Packing for the Plane: How to Load Your Suitcases for Air Travel

It used to be so much easier. You retrieved extra luggage from your closet, basement, or self storage and filled it up with whatever you liked. Today, packing for a flight out of Chicago, IL takes a lot more planning. Our handy how-to guide can help you get ready for your next trip like a seasoned travel pro. 

Conquer Carry-On Bags 

Carry-ons work like personal storage that let travelers pack just what they need. Knowing how to conquer a carry-on lets you avoid the expense and hassle of checking luggage for short trips. Pack plenty of underwear, but save space by adding just a few changes of clothing. 

If you're traveling with checked luggage, think of the carry-on as your designated emergency kit. Pack enough clothes for a day or two, and include essentials like toiletries, electronics, and chargers. Keep travel ID and flight documentation in a carry-on pocket for quick access during check-in. 

Lighten Up Luggage 

The standard luggage weight limit is 50 pounds, but that's a heavy load to wheel around the airport. Pack light, and leave room for souvenirs. Save suitcase space by tightly rolling clothes instead of folding. Make even more room by stuffing shoes with socks and wrapping them with a shower cap. 

Secure liquids like shampoo, lotion, and sunscreen in plastic bags with zip seals. Pack heavier items at the bottom of your suitcase, and put things you'll want right away at the top, including backup copies of personal identification, flight information, and hotel reservations. 

Fly High with Power Tips 

Always make a quick list of must-haves before you start packing, and double-check it before heading out. Once you're ready for take off, take a few minutes to maximize your flying prowess with these travel pro power tips. 

  • Scan important travel documents, and email copies to yourself and a friend.
  • Check your destination's weather forecast for the upcoming week.
  • Plan on wearing shoes that slip off easily at security checkpoints.
  • Top off your carry-on with relaxing essentials like earplugs and an eye mask.
  • Make room in the carry-on for packaged snacks, but leave peanuts at home.

Let Us Handle Your Baggage 

We have one more travel pro tip: Don't crowd closets with luggage you only use a few times a year. We're just around the corner with small inexpensive locker storage units that are ideal for luggage and other small household and seasonal items. We offer convenient locations all across Chicago, IL including West Rogers ParkUptownLake ViewHermosa, and Beverly. Let Safeguard Self Storage take care of your excess baggage.

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