For the Sake of Your Keepsakes: The Self Storage Solution

Your special keepsakes take up too much space. You love them, but you need to make room for new treasures or something that’s simply useful. You have plenty of self storage solutions here in Chicago, IL, but how do you prep, pack, and stash favorite things? This quick guide offers keepsake storage tips and tricks.

Protect Precious Things

Whether it's Star Wars action figures or memorabilia from Chicago's 1933 World's Fair, everything stays sheltered in climate-controlled storage units. Protect your precious belongings with smart packing strategies.

  • Blanket keepsakes in bubble wrap before boxing.
  • Pack heavier items first and lightest treasures last.
  • Don't overstuff boxes with delicate things that break easily.
  • Keep larger fragile keepsakes on shelves in your unit.
  • Clearly label boxes and then make an inventory.

Preserve Paper Treasures

Paper keepsakes might be old photographs, family records, or even a vintage comic book collection. Preserve your paper treasures in self storage where everything stays protected from humidity and temperature extremes.

  • Slip photos into individual acid-free sleeves.
  • File important records in archival folders.
  • Store valuable comics in mylar bags.
  • Place protected paper keepsakes in lidded plastic bins.
  • Keep bins off the unit floor on palettes or tiered shelving.

Curate Favorite Artwork

Your favorite images may not be museum quality, but to you, they're irreplaceable. Climate-controlled storage units are essential for curating oil paintings, watercolors and pastels. These tips keep artwork protected in storage.

  • Cover oil painting canvases with wax paper.
  • Wrap individual pieces in archival tissue paper.
  • Cushion frames and glass with acid-free mat board.
  • Elevate artwork on palettes, and drape with light muslin sheets.

Secure Holiday Treasures

Stashing holiday decorations in self storage protects the fragile ornaments, mantel decorations, and special heirlooms that make the season sparkle. Preserve family traditions and save closet space by securing your holiday treasures.

  • Store small, delicate ornaments in egg cartons.
  • Pad individual boxes of decorations with bubble wrap.
  • Keep boxed collections in plastic bins with snug lids.
  • Label bins with lists that make it easier to sort through decorations.

We Keep Your Keepsakes Sheltered

Don't worry about your Cubs bobblehead collection. Your John Hancock Center tree ornament is protected with us, too. If you love it but you don't have room for it, we have 13 convenient facilities across Chicago, IL. You can depend on Safeguard for storage units that keep your keepsakes covered. Reserve a unit today!


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