meals at farmers' markets from Prospect Heights to Flatlands. Their storage units in Brooklyn, NY are filled with tools of the home gardening trade too, so join in this latest trend, and take your own bite out of the farm-to-table movement.

Shop Local, Shop Fresh

You can choose from a mouthwatering variety of artisanal restaurants here in Brooklyn, or you can choose to cook it yourself. Local farmers' markets are your sustainable source for all kinds of organic goodies. While you're there, pick up great recipe advice from local chefs and rub shoulders with seasoned vendors.

Visit Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket on Prospect Park's northwest corner for locally sourced produce year-round. Score specialty vegetables grown in our state's Black Dirt region from suppliers at the Cortelyou Road Greenmarket. And enjoy shopping more than two dozen area markets for farm-fresh eggs, grass-fed beef and sustainable-catch seafood.

Plan Smart Shopping Strategies

A day at the farmers' market serves up a wonderful experience, so plan on taking your time. Wear comfortable shoes, and follow these smart shopping strategies.

  • Early birds get the freshest fare by synchronizing visits with opening hours.
  • Supply your own bags including several fabric shoulder totes.
  • Stay mobile with a stroller converted into a personal shopping cart.
  • Learn local seasonality for veggies so that you know what to look for.
  • Pick up dry goods in bulk.
  • Shop with cash, but carry plenty of small change too.

Share and Nurture Your Own

If you want to source the freshest produce possible, just look around your home. Window sills are perfectly sunny spots for nurturing miniature herb gardens, and your backyard yields fertile ground for cultivating vegetables. Local garden clubs love to spread their love for urban cultivation, so network with folks who understand your commitment to growing your own. Storage units let everyone organize equipment, stash extra supplies, and keep it all out of the way as home harvests change with the seasons.

Give Your Talents Room to Grow

Sourcing locally and planting your own gardens give your cooking talents plenty of room to grow. Keep Safeguard in Brooklyn, NY on your menu for culinary success by keeping your farm-to-table tools organized in our Flatlands self storage facilities. We raise a toast to your deliciously trending creativity and your great taste in local cuisine.

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