Making a Map of Your Storage Unit Saves Time and Energy

If you’re not sure about an address, you can save time by checking a map of New Orleans, LA. Self storage doesn’t twist and turn like streets through the Big Easy, but you can still feel lost in a crowded unit. Why not draw up a map that makes your storage maze make sense?

How to Draw a Map of Your Self Storage Unit

Start with Your Stuff

Take inventory of the things you have in storage. Draw up another list of seasonal items that rotate in and out. Put together a good overview of how much you keep in the storage unit.

Size Up Your Storage Space

Use your facility’s online space calculator to get an accurate measurement of your unit’s capacity. The numbers can help you draft a sketch to scale so that you can begin plotting your map.

Zone the Space

Divide your unit plan into multiple zones. Designate separate areas for boxes, furniture, seasonal things, and outdoor gear. Keep items you access most often at the front of your layout.

Plot Easy Pathways

As you develop your self storage floor plan, make sure to plot pathways between zones. Leave room for moving large items in and out. Give yourself space to rummage through boxes.

Graph a Colorful Key

Assign a color to each map zone and draw up a small key in one corner of your storage unit map. Use this bright idea to color-label zoned boxes and covered items.

Map Shelves, Too

Draft a vertical map that synchronizes with items stored on shelving. Color works here, too. Assign shelf units unique map key colors that indicate different types of belongings.

Don’t Get Lost

Stay oriented by plotting your plan from the unit’s entrance door towards the back. This keeps the map user-friendly when you’re navigating the space in a hurry. Post a copy just inside the door and save a backup at the house.

Make Digital Files

Have fun with simple drawing software that makes it easy to draft storage maps. Digital files give you flexibility to change floor plans on the fly. They also generate printed maps you can be proud to call your own.

We Keep You on Course

Don’t ever feel lost in your storage unit again. Safeguard keeps you on course with storage strategies that really work. Our New Orleans, LA, self storage specialists are always at your service with locations across the city.

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