The Decision to Go Small: Is Downsizing Right for You?

Are you thinking about moving to a smaller home here in East Williamsburg? Downsizing can be an exciting lifestyle transition. How can you be sure it's a good fit for you? Take stock, plan ahead, and let Brooklyn, NY storage units help move you into the future. 

Why Do You Want to Downsize? 

Most people who downsize feel like they're living in more house than they really need. You may be tired of dealing with routine upkeep and annual expenses. A smaller place might appeal to your eco-friendly nature. 

Whether you want to be closer to family or further away from urban life, think through your motivations. It's easier to plan for a big change when you're confident about why you're making the decision. 

Will It Really Save Money? 

Hit the calculator, and add up the numbers. Start with smaller mortgage payments. Factor in lower utilities and maintenance costs. Figure in the profit from selling your current home. The totals usually work in favor of downsizing. 

Apply those savings to moving costs. Invest in downsized furniture and self storage to help with the transition. You can even use your new cash flow to start a retirement account or turn a hobby into a home-based startup. 

How Do You Declutter?

Turn decluttering into an incentive for staging the house like a pro. Try to see each room through the eyes of a buyer, then use that vision to create a clean home that leads to a quicker sale. 

Storage units help take the worry out of decluttering. Stash furniture destined for the new place in your unit. Use the extra space to store things you plan on selling or donating after you move. 

Self Storage Makes It Easier

As you work out downsizing plans, give yourself room and time to work out the details and make the transition easier. 

  • Lease a unit now for storing things during the relocation.
  • Simplify new floor plans by measuring and comparing old and new spaces.
  • One room at a time, decide on what moves with you and what goes into storage.
  • Plan on keeping your unit so that the new home remains organized and clutter-free.

We're Always Here to Help

Living in a smaller place comes with many advantages – getting there shouldn't ever slow you down. Let Safeguard Self Storage make your move easier with storage units in East Williamsburg and all across Brooklyn, NY. Wherever you're headed, we're always here to help.

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