Do I Need to Winterize My Motorcycle This Fall?

It's fall again in East Tremont, NY, and that can means that it's time to winterize your motorcycle. You don't want it to rust over when it sits for months on end. Before you follow our tips for prepping your bike, make sure to take a few bike rides this fall. It's a lovely time of year for riding. Once you're ready to park it, check out Safeguard Self Storage for competitively priced motorcycle storage.

3 Tips for Winterizing Your Motorcycle

Fill the tank with treated fuel.

There are two types of winterizers: People who fill their tanks and those who empty them. We recommend filling your tanks with treated fuel if it's going to sit all winter long. Although a full tank can put stress on the petcock, an empty tank causes dry seals. Fill it up, and have a full tank to hit the road in the spring.

Cover it with the appropriate tarp.

Even if you park your bike inside for the winter, it's a good idea to cover it with a tarp or other breathable sheet. After all, you don't want dust or other debris to build up on your investment. Covering it will also protect the paint and exposed parts from scratches if you have kids playing near the bike or if it's parked near tools or the car.

Plug up the pipes and holes.

You know what else likes to hunker down for the winter? Mice. You don't want your bike to become a haven for mice when it's parked for several months. Make sure to plug up areas like the exhaust pipes and the air intakes to keep mice from building nests inside. If you're worried about rodents, our storage units keep out unwanted pests while protecting your bike until spring.

Motorcycle Storage at Safeguard Self Storage

Self storage is the perfect option for keeping your bike protected during the winter. It'll stay inside where it's protected from the snow and bitter elements. Our storage units in East Tremont, NY, are easy on your wallet and come in handy if you lack the space for storing your bike at home.

NOTICE: Motor bikes may not be run at any time while inside of the storage facility. In addition, motor bikes must be free of any leaks before they can be stored inside of a storage unit.

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