Self Storage for Fashion Connoisseurs

A rack filled with a variety of clothing items

It's so much fun to be a fashion connoisseur here in the Bronx. Between indie boutiques and all the stores at Bay Plaza, you never run out of places to browse and things to buy. It seems so unfair that you run out of room for keeping it all. Save your crowded closet from becoming a burden on your clothing collecting hobby with smart self storage in East Tremont, NY.

Give Fabrics Fresh Air

Some of your clothes are classics that you'll keep forever. Other things are just for fun, strictly for work, or even candidates for resale. Mix it all up with seasonal favorites, and your closet becomes a small space stuffed with fabrics that need fresh air. Clothes squeezed into a closet easily develop mold and mildew. One tiny, overlooked damp spot can ruin a collection and turn your curated wardrobe into a pile of throwaways. Climate-controlled storage units give fabrics room to breathe and give you space to expand your fashion sense.

Fold, Protect, and Preserve

Before setting favorite fashions free in self storage, make sure everything is clean. Don't cover items with any type of plastic material or dry-cleaning bags. Treat your clothes with special style by following these simple tips.

  • Use acid-free tissue paper to minimize creases in folded items.
  • Loosely stack folded clothes in storage bins blanketed with protective covers.
  • Protect leather and furs on padded hangers inside ventilated garment bags.
  • Preserve shoe and boot shapes by stuffing footwear with rolled-up socks or shoe puffs.

Store Like a Fashion Pro

Your unit can operate like a runway backstage when you know how to store like a pro. These tricks keep your couture easy to access and ready to wear.

  • Use padded hangers to store leather and furs on wheeled wardrobe racks.
  • Elevate vintage fabrics in acid-free archival boxes stacked on tiered shelves.
  • Arrange shelving several feet away from walls for double-sided reach.
  • Quickly find anything by labeling garment bags, storage bins and archival boxes.
  • Leave pathways between shelves and racks for easy access and fresh air circulation.

Never Run Out of Closet Space

When friends wonder how you manage a wardrobe that's always daring and different, share your storage secrets. We have room for every fashion guru’s collection with climate-controlled storage units at our East Tremont, NY location and self storage facilities all across the Bronx. Here at Safeguard, we make sure you never run out of closet space.

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