How Not to Clear Clutter at Home

When it comes to decluttering your home, surface-level organization only puts a temporary band-aid on your messy space. And, while your first trip to your Hermosa self storage unit might get things off to a good start, bad cleaning habits can put you right back to square one in no time. At Safeguard in Chicago, IL, our storage experts at here to help you rethink how to clear clutter at home without unintentionally making the job harder on yourself.

6 Decluttering Mistakes You Can Conquer

1. Overthinking At-Home Storage Systems

Resist the temptation to stock up on storage systems before you declutter the house. Clever cabinet organizers and suspended closet shelves are great, but hold off on buying them until you sort out clutter first. Once you are done, you will be able to keep your at-home storage systems clean, organized, and easy to navigate.

2. Working Without a Plan

Don't try to figure out a decluttering strategy while you are in the middle of going through your belongings. Start with a plan on paper that lists problems in each room. Break cluttered spaces into manageable zones. Figure out a schedule that lets you make progress every day. Save your sanity by keeping it flexible.

3. Skipping Over Sorting

Maximize efficiency by sorting as you dig in. Streamline the process by setting up container stations in each room. This lets you quickly sort items into boxes for keepers, throwaways, and things headed for long-term storage.

4. Being Emotionally Distracted

Special treasures can derail figuring out how to clear clutter at home. This is not the time to sit down with a favorite photo album. Put that wonderful journal in a keeper box and move on. Enjoy things you are emotionally attached to after you have decluttered the house.

5. Worrying About Monetary Value

You paid good money for it. Should you really let it go? This reasonable question can set back your best decluttering efforts. Frame it differently. Could that item generate extra cash at your next garage sale? If the answer is yes, move it to your storage unit for now.

6. Having Second Thoughts

It's easy to stack those well-organized boxes in neat piles and relax, but be careful. Do not give yourself time to second-guess all your hard work. Avoid a change of mind by getting everything out of the house. Move keepers and donations to self storage as soon as you can.

Conquering Clutter With Safeguard Self Storage

Conquering clutter around the house gives you the serenity of an organized home. And stashing your excess belongings in one of our climate controlled storage units in Hermosa gives you the luxury of extra space. Here at Safeguard, we are happy to offer the peace of mind that comes with always having room to spare. When you need to expand your decluttering options, trust Safeguard Self Storage in Chicago, IL, to serve you with the best.

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