An Overlooked Place for Storage: Underneath Your Bed

How do you expand home storage space and get rid of dust bunnies under the bed? Easy: Start utilizing that space under your bed. Find out how you can take advantage of this often-ignored place, and see how self storage can help you with the rest in Miramar, FL.

It's Hiding in Plain Sight

Most double beds hide more than pesky dust bunnies. They cover almost 28 square feet of unused space. That's a little larger than a 5 foot by 5 foot storage unit. Here are five ideas for making the most of this hidden area.

1. Sturdy Cardboard Boxes: Cut the tops off cardboard boxes, and slide them under the bed. You can pick up inexpensive, sturdy boxes at most self storage facilities.

2. Trays on Wheels: Home decor outlets carry a variety of trays and bins designed for under-bed storage. These clever units glide in and out on wheel and track systems.

3. Luggage in the Closet: This is another idea that solves two problems at once. Create more closet space by stashing seasonal things in your luggage and sliding it all under the bed. 

4. Vacuum Storage Bags: Compression bags are sized for everything from sweaters to comforters. Tough plastic construction makes them ideal for long-term storage.

5. Archival Garment Boxes: Why not sleep on top of that wedding gown? It keeps safely in an archival wardrobe box under the bed. These specialty containers are ideal for heirloom clothes.

Use Your DIY Talents

Measure your hidden under-bed space before you decide on a storage strategy. Measure the bed itself to get an idea of available square footage, and check clearance from floor to bed frame. Always measure twice just to be sure. Use these DIY tricks to finish off your self storage system.

  • Elevate the bed four-to-seven inches with bed risers.
  • Cover your cardboard boxes with pretty paper or fabric.
  • Attach wheels to old dresser drawers for DIY pull-out storage.
  • Expand your new storage solutions by using space under every bed in the house.

We Solve Storage Problems Too

If you're like us, you'll eventually fill up that sweet spot under the bed. We always have extra room for your extra things, and our storage units are available in all sizes. Stop by our Miramar, FL Safeguard Self Storage location, and let us help you solve all your storage problems.

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