Exercise Equipment Eating Up Your Space? Here's Where to Put It

You daydream about power walks across Ben Franklin Bridge and speed biking along Cobbs Creek. You imagine sunny yoga sessions under blue skies on the Schuylkill Banks.

Once the weather warms up, you can exercise outdoors and stash excess equipment in self storage. Our Philadelphia, PA winters don't last forever, so start planning now for packing up the home gym and taking your workouts outside.

Prep and Store Like a Pro

Break out the microfiber cloth, give everything a good cleaning, and size up how much storage space you'll need. Check out square footage options online to determine which storage units are the best fit for your fitness gear. Use these six power tips to prep and store workout equipment like a pro.

Follow Your Treadmill Manual

Reference your owner's manual for details on cleaning the treadmill motor and lubricating parts. Keep it covered in storage, and resist the temptation to stack boxes on its walking belt.

Detail Your Stationary Bike

A little detailing keeps stationary bike parts stable in self storage. Apply spray lubricant to the chain, handlebars, seat posts, pop-pins, and pivots. Don't forget the flywheel where it makes contact with brake pads.

Clean Weights Carefully

Clean metal weights with warm water and dish soap. Polish chrome surfaces with WD-40, and let everything thoroughly dry. Climate-controlled storage is always best for metal weights.

Balance Heavy Kettlebells

Their heavy weight and round shape can make kettlebells unstable in storage. Keep them safely balanced on racks and trees designed specifically for this type of strength-training gear.

Stabilize Balance Balls

Climate-controlled storage units protect balance balls from temperature fluctuations and high humidity. Keep them stable by nesting them in piles of old sheets away from other items with sharp edges or corners.

Round Up the Small Stuff

Ab wheels, pull-up bars, jump ropes, and resistance bands don't take up much room, but why leave them underfoot? You're finally recovering floor space, so round up the small stuff and stash it in storage. Use freestanding hat racks to organize ropes and bands.

We're Here Regardless of the Season

While you wait for warm weather, keep on working out and daydreaming. You'll get to move your gear and reclaim your home turf before you know it. We're here to make it happen with seven locations and the best storage units in Philadelphia, PA. Regardless of the season, you can always count on us here at Safeguard Self Storage. Reserve a unit online today!

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