An Easy Way In: The Benefits of an Outdoor Access Storage Unit

When you consider leasing storage units here in Metairie, LA, you have more choices than you might realize. Our outdoor facilities are fenced in and home to some very smart storage options. We can think of at least seven benefits to enjoy with outdoor access to your unit. 

1. Easy Ins and Outs 

Pull in, park in front of your unit, and load or unload. It's that simple with outdoor self storage. Your space is always easy to access, which saves time whether you're in the middle of a move or storing away seasonal stuff. 

2. Facility-Wide Security 

You and your belongings deserve high-tech, site-wide security. Facility access is gated, computer-controlled and recorded. Digital video cameras add extra layers of protection. This surveillance blanket provides 24/7 on-site security you can depend on year-round. 

3. A Variety of Sizes 

When you need lots of space, storage units with outdoor access are some of your best choices, and they come with a variety of square-footage options. Figure out exactly how much room you need with our online space estimator tool. 

4. Room to Move 

Imagine not having to navigate facility hallways while you're moving furniture. Picture off-loading heavy appliances straight into the unit. Treat your back to the luxury of easy loading and unloading with outdoor access to storage. 

5. Extra Parking Space 

Many drive-up units are designed for storing cars, RVs, and motorcycles. When you want long-term parking for extra wheels, simply drive or ride into your unit. When the bass boat needs a spot between Lake Pontchartrain fishing trips, dock it in your storage unit. 

6. Heavy Equipment Storage 

If you run a business that relies on heavy equipment, drive-up self storage keeps the tools of your trade locked up and ready to go. Landscapers, roofers, and handyman services are just a few examples of small businesses that save big money by avoiding the expense of leasing commercial warehouse space. 

7. Flexible Affordability 

Often, units with outside access are less expensive than interior units. The savings add up, but you don't have to sign a long-term contract. Month-to-month leasing keeps storage options flexible and your budget under control. 

Multiple Sites at Your Service 

Online account management and on-site storage specialists are two more great reasons to appreciate outdoor access to storage units. Stop by one of our three Metairie, LA sites, and explore all the easy ways to enjoy self storage. Our Safeguard teams look forward to showing you our great outdoors.

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