What to Do When You're Limited on Closet Space

In a perfect world, every room in your home would feature at least one walk-in closet. In reality, you do the best with what you have. We offer 10 space-expanding hacks for conquering limited wardrobe capacity. From shoe ladders to close-by self storage, these ideas are great for broadening small closet horizons in Elizabeth, NJ.

Storage Solutions for Small Closets

1. Double Up on Racks: Double closet space by installing two rods across the same area. Hang tops on the upper rack, and use the lower rack for skirts and pants.

2. Put Drawers in the Closet: Cloth pull-out bins come in a variety of sizes. Mount the soft-sided drawers in vertical rows from closet floor to ceiling.

3. Snap in Shoe Racks: Use tension rods to get shoes off the floor. A pair of parallel rods a few inches apart creates an airy rack for your favorite flats.

4. Store on the Door: Turn the closet door into a storage space with a hanging shoe organizer. Fill the clear plastic pouches with purses, scarves and caps.

5. Show Off Your Shoes: Move outside the closet with a shoe ladder against an empty wall. Keep your prettiest footwear on display and ready to go.

6. Hook Up Empty Corners: Every room has four, so notch up extra space for hanging things by mounting wall hooks in empty corners. Valet rods work well too.

7. Rack Up on Wheels: Freestanding wheeled clothes racks become mini storage units outside the closet. They're never in the way because you can rearrange them with just a push.

8. Go Retro With an Armoire: Scout second-hand shops for an armoire that serves as an extra closet with benefits. Many of these clothing cabinets feature built-in shelf storage.

9. Slide Under the Bed: Roll-out trays are ideal for under-the-bed shoe storage. Use pretty wicker baskets under taller beds for everything from purses to hats.

10. Liberate Space with Self Storage: Move seasonal things to a small storage unit, or go wild. Spoil yourself with something big enough to replace a dozen walk-in closets.

Explore Our Storage Solutions

It takes talent to make the most of limited space, and we know you can do it. Don't forget the easiest tip on the list. Stop by our Elizabeth, NJ self storage location, and explore our wide selection of liberating storage units. You can always count on Safeguard to help you conquer limited space.

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