How to Store the Gear from Your Atlantic Ocean Adventures

Here in the Heart of the Gold Coast, you dive, fish, and paddle year-round. All that Atlantic Ocean fun adds up to stacks of gear in the garage. Treat yourself to extra space at home, and take good care your favorite water sports equipment in the process – park it in affordable storage units here in Pompano Beach, FL.

A Quick Guide to Storing Saltwater Gear

Before storing your sports gear, rinse away traces of salt with fresh water. The residual salt can corrode or cause abrasions on your gear. Then, to prevent mold or mildew, let everything air dry, and then follow these tips for safekeeping each type of aquatic equipment in self storage.

Scuba Diving Gear

  • Store face masks in their cases, and loop regulator hoses into coils without bending.
  • Turn wetsuits inside out to dry, and store on flat shelving, or double-over wide plastic hangers.
  • Use wooden pallets to elevate scuba equipment off the unit’s floor.

Fishing Equipment

  • Long salt rods that break down store best vertically in rod sleeves.
  • Remove line from fly reels, check for frays, and store loosely coiled on shelving.
  • Protect expensive fiberglass and graphite rods in climate-controlled self storage.


  • Inspect the body for dings, lubricate metal parts, and tighten bolts and screws.
  • An average 9- to 12-foot kayak fits comfortably in a 10-by-20-foot unit with room to spare.
  • Support the hull's bow and stern on a wooden rack designed for watercraft storage.
  • You can also suspend a kayak from the ceiling top-side down with wide straps.

Paddle Boards

  • Protect hard paddle boards in self storage by keeping them inside their day bags.
  • A slight release of air pressure helps the seals on inflatable boards stay in good condition.
  • Save space for extra gear by storing 15-foot paddle boards in 10-by-25-foot units.

Convenient Storage, Just West of the Beach

Whether you store equipment long-term or in between weekend adventures, you can count on us at Safeguard Self Storage. Our Pompano Beach, FL storage units are two miles west of the beach on North Federal Highway, and we have four more locations across Broward County. Our Safeguard teams always extend Florida's warmest welcome to you and your aquatic gear.

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