Get More Value Out of Storage with Our “Choose Your Special” Feature

When searching for a storage unit, we understand that you want the best value. That’s why, at Safeguard Self Storage, we offer special discounts for many of our units. Recently, we launched a new feature on our website that gives you more flexibility in the special that’s best for you – and more opportunities for savings.

How Our Specials Work

We understand that everyone’s storage needs are different. You may want self storage for a short period of time to help you with a move, or perhaps you’re looking for something longer-term to hold on to things you don’t have room for at home. To fit your situation, we offer three different specials for three different lengths of time:

  • Free First Month’s Rent
  • 50% Off 2 Months’ Rent
  • 20% Off 6 Months’ Rent

Because we want you to have the best storage experience right from the start, you can choose to have the first month's rent while storing with us free for select storage units. With discounts beyond the first month, you also get the option of a lower overall cost – and greater total savings – if you need to store with us longer. Our contracts are month-to-month, so you don't need to make any time period commitment to activate a special.

Note: Discounts for any unused periods are unearned and therefore non-refundable.

“Choose Your Special” Online Option Now Available

With a recent update to our website, you can now “Choose Your Special” online anytime, anywhere. It’s built right into our unit descriptions, so you’re easily able to see what discounts are available and select the one you’d prefer. This new feature helps as you do the following:

  • Look at our unit offerings: We specifically highlight the units for which we offer specials. This lets you easily scan the specials alongside other unit features and sizes. This makes comparing unit options easier than ever.
  • Select your special: Check the box of the special you’d like – it’s that simple. We automatically account for the pricing change in our system when you make your online reservation.

Get the Best Deal on Self Storage with Safeguard

If you’re looking to get the most out of self storage, look no further than Safeguard Self Storage. Our new special-selection feature lets you take full advantage of the deals we have to offer. Simply check the box to activate the special of your choosing. You no longer need to rely on discount schedules, sales reps, or special limitations. For convenient savings and even more convenient storage, reserve a storage unit with us today!

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