Storage Could Be the Secret Sauce to Your New Year's Resolution

New Year's resolutions and best intentions make great partners as long as the two stick together. When they begin to drift apart, you need a recipe that keeps this perfect pairing on track. Storage units here in Bronx, NY can be the secret sauce you need to transform these resolutions into triumphs.

Finally Declutter the House

You're determined to make your home the tidy place you deserve. Start by sifting through one room at a time. In each room, start with one small area. Move leftovers from closets, dressers, and cabinets to self storage, and finally enjoy your decluttered house.

Really Redecorate Interiors

Follow up your reorganizing success by following through with redecorating resolutions. Reapply the strategy of one room at a time as you repaint, rearrange, and repurpose. Keep home improvement supplies handy and out of the way in a storage unit close to the house.

Commit to Helping Others

Let storage units turn your work around the house into generous helpings of helping others. Designate unit space for extra clothes, furniture, and kitchen items destined for donation to local organizations. Even gently used books and electronics can brighten someone else's day.

Whip Up a New Hobby

Whip up your slow burn for a new hobby into a productive passion. Keep it from overrunning your home by keeping supplies organized in self storage.

  • Turn clothing design dreams into custom-stitched realities.
  • Put your creativity on paper or canvas with water colors, pastels, and oils.
  • Stock your unit with tools of a trade you love like home cooking or master gardening.

Warm Up With New Workouts

Warm up the New Year with workout routines that keep exercise entertaining and effective.

  • Pedal your way to better health with an ab wheel.
  • Turn doorways into gyms with pull-up bars.
  • Make workouts fun with jump ropes.
  • Burn off excess calories with kettlebells.

Keep Self Storage in the Mix

Whether you're decluttering the basement, setting up a sewing room, or converting the garage into a gym, a convenient storage unit gives you room to maximize your best intentions. We're here to help with drive-up storage, climate-controlled units, and the best storage consultants in Bronx, NY. We can't do your resolutions for you, but we can make it easier – rent a unit from Safeguard Self Storage today!

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