After the Breakup, How to Transition Back to Single Living

You know you're not alone. Almost everyone deals with a breakup sooner or later. You may still feel alone, but that's okay. Now, you can start transitioning back to the glorious independence of a single life. It's actually a very good place to be in Hialeah, FL. Here’s how self storage can help you get there.

Conquer Your Space 

If you're staying in the old place, make it all yours. If you're moving out, make the unfamiliar comfortable with old stuff. Wherever you settle, conquer your space with strategies for a fresh start. 

  • Look for nearby storage units, and lease extra room just for you.
  • Rearrange everything from furniture to kitchen cabinets.
  • As you reorganize, dedicated a few minutes each day to decluttering.
  • Use your unit for stashing items destined for donation or a garage sale.
  • Deep clean where you've never cleaned before even if the place is new.

Celebrate Your Clean Slate

Congratulate yourself on turning a blank canvas into a new life. Step back, and enjoy it. Don't let sentimental attachments get in the way. If you're still hanging onto things you bought with the ex, move them to self storage. 

Every inch of space belongs to you now. Take up both sides of the closet and the bed. Fill up shelves with new things bought just for the new place. Ask friends to raid their storage units for leftover breakup belongings. Pool everything together, donate it all to local organizations, and throw a party celebrating everyone's clean slates.

Embrace Your Independence 

Almost everyone feels down after a breakup, but that feeling will pass. You're ready to bounce back and make a new life that's entirely yours. With several self storage facilities across Miami including our Hialeah, FL location, Safeguard salutes your new independence. Embrace it because – with the help of storage – you know you're going to love it.

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