Be Ready for Your Next Trip to the Beach with Self Storage

From quiet North Beach to the busy boardwalk along Miami Beach, you can have fun in the sun every day. It doesn't get much better than year-round access to surf and sand, but it can be a lot easier. Imagine making your trips to the beach a breeze with self storage here at our Allapattah facility in Miami, FL. 

Get Your Gear Organized 

Storage units and inexpensive metal shelving are great partners for organizing beach gear. You can even move in old bookcases or an extra dresser from home. Use these storage solutions for swimsuits, water shoes, and beach towels. 

Stash small items together in favorite beach bags stored in lidded containers. Wood pallets are great for elevating big beach must-haves like chairs and umbrellas off the floor. 

Use a folding table in the unit to temporarily stack things as you get organized between trips to the beach. Make sure it stays clutter-free so that it's always available as you come and go. 

Keep Everything Dry Year-Round 

Our tropical climate can be hard on beach gear stored in the garage. Protect your collection of surfside necessities in climate-controlled self storage with these humidity-busting tips. 

  • Always make sure things are completely dry before storing.
  • Don't keep clothes in plastic bags or cover large items with plastic sheets.
  • Don't position shelving directly against unit walls.
  • Leave plenty of room between stacks for air circulation.
  • Place moisture absorbers in corners and silica gel packets in with clothes.

Hit the Beach With Benefits 

If you need a little motivation for getting things organized, just think about these cool benefits that come with keeping your beach gear in self storage. 

  • You don't have to rummage around the house rounding things up.
  • You aren't using closets, drawers, and the garage as storage for beach gear.
  • It's impossible to forget something because everything is in one place.
  • Our storage facility provides handy carts for moving belongings in and out.
  • Most storage units have plenty of room for beach gear with extra space to spare.

We Take Care of You with the Best 

Here at Safeguard, we enjoy making your life easier at the beach and back at the house. We take care of your best belongings with the best storage units in Allapattah and the greater Miami, FL area. You can always count on our friendly teams at all our convenient Safeguard Self Storage facilities across South Florida.

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