Dust Off the Cobwebs with Self Storage for Your Costumes

a group of friends wearing halloween costumes

The back of your closet can be very scary. Your favorite costumes collect cobwebs and gather dust while they wait for another Halloween here in Baton Rouge, LA. Self storage can save the spookiest wardrobe from wasting away by treating it to these easy tricks.

Keep It Clean

Take an important tip from our very own Theatre Baton Rouge, and always clean your costumes at the end of each season. Here's how our local thespians do it before they transfer stage-worn items to their storage units:

  • Launder linen and cotton items in the gentle cycle with cold water.
  • Save delicate detailing by turning things inside out before washing.
  • Let costumes air-dry to avoid any chance of shrinkage and discoloration in a hot dryer.
  • If you're not sure about how to treat costume fabric, ask a dry cleaning professional for advice.

Hang It with Care

Whether it's your costume for Evil Dead cosplay or ghostly garb for the downtown Halloween Parade, it deserves a proper hanging in self storage. You can invest in wardrobe bags or conjure up your own inexpensive covers in these ways:

  • Pad hangers with generous layers of muslin or quilt batting to support fabric.
  • Make garment bags from twin or queen sheets folded in half and sewn up one side.
  • Increase your handmade covers' protection factor by adding drawstrings to tops and bottoms.
  • Don't smother hanging costumes with plastic bags that seal out fresh air.
  • Store your wardrobe on wheeled racks draped with sheets to ward off dust.

Watch the Devil in the Details

When the kids' outfits from their first Boo at the Zoo Day turn into precious keepsakes, archive those memories along with other costume treasures. Protect their little masks and your witches' hats with these storage strategies:

  • Transform old pillow cases into costume catch-all bags with drawstring closers.
  • Cushion small items by wrapping them in acid-free tissue paper, and store them in lidded plastic bins.
  • Save hats and accessories from getting crushed by stuffing them with bubble wrap.
  • Keep your costume collection refreshed by refolding and rotating things several times a year. 

We Make Magic Happen

Imagine never being afraid of beloved disguises falling prey to spider webs and hungry moths. Picture your finest getups stashed in the climate-controlled environment of our storage units. Let Safeguard Self Storage make the magic happen with our Baton Rouge, LA locations. Store with us, and save your costumes from the scariest depths of your dark closets.

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