Storage for Your Startup: Business Equipment You Really Need

You have a solid plan, and it’s getting bigger and better every day. You're going to make a real difference in this big city. As you outline successful strategies, start tracking equipment you'll need to launch your startup. Business storage here in Jamaica, NY and throughout Queens, NY helps you keep it all organized.

You Have to Sit Down

You can't run a company standing up. Even a staff of one needs a place to work. Whether you're renting commercial space or opening a home office, you'll need the basics.

  • At least one desk with plenty of drawers
  • Comfortably designed working chairs
  • Directionally adjustable task lighting
  • File cabinets, bookcases, and side tables

You Need to Power Up

Electronics run almost every aspect of a successful business. As you acquire more equipment, keep backups in climate-controlled self storage near your new office. Start with the essentials, and upgrade when you can afford it.

  • Laptops or desktop computers and monitors
  • Printers, scanners, copiers, and a fax machine
  • Charging stations for tablets and cell phones

Consider investing in small printers for each computer and a multifunction printer that can handle the bulk of office paperwork. A wireless router setup is another smart choice for streamlining operations.

Retail Requires Extra Equipment

If you're opening the doors with on-site sales, put business storage on your must-have list. The extra space serves as affordable warehousing that lets you control inventory and organize startup equipment.

  • POS systems and cash registers
  • Shelving units, racks, and display cases
  • POP setups and materials
  • Tagging, labeling, and pricing equipment
  • Shopping bags, baskets, and carts
  • Exterior and interior promotional signage

Small Stuff Counts Too

What kind of phone system do you need? Will a coffee station and water cooler fit on a corner table? Think about how well a few potted plants and framed prints can work with your working environment. As you focus on the big picture and organize your business equipment, always keep an eye on the small stuff.

We Can Help

Wherever you plan on opening shop in Jamaica, NY or the remainder of Queens NY, business storage makes everything easier. We can help, with multiple locations and a variety of affordable storage units. Our teams here at Safeguard Self Storage look forward to helping your startup become a success.

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