Give Your Car Its Garage Back With These Decluttering Tips

If your car had a Twitter account, would it be posting sad emojis? How many tweets would you have to read describing the mess in your garage? That trusty vehicle needs room out there, and you can help. It's time to get organized with Metairie, LA self storage.

Declutter That Garage

Storing your car in your garage preserves it from the elements and makes it easier to navigate your driveway or street. And without stuff cluttering everywhere, you can navigate your garage easier, too. Start decluttering your garage with these five tips:

  1. Don't try to do it all on the first pass. Start with one corner of the garage or one type of clutter.
  2. Clean out cobwebs, shop vac the floor, and haul off trash. If it's old or broken, toss it.
  3. Sort through what you want to keep, donate, or turn into cash with a garage sale. Box it all up and label it.
  4. Locate affordable storage units near your home. Pay the site a visit, lease a unit, and move your boxes.
  5. Finish by establishing zones in the garage. Designate areas for things you really want to keep around.

Put Spare Space to Work

You can use your garage as a home for your car and as storage for you at the same time as long as you use what space you have efficiently. Try one of these smart DIY storage system installations.

  • Sliding Box Systems: Parallel tracking racks support bins that slide in and out like drawers.
  • Pulley Racks: A fixed pulley system lowers and raises storage racks for easy access.
  • Ceiling Racks: These clever storage units hang from the garage ceiling like upside down tables.

Keep Your Car Happy

Reclaiming your garage is only the first step; it can be easy to let clutter creep slowly take back your garage and banish your car outside again. Keep it that way by ensuring the area is permanently organized. Make a promise to stash things like extra lawn equipment and seasonal gear in self storage.

Make another promise to clean out and reorganize the garage twice a year. You always have extra floor space in your storage unit, and that gives you and the car plenty of room to enjoy each other's company.

Keep Loving That Garage, Too

If you finish up with enough space for a new boat, let us take care of it at our Metairie, LA facility. Show that garage some love and park your boat, kayak, or RV at any of our six locations across the area. Here at Safeguard Self Storage, we're proud to always earn your thumbs-up. Start to reclaim your garage for your car by reserving a unit today!

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