Tips for Staying Clutter-Free in Your New Place

Your new home is a beautiful blank canvas. You can turn it into anything you want. This is your opportunity to break old habits and begin a new, clutter-free beginning here in Harvey, LA. Make it happen with simple move-in strategies ranging from donation boxes to nearby storage units

7 Easy Tips for a Clutter-Free Move-In 

1. Focus on One Room 

By unpacking one room at a time, you can sort through belongings and identify potential clutter. If it doesn't have a place in the new room, think about letting it go. 

2. Downsize Stuff in Drawers 

Make a pledge to make junk drawers a thing of the past. Promise to only put stuff in drawers that you really need and use. Extend this commitment from the kitchen to the bedroom and bathroom. 

3. Give Everything a Place 

Keep new home storage systems clutter-free by reserving different shelves, racks, and bins for specific items. It's easier to find keys, cell phones, and wallets when everything has a place.

4. Save Things in Self Storage

Cut down on clutter in new closets by moving seasonal clothes to self storage. Make the extra space a permanent, off-site part of home organizing. Use it to stash things like hobby supplies, holiday decorations, and sports gear.

5. Designate Donation Boxes 

If you're not sure about keeping something, imagine the difference it might make to someone else. Designate home donation boxes for things you can give to different organizations and charities in Jefferson Parish. 

6. Start Recycling Clutter

If it's not suitable as a donation, that clutter might be a candidate for recycling. It can help you help our parish environment too. Set up a recycling bin in your new home for paper, plastic, and even used moving boxes. 

7. Slow Down on Shopping

Resist rushing out and buying new things for the new house. Plan just a few shopping trips to Uptown and the Garden District, and set a budget that keeps you on track so that you only purchase what you really need.

Let Us Help You Feel at Home 

Enjoy settling in your new home for some of the easiest living south of the Big Easy. We're here to support you with air conditioned storage units on Manhattan Boulevard just off the West Bank Expressway in Harvey, LA. It's just one of six Safeguard Self Storage locations across the New Orleans Metro Area where we're always happy to help you feel right at home.

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