Ideas for Empty Nesters’ Extra Bedrooms in New Orleans

An older couple high-fiving each other as they celebrate becoming empty nesters.

Now that your kids aren't kids anymore, you have some extra space available in your home. While you miss them, having an empty bedroom or two at your disposal gives you the chance to indulge in a hobby, entertain out-of-town guests more often, or just enjoy a space that's all yours. Here are some of our ideas for what to do with your extra bedroom.

Craft a Hobby Room

Whether you're into crafting, painting, collecting stamps, or restoring old clocks, you'll appreciate having a place dedicated to your hobby. Most hobbies require only a modest investment to turn an empty bedroom into a studio. However, if you have the budget, by all means, enlist the aid of a professional team to install cabinets or equipment. The only caveat is to avoid going crazy with the custom installations if you plan to sell your home anytime soon.

Beat a Retreat

If 2020 taught us anything, it's that a little breathing room can be a good thing. That's why a "cave" is one of our favorite extra bedroom ideas. Whether it's a man cave or a mom cave—or, if you're lucky, one of each—having your very own oasis is a dream for many of us. Customize your space with the following options:

  • Reading nook
  • TV or gaming area
  • Coffee, wine, or traditional bar

Half the fun of a cave room is decorating, and plenty of retailers cater to customers with man caves and she-sheds. Even online resellers target this market with funny signs, themed decor, and the coolest accessories imaginable.

Surrender to Pure Relaxation

Remember the hygge craze from a few years ago? Hygge, a Danish word, roughly translates to “coziness.” The trend was so popular because we all crave that feeling of contentment that comes with being in soft surroundings, preferably in our own homes.

While you don't have to buy hot chocolate in bulk or knit an insanely chunky throw, it's never a bad idea to design a refuge that's drenched in softness. These tips will help you transform an empty bedroom into a “soft zone”:

  • Install a dimmer switch
  • Fill the room with candles
  • Invest in a cashmere throw blanket
  • Stick with soft, easy-on-the-eyes colors
  • Top a daybed or window seat with dozens of cushy throw pillows

The possibilities are endless! Just think soft and comfy. So, grab a drink from the hot beverage bar, slide into your fluffiest robe and slippers, and sink into a cozy chair in front of the faux fireplace with your favorite book.

Create a Multipurpose Guest Room

Maybe you invite the occasional guest for the weekend but still crave a little space to call your own. Good news! You can have your guest bedroom and use it, too.

Whether you have a Murphy Bed installed or put a daybed in a corner, the only consideration is ensuring that you have the space and resources to render the room guest-friendly. That might simply mean stashing supplies and equipment to convert your new gift-wrapping or exercise room back to a bedroom, if only temporarily.

Hold onto Your Extra Room’s Contents with Safeguard Self Storage 


We hope these extra bedroom ideas inspire you to optimize your home now that your kids have left the nest. Sometimes, however, giving their old bedrooms a makeover leaves you with the dilemma of finding a place for keepsakes. Our Erato Street facility in New Orleans has all the amenities you need to safely store old toys, furniture, and clothing so you can make the most of being an empty-nester.

If clutter is preventing you from building the room of your dreams, reserve a unit online with Safeguard Self Storage today.

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