Finding Dad Space for Father's Day

He deserves something special this year, but it seems like he already has everything he wants, and you can only hope for a wish list. This Father's Day, give him a gift he can enjoy that doesn't crowd closets or fill up the garage. Make it easy and affordable by surprising your dad with self storage, here in Naperville, IL.

Give His Hobbies a Home

When his woodworking talents outsize the garage, dad needs extra space for tools and supplies. And after flying a model aircraft at Prairie Forest field, he needs a place to park his RC planes. Nearby storage units give dad's hobbies a home away from home. This gift for dad can double as a gift for mom, making the house less cluttered.

Organize Fishing Gear

Save him from fumbling through fishing rods shoved in a closet. The next time dad heads up to Mud Lake, he can swing by his storage unit and pick out the gear he needs. With a new home for fishing equipment, it can easily be organized in a way that makes sense, helping your dad land his favorite catch.

Clear Out the Garage

Make the day really special by volunteering a little time and muscle. Work with your dad to reclaim the garage. Round up all the stuff that crowds out his parking space, box it up, and move it to his new off-site storage spot. He'll be grateful for a roof overhead of his precious car.

Carve Out a Man Cave

Let dad stake a claim on the spare room as a private man cave. All he needs is a storage unit for stashing stuff that's in the way. You can lend a hand with this one, too. Help him clear out old clutter and carve out a new hideaway – he may he even let you enjoy the new space.

Help Him Launch a Home Business

Storage units are ideal for business storage, so encourage the entrepreneur in your dad. Gift him with space that can launch his ideas in time for the next Last Fling's business expo. With extra room for inventory and equipment, he can finally start his own startup.

Self Storage Benefits

You can't wrap up a unit and present it to him at the breakfast table, but you can give him a Father's Day card with his new storage unit access fob and a few notes about the benefits of storage:

  • A choice of sizes and leasing arrangements
  • Climate-controlled units, drive-in loading area and on-site security features such as:
    • Computer controlled access
    • Unit door alarms
    • Digital video recording
    • High-quality disk or cylinder locks
  • Online account management 24/7

Let him know that this space is his to use as he pleases – whether it's for a hobby or a man cave, dad could use a little more room.

Say Thanks with Storage

When you surprise your dad with his own storage unit, you really are giving him a gift that keeps on giving. We can help with Safeguard locations across the Naperville, IL area. Make this Father's Day one he will always remember with storage and a smile.

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