The Advantages of Storing Medical Supplies in Self Storage

fully stocked pharmacy shelf

As a medical supply or pharmaceutical rep, you spend so much time on the road. In between calling on clients and setting up the next stop, you pack and unpack samples and materials. You appreciate the value of staying organized and working as efficiently as possible. Here in Massapequa, NY, medical storage solutions can streamline your schedule, protect your products, and simplify your day.

Make Your Job Easier

If you're still shifting inventory from your home to the car and back again, consider the convenience of keeping supplies at one central site. If your territory covers all of Long Island and up into New York, think about the improved logistics of operating with several storage units in strategic locations.

Some pharmaceutical product sales are seasonal, and a modern storage facility makes it easier to accommodate those changes. Your samples sometimes become outdated. Replacing them does not need to be complicated when you have quick access to new products in a self storage unit.

Maximize Storage Options

Temperature control and high-tech security features combine to make a storage unit a smart, affordable solution for pharmaceutical and medical storage. Different organizing setups easily maximize your storage options.

  • Keep products and supplies off the floor with shelving arranged to allow for plenty of walking room.
  • Consider wheeled shelf setups that let you rotate and organize inventory as needed.
  • Label boxes and equipment, and transfer the information to your smartphone for instant reference.
  • Set up a worktable in the middle of the unit that serves as both a desk and packing station.

Add Up the Benefits

The benefits of leasing storage far outweigh juggling inventory between home and the road. They quickly add up to time saved that you spend connecting with new clients and increasing sales.

  • You can arrange to have deliveries made to your storage facility.
  • Account management and payments are available online.
  • On-site security features include keypad entry access, digital video cameras and individual door alarms.
  • Multiple facility locations let you cover more territory more efficiently.

Self storage keeps you organized as you make sales calls all day, and it protects your pharmaceutical products and medical equipment year-round.

We're Your Home Base

Wherever you need to be in Nassau County or beyond, you can count on our Safeguard Self Storage facility here in Massapequa, NY as home base. Our modern storage units are available all across Long Island and the mainland too. It's our job to make yours a little easier, so stop by and visit with our on-site storage consultants soon.

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