Constantly on the Move? Here's How to Keep Your Car Clean

The front seat is your go-to spot for casual dining. Sometimes, you stash a change of clothes in the trunk. When you are always on the road, your car or truck can easily become your second home. It is a great setup until your belongings and waste pile up, so knowing how to keep your car clean keeps your home away from home comfortable and safe.

With these smart car cleaning tips and simple rules from Safeguard Self Storage, you can ensure your ride stays clutter-free—even if you are constantly on the road. And, after you get in the routine of keeping your car clean, you can work on decluttering your home with a little help from our wide selection of Hollywood, FL, storage units.

7 Easy Ways You Can Keep Your Car Clean

1. Box Your Lunch

Plastic divided lunch containers can corral sandwiches and sides, as well as catch crumbs and spills. Use these handy food storage containers as a plate to securely eat drive-through orders or homemade to-go lunches in your vehicle. And, when you are done, you can seal the container until you are ready to toss out scraps.

2. Unstick Cup Holders

There is nothing worse than spilled liquid sloshing around in your cup holder. Rather than letting sugary soda or coffee spills solidify in your holder, cradle drinks large and small in cup holders protected with silicone liners. These affordable inserts save cleanup time, too. When they get dirty, just toss them in the dishwasher and reinsert.

3. Contain Car Trash

Instead of simply tossing trash into your back seat or rear floorboard, you can convert a plastic cereal container into a convenient car trash can. Line the canister with a small plastic bag and fill at will. Your seats and floorboards will love you for it.

4. Keep Cleanup Quick

Wet wipes come to the rescue for spills, smudges, and general car cleaning. Keep a pack of disinfecting wipes in your center console or glove box to clean up messy mistakes behind the wheel.

5. Take Charge of Change

Stash nickels, dimes, and quarters in a coin holder that fits directly into one of your lined cup holders. This simple strategy lets you cruise through tolls without going on a search mission for quarters and keeps loose change from filling up your storage areas.

6. Hang-Up Clutter

Running out of storage compartments for your on-the-go essentials? Suspend a small, multi-pocketed shoe hanger from a front seat headrest and fill it with everything. From computer chargers and paperwork to an actual change of shoes, this organizer will keep your belongings off the floorboard in a neat and orderly way.

7. Tame Your Trunk

Laundry baskets turn your trunk into an organized space that is easy to access and rearrange. Use these bins to separate groceries, organize shopping spree goods, and house a fresh change of clothes when you cannot make it back to your house or apartment.

Simple Rules for Keeping the Car Clean

Now that you know how to keep your car clean, make sure it stays that way with these simple rules:

  • Clean It Up - When a mess happens, save time later by cleaning it up right away.
  • Take Something Out - Every time you put something in the car, take something out.
  • Declutter Weekly - Spend a few minutes each week decluttering and cleaning your car.

Hollywood, FL, Storage Units Give You Extra Breathing Room

Keeping your car clean makes life on the go easier, but what about life at home? At Safeguard Self Storage, our Hollywood, FL, storage units give you the extra room you need to ensure your house or apartment stays clutter-free. No matter if you need to store an additional vehicle or clean out your garage, our wide selection of air-conditioned self storage units will give you breathing room and protect your belongings.

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