The Smart Way to Store Your Television

A TV mounted on a wall

It's heavy and fragile, but you need to relocate it for just a little while. Break it, and you’ll miss the next Yankees game, as well as the premiere of your favorite show. How do you get your TV ready for a safe move to self storage in Elmsford, NY? It's not as hard as it sounds, but it does take smart pre-planning, smart packing, and a climate-controlled storage unit.

1. Take Time to Get Ready

  • Snap a picture of the TV's back so you have a digital diagram before disconnecting everything.
  • Label wires and cables with colored tape, and pack them in a separate box with remotes and any other hardware.
  • Clean the TV with a microfiber cloth to eliminate dust that can scratch its screen and compromise its electronics.

2. Pack With the Right Box

  • Use the original box if possible, if not, buy one that fits from a moving supply store.
  • Protect the screen with a piece of heavy, clean cardboard cut to fit and secured with a blanket of bubble wrap.
  • Reinforce storage box seams with packing tape, and cushion the bottom with a layer of Styrofoam peanuts.
  • Slide the TV upright into the box, finish packing with bubble wrap or Styrofoam, and add a few pouches of a drying agent product.
  • Seal with packing tape, label the box "fragile," and also clearly label it "this end up" on all sides.

3. Store With Care and Climate Control

Electronics are sensitive to our Westchester County temperature swings, so even the oldest TV sets deserve climate-controlled storage units. They're also prone to tipping over, so protect your boxed TV with large, sturdy items already in your unit. Sandwich it between sofa backs, headboards, or bookshelves so that it stays upright and secure. Don't put the TV in danger by trying this trick next to a dresser full of drawers.

Our Smart Storage Tips Are at Your Service

Whenever you need smart storage advice, you can visit our self storage tips webpage or check in with our Safeguard Store Teams. Our Elmsford, NY storage units are located east of Saw Mill River Parkway on Valley Avenue, and we have three more facilities across the area. Whether you need help with a TV or an entire home entertainment center, we're always at your service.

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