Use Your Space Wisely: Tips for Finishing Your Attic

An attic repurposed as a home office

While you may daydream about adding a room to the house, it’s not always easy to picture this dream becoming a reality. It may be even harder when it’s your attic. From Frankford and Germantown down to Grays Ferry, homes here in Philly have space to spare up in the attic. It's the perfect place for Philadelphia, PA homeowners to make over, and it's just overhead.

Plan It From Floor to Ceiling

Start pre-planning your upstairs transformation by looking at storage units near the house. Lease space for stashing attic stuff, move everything out, and break out the tape measure. If you have at least 70 square feet, seven feet from floor to ceiling and seven feet to move in any direction, you have room for an attic conversion. A construction contractor can advise you on reinforcing the floor with extra joists and subflooring.

Plan on adding windows for light and ventilation. They also double down as secondary fire exits. Help windows with air circulation by installing ceiling fans, and brighten up the attic with recessed LED fixtures. This is the best new room in the house for a skylight too.

Have Fun with Finishing Touches

Once you've done the heavy work, turn your attention to decorating details. Keep things simple by using the same paneling on walls and the attic ceiling. Keep things bright by painting with soft shades of white. Try these tricks to customize the space:

  • Give the kids a spacious bedroom by placing their twin beds head to head along one wall.
  • Reserve the attic as a private home office with desks tucked into dormer spaces.
  • Expand the new area as a fashionista's personal studio with banks of wall mirrors.

Know Your Codes

Attic conversions are an exciting way to upgrade square footage, but always consult with a construction professional. They can explain applicable city building codes and neighborhood restrictions before you begin the job. Knowing details in advance saves time, money, and remodeling headaches. Recommended inspections before you get started include the foundation, framing, electrical system, and plumbing.

We Have Room to Spare

When you're ready to make attic daydreams come true, we can help, and we're just around the corner. Our seven Safeguard Self Storage facilities in Philadelphia, PA include storage units in Germantown, Frankford, and all across the city. Whenever you need extra space, we always have room to spare.

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