Moving back in with your parents? Here’s how to keep a level head.

A young walking into his parents' home after moving back.

Traditionally, the expectation of young men and women is to become independent of their parents after certain milestones, whether it’s graduating college, becoming financially self-sufficient, or reaching a certain age. As of July 2020, however, 52% of young Americans live with their parents or other family members. And now, in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, even more young people have had to move home during or after college for safety.

Moving back into your parents’ home may not have been in your original plan, but  it does come with benefits—you can use money that would have gone to rent to pay student loans, create a stronger bond with your parents, and more! Discover how to keep a level head while living with your parents with tips from Safeguard Self Storage.

Communicate and Establish Boundaries

After being away from home for college a gap year, or just becoming an independent adult in general, your dynamic with your family will likely have changed. Both you and your parents have gotten older, which could mean that expectations for chores, running errands, and generally helping around the house have changed. That’s why it’s important to have a conversation to establish boundaries and set expectations. Agree on rules, chores, and other responsibilities you’ll have around the house.

Make Your Space Your Own

Whether your parents have left your room untouched since you moved away or converted it into an office or gym, it’s probably time for a little rearranging. Your room is your sanctuary, so spend time decorating it and making it feel as peaceful and comfortable as possible. Need a place to store your childhood keepsakes and other belongings? Give them a home away from home in a self storage unit.

Create a Plan and Set Goals

If living with your parents isn’t something you want to do long-term, it’s important to take active steps toward saving your money and finding a job to provide for yourself. Things you can do to move closer to finding your own space include:

  • Applying for jobs
  • Searching job sites for available positions
  • Opening a savings account
  • Freelancing to build up savings 

Keep Enjoying Your Hobbies

Just because you’re living with your parents doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Video call your friends, enjoy your hobbies, and stay active as often as you can. Staying cooped up in the house may lead to some less-than-sunny moods for both you and your family. Get out and have fun! In the event that your sports gear, or other equipment for your hobby take up space, you can find a 5x5 storage unit near you o keep them close by and out of the way. 

Store Your Belongings With Safeguard 

Now that you’re condensing your space to one room, you’ll probably have to do some decluttering. Your parents probably already have furniture, kitchen appliances, and other household items, so you’ll need a place to store them. 

Safeguard Self Storage has the right storage solution for you! From our flexible month-to-month rentals to our climate controlled units, we make your moving experience as easy as pie. Visit us and find out why Safeguard Self Storage is the simple choice today!

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