Keeping Your Kitchen Drawers Organized, From Spatulas to Spoons

You might be inspired by the wonderful ethnic food markets on Argyle Street. Maybe you want to prep for a Lincoln Park picnic. If messy kitchen drawers cramp your home cooking style in Uptown and Lake View, it's time to get organized with drawer-expanding ideas and convenient storage units here in Chicago, IL.

How to Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

1. Clear the Counters: Give yourself plenty of room to purge kitchen drawers. Turn countertops into clearing houses, and set aside labeled boxes for things you'll want to move to self storage. 

2. Start by Sorting: Sort things by use. If you only pull it out of the drawer once or twice a year, move it to a designated box. Climate-controlled storage units hold seasonal kitchen items year-round. 

3. Clean and Line: Pull drawers out, and clean with a good shake and wipe over the trash can. Line them with colored or patterned washable contact paper. 

4. Turn the Silverware: Make room in the silverware drawer by turning its tray horizontally. This frees up extra storage space at the back of the drawer. 

5. Think Clearly with Acrylic: Clear acrylic trays keep full drawer interiors from looking cluttered. They let you enjoy your attractive drawer linings too. 

6. Divide Drawers Diagonally: This trick works well for storing long utensils in kitchen drawers. A diagonal layout makes it easier to organize and access extra-long spoons, spatulas, and tongs. 

7. Layer Tiered Storage: Make the most of deep drawers with several tiers of sliding storage trays. Use the layered layout for utensils that you don't need often. 

8. Store for Convenience: Keep kitchen utensils conveniently close. Store knives in drawers next to prep areas, spatulas by the stove, and silverware within quick reach of serving areas. 

9. Mark Things to Move: As you finish up, clearly label boxes of drawer extras headed for self storage. When you're ready to retrieve seldom-used items like holiday cookware, just follow the labels in your storage unit. 

10. Junk Is Okay: Allow yourself the luxury of one junk drawer. Let it be the place to toss things you don't want in your newly organized kitchen drawers. 

Keeping You Inspired 

Once you organize those messy kitchen drawers, you can set your culinary talents free. Keep on conquering pantry problems with any of our six Safeguard Self Storage locations in Chicago, IL, including ones in Uptown and Lake View. It's our pleasure to keep you inspired in the kitchen and all around the house.

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