Keep Your Collections in Mint Condition with Self Storage

stack of superhero comic books

If you already know September 25 is National Comic Book Day, you're ready to celebrate with fellow pannapictagraphists, or comic book collectors. If you'd rather round up baseball cards, coins or stamps, you're still in great collecting company here in Massapequa, NY where storage units keep everybody's favorite hobbies in mint condition.

Comic Collections Love Climate Control

Every collection from Manga to Marvel deserves a safe haven from our humid Nassau County summers and frigid winters. The best survival strategies for vintage comics start with climate-controlled self storage. Protect your investment by backing each issue with acid-free cardboard and slipping it into a polypropylene or mylar bag. Use hard-shell cases for valuable first editions, and store them in lidded plastic boxes. Keep your collection off the unit floor on shelving or wood pallets.

Collectible Coins Add Up in Storage

You don't have to look far for fellow coin collectors here on Long Island's south shore. Area numismatists trade in everything from special editions to commemorative sets. Stash your buffalo nickels and Mercury dimes in coin folders or albums. This form of safe deposit lets you enjoy every die-cut detail without exposing coins to over-handling. Protect your collection's increasing value by storing it at your local Safeguard self storage facility.

Baseball Cards Are Always Big Hits

Do you daydream about adding a 1952 Mickey Mantle to your collection? If you're still stashing cards on the top closet shelf, think outside the box before investing in that mint-condition Mantle. Get your lineups in order inside protective sleeves, and organize your teams in D-ring binders. Store the binders vertically in plastic boxes safely stacked on shelves in a climate-controlled storage unit.

Stamps in Storage Stick to Their Value

From summer sea breezes to winter thunderstorms, our island climate plays rough with stamp collections. Stored at home, they risk losing their value to warping and decomposition caused by indoor humidity or family accidents. Collectible stamps weather best when they're mounted on archival paper, protected by acid-free albums and stored away from light sources. Climate-controlled self storage delivers a perfect environment for preserving your presidential series, Thomas Edison commemoratives and Inverted Jennies.

Your Treasures Feel At Home With Us

You never know when your passion for collecting might morph from hobby into online sales success. Keep your premium acquisitions in perfect condition for maximum profitability with our affordable storage units here in Massapequa, NY. Safeguard Self Storage salutes your collecting talents, and we join you in celebrating National Comic Book Day.

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