How to Prepare for Your Family's First Holiday Season

You've never entertained the entire family before, but you're living in a city of firsts. If Philly could publish the nation's first daily paper and open the country's first zoo, you can make history too. Just take the time to do a little holiday planning, and give yourself plenty of room with extra space in self storage. No need to worry, your Philadelphia, PA festivities are going to run smoothly.

Prepare for House Guests

Party planning doesn't take practice, but it does take an eye for detail. Clean house like a pro by dusting often-missed baseboards, air vents, and light fixtures. Freshen bathrooms with scented soaps and extra guest towels. Let climate-controlled storage units help you get your home ready for company. Give them closet space for coats and hats by hanging some of your things in your storage unit. It's the perfect place to park extra furniture so that everybody has room to enjoy the party. You can even use storage to hide holiday presents.

Make Them Part of Your Plans

Making your guest list is easy because it's family and close friends, but stay in touch with everyone through social media. This lets you update the gang on any changes in plans, and it gives you a way to reach out for a little help. Streamline cooking by asking several guests to bring different dishes. Are youngsters part of the party? Ask for volunteers to take turns keeping an eye on little ones during the celebrations. Be sure to kid-proof the house by moving breakables to self storage.

Keep It Fun and Drama-Free

Make everyone feel welcome by making them all a part of the festivities. Organize drama-free fun like playing old parlor games or singing seasonal carols. Get the grownups busy baking desserts, and let the kids decorate cookies. And keep backup ice in a cooler so that holiday cocktails stay fresh. Offer a variety of music so that everyone gets to hear their favorite tunes. Encourage turning off the smartphones and turning on conversations. It's your party, so you get to set the rules. Just do it with a big smile and a warm hug.

You're Making History

We want to add one more very important tip: Relax, and have fun. You're starting new family traditions with this first celebration, and you can always count on Safeguard Self Storage for help. We like making history easy with convenient storage units in Philadelphia, PA.

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