Storage and the City: Your Solution to Area Real Estate Rates

It's easy to love living in East Tremont with all of the great things New York City has to offer, but it's hard to imagine upsizing your home. Our densely packed neighborhood keeps real estate prices above the national average. How can you live larger without busting the budget? Think small, and expand your space with an affordable storage locker here in Bronx, NY.

Make More Room with a Small Space

A 5-foot by 5-foot self storage unit serves up 25 square feet of space. That's more room than most apartment closets. Just imagine how well your organizing talents can work in a locker-sized unit.

Clean Out the Kitchen

  • Turn a locker into off-site kitchen cabinets for seldom-used pots and pans.
  • Empty the junk drawer, and give all that stuff a home away from home in storage.
  • Clear counters and reclaim space by moving small appliances to the locker.
  • Keep extra dishes safe for special occasions on shelves in your unit.

Go Seasonal with Storage

  • Let extra blankets and comforters stay put in your climate-controlled storage locker.
  • Save closet space by rotating clothes in and out of the unit according to the seasons.
  • Celebrate the holidays with decorations that don't get tangled and broken in locker storage.
  • Stop by your unit to swap out fishing rods for bird-watching gear on the way to Crotona Park.
  • Move vacation necessities like coolers and suitcases out of the garage and into storage.

Stash Personal Stuff

  • File important personal papers in climate-controlled storage for long-term safekeeping.
  • Reclaim home space by reorganizing hobby supplies in your locker space.
  • Use the unit as a holding area to keep garage sale items ready for market.
  • Convert self storage into an affordable clearing house for your home business inventory.
  • Use the locker to save special souvenirs from games at Yankee Stadium.
  • Liberate drawer space by recycling the kids' hand-me-downs through your storage unit.

Expand Your Space with Us

Whether you rent or own, there's never enough room for everything at home in New York City. We solve the problem with affordable storage lockers at all three of our Bronx, NY Safeguard locations. Whether you're in East Tremont, Concourse Village, or Wakefield, our knowledgeable storage professionals are standing by to help you expand your home space.

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