Make Your Living Space Feel New Again With These 6 Tips

You're doing all you can to stay safe these days. Between COVID-19 lockdowns and winter weather, you're spending more time than ever indoors. Take advantage of the situation with some inexpensive room redesign ideas. With affordable self storage units at Safeguard Self Storage in Larchmont, NY, and these six tips, you can learn how to redesign your home or apartment and give your personal space a much-needed refresh.

How to Redesign Your Rooms: 6 Simple Ways

1. Clear Out Clutter

Before you decide on how to redesign your rooms, set the stage by clearing out clutter. This first step opens possibilities that you might otherwise miss. Transfer unused belongings or seasonal items like décor, sports equipment, and clothes to a nearby storage unit. Now, take a fresh look around your living space.

2. Paint and Paper Your Walls

Make your rooms feel new again by renewing the walls. Transform interiors with a coat of paint. Try contrasting shades on opposite sides of the room. Add accents by staining doors and trim. Set the mood with decorative wallpaper. Surround yourself with colors and patterns that spark joy in your life.

3. Create New Spaces

Move things around. Rearranging the furniture lets you repurpose old spaces. Shifting some antique hand-me-downs or unused pieces to a self storage unit in Larchmont lets you expand your creativity and renovation plans. Designate newly organized areas for working at home, playing with the family, and just snuggling in for well-earned downtime.

4. Nurture Natural Beauty

Go green indoors with soothing, easy-care houseplants. Hanging baskets thrive in warm kitchens and bathrooms. Multicolored pots brimming with plants look great on bookshelves. Indoor gardens give every room a tranquil feeling. Nurturing plants gives you a much-needed sense of serenity and help to clean the air in your living space.

5. Throw Around Fresh Colors

Drape a bright, new throw blanket across your favorite lounging chair. Get comfortable with designer cushions tossed on the sofa. Updating your decor doesn't have to bust the budget when you shop local markets online. Trading things with family and friends is another inexpensive way to upgrade your home redesign.

6. Swap Stuff In and Out

As you think about how to redesign your rooms, consider rotating non-essentials. Move several boxes of decorative items to a self storage unit near your place in Larchmont. Wait a few months, and then gather up another batch. Switch it out with the items you stored earlier. Suddenly, old stuff seems new again, and it doesn't cost a thing.

Redesign Your Rooms for a Fresh Perspective

We enjoy sharing inexpensive redecorating tips that fire up your creativity. During these uncertain times, it's important that we all do as much as we can to take care of each other.

At Safeguard, you have our commitment to your well-being with contactless storage unit rentals in Larchmont, NY, as well as at our other facilities across the country. Our friendly staff, along with our convenient self storage solutions, are always here for you.

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