How Self Storage Can Help Small Businesses


Small business owners have plenty of things to think about on a daily basis. Whether you’re an artisan company that requires a personal touch or a new startup with major plans for future growth, finding an office or workshop space that fits your needs is difficult enough. Finding a place with both work space and storage space just makes things harder. Self storage is a useful tool that can help you grow your business and maximize your working space.

How Self Storage Can Help Your Business

Self storage can help small businesses in several key areas. When your operations are bigger than your space or your growth exceeds the room you have to work, self storage gives you the options and flexibility to expand your operations in the way that works best for your specific circumstances. When used properly, it can even help improve the productivity of your office.


Declutter Your Space 

When you and your employees are in the office, work should be getting done. Having a cluttered office or workspace can cause decreased productivity. Cluttered and chaotic environments make it harder to focus on tasks and place unnecessary burdens on the mental health of workers. With self storage, you can remove extra furniture, old physical files, or other items taking up space from your office and store them off-site. Once you’ve uncluttered your workspace, you’ll likely find it easier to get work done.


Save Money

Offices are expensive. With so much money on the line, it’s important to find the best one available to you that works with your budget. If your current office space is feeling too small for what you want to do, it might be time for a new place. However, that can get expensive. Instead, maximize the space you have with self storage. Most storage units will cost less per month than an expanded office space while still giving you the space you need to be productive. Clear out store rooms or record rooms and turn those spaces into spots for your business.


Industries That Can Benefit From Self Storage

Every business needs space for something. Whether it’s for storage, manufacturing, or office work, space is an essential part of your business operations. With a self storage unit, you can reduce the need for storage in your office so you can use that space for your actual business. Almost any industry can benefit from the additional storage space, but there are a few that can get the most from self storage.


While many sales jobs don’t involve dragging products around the country, salespeople do need a place to keep their products with easy access. You can find a centrally located facility that makes it easy for you to swing by and grab what you need on your way to your next appointment. Storage for pharmaceutical representatives in particular is a major convenience boost.



Most retail locations don’t need long-term storage solutions because they have their own storehouses where they can keep inventory. However, self storage is a great way to supplement built-in storage options when you need a little extra room. For example, if you wanted to have an extra supply of popular items right before a major festival in your town, you could rent a storage unit long enough to store the shipment and replenish your storefront as needed.


Home Businesses

With the recent rise in work from home culture, there has also been a rise in businesses running out of the garage, basement, and living room. While there might be benefits from starting a business out of the comfort of your home, it has its drawbacks as well. None more prevalent than the inevitable lack of space that could ensue. Investing in self storage gives you an opportunity to stash away the things that you don’t need right away that are likely taking up that precious space. Don’t let the lack of space in your home be the thing that prevents you from starting your dream business, and especially not when Safeguard Self Storage is nearby and ready to help.