Self Storage: Construction Companies' Offseason Space Solution

When the busy season winds down, you need to park equipment and supplies. Your construction business doesn't fit in the garage anymore, and you're still working on several offseason jobs. Solve these space and access problems with affordable self storage in Lyons, IL and throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.

Slow Down and Take Stock 

Now is the time to put downtime to good use. As the schedule eases up, scout different types of storage units in your area. Small units work for tool and supply storage, while drive-up units are great for unloading heavy equipment.

You can lease secure facility parking for company trucks, vans, and forklifts. Everything stays centrally located, and you don't have to worry about theft or vandalism back at the job site. When you're between projects, tools and equipment are always in one place for inventory, inspection, and repair.

Organize and Stock Up 

A climate-controlled storage unit keeps tools and equipment insulated from freezing Chicago weather. It also keeps you comfortable as you organize everything for quick access. Labeled plastic bins make it easier to retrieve multiple toolsets, while wood pallets and shelves keep supplies within easy reach. 

Take advantage of offseason pricing on some of those supplies. Save money now with bulk buying strategies that put you ahead of the next quarter's budget. You have plenty of room in an affordable storage unit that leases for a fraction of the cost of warehouse space. 

Relax and Enjoy Self Storage Benefits 

Saving money always counts, but self storage also adds value to your construction business and gives you a competitive edge. 

  • Tools and equipment stay in top condition and ready to go.
  • High-tech, on-site security systems give you peace of mind.
  • You don't have to schedule around equipment pick-up from multiple locations, as it’s all in one place.
  • You can order supplies and have them delivered to your storage facility.
  • Online tools like account management and our unit size calculator save valuable time.
  • Flexible leasing options let you expand and downsize according to the season.

Build Your Success Year-Round

Every offseason is an opportunity to catch your breath and make plans for the future. As your construction company continues to build on its success, let Safeguard help expand your capabilities. With accessible storage units in Lyons, IL and locations all across Chicagoland, we're uniquely positioned to help your business grow year round.

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