School Supply Storage Ideas for Plainview Teachers

Binders, pencils, rulers, and other school supplies piled on a teacher's desk.

Like many educators, teachers in Plainview, NY, are often responsible for figuring out the organization and arrangement of their classrooms. With so many different materials and

supplies to consider, it’s easy to become stressed out. That’s why Safeguard’s storage experts have put together a few school supply storage ideas for teachers.

Plainview’s students deserve an opportunity to thrive, and teachers shouldn’t have to struggle to meet that end. Discover how to create a well-organized classroom with Safeguard.

School Supply Storage

Here’s a few solutions for Plainview teachers who want more storage space out of their classrooms.

Rolling Carts

Take advantage of vertical space in your classroom with solutions such as standing storage. Some forms of standing storage include rolling carts with multiple drawers. In addition to their mobility, rolling carts often include drawers, which you can color-code to create even more organization.

Ziplock Bags

Easily labeled and even easier to organize, Ziplock bags are especially valuable for things like puzzle pieces, erasers, certain types of toys, and other small school supplies.

When you use Ziplock bags, it’s harder to lose or mix up things that would otherwise just be loose and unorganized.

Color Everything!

You should use colors as much as possible to improve your school supply storage options. Whether that’s as simple as alternating blue-green-blue buckets for different supplies or assigning different types of supplies to different colors (red for schoolbooks, blue for writing utensils), or even subjects to different colors (red for math books, blue for history books), as long as there’s consistency in your assignment of colors, this can prove incredibly helpful.

If you lack containers of different colors, you could also try labeling things in different colors to achieve the same effect.

Portable Cases or Bags

Fortunately, toolkits and other teacher storage that are designed to carry all of the worksheets and lessons for a subject or lesson are easy to find in Plainview, NY. If you designate one of these to each thing you plan to teach, it’s easy to organize them into convenient, portable resources that are intuitive for both you and the students. Label the case/bag with the subject to make it easier for younger students to organize as well and help minimize clutter.

Self Storage

As any teacher knows, sometimes even the most organized classrooms still need additional storage space. Before you cram your classroom closet or your home’s basement with homework assignments, craft supplies, and other materials for your students, visit Safeguard Self Storage.

We offer a wide selection of unit sizes to fit all your teacher storage needs, from a 5x5 unit for documents to a larger unit perfect for storing major student projects. Plus, our climate controlled units shield paper and other sensitive items from extreme temperatures and humidity.

Discover Plainview Teacher Storage Solutions with Safeguard

Expand the potential of your classroom’s space with these helpful school supply storage options. Safeguard in Plainview also offers self-storage units for when you have excess supplies that you don’t want to keep in the classroom, or which can be rented in the months between school years to hold your belongings.

Visit Safeguard Self Storage on Old Country Road today and prepare for your next successful school year!

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