Organization Resolutions: Preparing for the New Year

A notebook for making a New Year's resolution

The best New Year's resolutions are the ones that are easy to keep. They make a wonderful, long-lasting difference too. Organizing the house is a great example of a promise you can enjoy fulfilling now and relaxing with for the rest of the year. Our Brooklyn self storage facility on Atlantic Avenue can help make it happen. Let's take it one room at a time.

Leverage Living Room Zones

  • Free up floor space and create a special play spot for the kids by moving extra furniture to self storage.
  • Keep the couch cleared of napping pillows and cozy throws with a trunk tucked behind the sofa.
  • Store magazines and paper clutter in pretty baskets tucked under the coffee table.
  • Develop a system for organizing messy multimedia into easily accessed collections on bookshelves.
  • Corral home entertainment equipment with caddies for remotes and daisy-chained ties for cables.

Cut Down on Kitchen Clutter

  • Tame cleaning supplies in cabinets under the sink with small, stackable plastic bins.
  • Consolidate cleaning cloths by hanging them on hooks inside lower cabinet doors.
  • Take stock of pots and pans, and retire seldom-used cookware to your storage unit.
  • Put your DIY talents to work by installing shallow shelves behind doors that usually stay open.
  • Convert hanging plant holders into storage space suspended over countertops.
  • Extend your reach in lower cabinets with tiered wire shelving that slides in and out.

Break Out Bedroom Space

  • Free up extra room by breaking up matched bedroom sets and moving extra pieces to storage.
  • Keep dust bunnies at bay with wheeled storage trays that slide underneath beds.
  • Expand closet space by elevating shoes in hanging racks on the back of closet doors.
  • Turn empty corners into decorative storage from floor to ceiling with triangle-shaped shelving.

Make One More Resolution

When you get everything under control, make one more easy resolution. Promise to keep on streamlining your busy life by keeping your storage options open. Turn a climate-controlled unit into a year-round solution for organizing your home. With online account management and flexible leasing, it's a resolution you can afford to keep all year.

We're Here to Help

How will you celebrate the New Year in your beautifully uncluttered home? Start by enjoying less housework and more relaxing downtime. We're happy to help make it happen with our convenient Atlantic Avenue facility and six other locations across Brooklyn. Safeguard Self Storage is always here to help you keep your best resolutions.

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