The Thanksgiving Checklist You Need to Be the Hostess with the Mostess This Year

This is your year. Friends and family will always smile when they remember your New Orleans, LA, Thanksgiving celebration. Your warm hospitality and confidence in the kitchen are a winning combination. With a little pre-planning, smart self storage strategies and our handy checklist, this delicious holiday will be a piece of cake.

Get Ahead of Turkey Day

Your goals are simple. Be prepared, stay relaxed, and make sure everyone has a wonderful Turkey Day. Make it easy on yourself by getting ahead with these pre-planning tips.

✓ Rearrange furniture so that guests have room to circulate.
✓ Declutter kitchen counters and cabinets with a trip to self storage.
✓ Bring home holiday place settings, serving dishes, and decorations.
✓ Review recipes, and check supplies in the pantry and fridge.
✓ Beat long checkout lines by shopping for groceries early.

Embrace the Team Spirit

When family and friends offer to pitch in, say yes with a smile. They can help you get the house ready and streamline everything from guest foot traffic to cooking chores.

✓ Ask your home team to check their storage units for extra chairs.
✓ Enlist their muscle moving furniture and decorating the house.
✓ Designate a friendly crew to greet guests and hang up coats.
✓ Encourage everyone to bring favorite sides, desserts, wine, and beer.

Save Time With Pre-Prep

Don't put off anything you can take care of the day before the big day. You want to give yourself plenty of time to visit with guests, keep an eye on the turkey and tend to last-minute chores.

✓ Write up a detailed schedule and post it in the kitchen.
✓ Cook appetizers, sides, and desserts a day early if possible.
✓ Set out place settings and arrange table centerpieces.

Keep Things Simple and Fun

No one expects a gourmet meal for Thanksgiving. Everyone wants to pitch in and be a part of the holiday. Build on those two simple principles with easy ideas that create festive fun.

✓ Set out your feast on a self-serve side buffet.
✓ Let the kids have fun at their own T-Day table.
✓ As dishes are cleared, temporarily park them in ice chests in the kitchen.
✓ Relax and enjoy everyone's company before asking for cleanup duty volunteers.

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving

All of us here at Safeguard Self Storage wish you a wonderful start to the holidays. Count on us through the season and into the New Year. And if you’re looking for storage units in the New Orleans metro area, look no further. Reserve a unit online today!

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