Our Two New Miami Facilities: Giving You More Space Than Ever

We're always excited to open up new locations and expand our services here in Miami, FL. If you live or do business in Allapattah or Miami Shores, your self storage solutions are now closer than ever. Our newest facilities offer all the convenience, security, and amenities you've come to expect from Safeguard Self Storage.

Just Down the Road in Allapattah

If you make your home here, you know it's one of the city's hardest working neighborhoods. If you do business here, you know the opportunities grow every day. Even downtime is exciting when you can explore nearby shops or catch a ballgame at nearby Marlins Park.

Our modern storage facility on Northwest 27th Avenue is situated less than a mile from the heart of Allapattah. The new location puts our modern storage units just down the road from your home or business.

Room for Everything in Miami Shores

Do you commute into Greater Miami from this friendly village? Are you one of the community's happy retirees? With Silver Blue Lake due north and Miami Beach across Broad Causeway, Miami Shores is a great place to live and play.

We can help you do both with our new facility on Northwest 7th Avenue. Our units are ideal for decluttering the house or downsizing into a smaller home. From storing seasonally to stashing fishing gear, we have extra room for everything.

The Amenities and Security You Expect

Whether you're reclaiming space at home or expanding business inventory, our two new Miami locations are open and ready to serve all your storage needs with:

  • Climate-controlled units
  • Access seven days a week
  • Digital video security
  • Individual door alarms
  • Our friendly storage solutions staff
  • Carts, dollies, boxes, and packing supplies

Lease a closet-sized unit just right for a few boxes, or reserve expanded space that holds up to 12 rooms worth of furniture. It's affordable, convenient, and all yours at Safeguard.

The Best Storage Facilities in Miami, FL

How well do we serve you here in Miami? For years, we've provided storage solutions in Little Havana, Miami Gardens, and West Miami. Our modern facilities include locations in Coconut Grove, the Design District, and Hialeah North East.

Add our two newest locations plus Palmetto Bay, Miramar, and Hollywood, and you have 11 of the best storage facilities all available within Miami, FL's city limits. Our Safeguard Self Storage teams are always proud and happy to be at your service.

Finding the Right Self Storage Facility for You

Safeguard Self Storage facility

A facility just down the road doesn’t automatically make it the best choice. A cheap leasing agreement doesn't guarantee value for your money. Location and cost are big factors when you're looking for storage units around Allapattah, Coconut Grove, or any other area in Miami, FL, but you also want something that fits your individual needs. Let us help with this guide to choosing the ideal storage facility.

Factor in Your Location

Here in the Miami metropolitan area, we take care of you with nine Safeguard Self Storage locations, and we're adding to your options with brand new facilities in Allapattah and Miami Shores. How do you choose the best storage site for you? Consider these factors:

  • Business storage works best between home and the office, making it accessible from either place.
  • If you're in sales, multiple units along regular routes save valuable time.
  • For residential storage, store for the shortest trips necessary.
  • Sharing a unit with friends or another business is easier with a central location.

Figure Out Preferred Features

The best storage facilities offer a wide range of features and unit sizes. Take into account what you want to store, when you want to store it, and what kind of access you expect.

  • Climate-controlled storage units work very well for business inventory.
  • Drive-up units make it easier to store big items like lawn equipment and furniture.
  • Many storage facilities allow extended access hours to units, backed up by advanced security systems.

Expect the Best Customer Service

You have many choices in self storage facilities, so expect the best customer service from on-site teams. When management shows a sincere interest in taking care of your storage needs, you know you're working with industry professionals.

  • The best storage pros answer your questions and don't mind explaining details.
  • Count on expert advice about specific unit types and sizes for your budget.
  • On-site teams make sure the facility stays clean from front offices to the back lot.
  • Management always answers phone calls and email with a quick response.

We recommend exploring your options online first. Narrow down your choices, visit several locations, and take a look at different units. You want a storage facility that's just right for you, and you deserve the best.

We're Always Ready to Help

We're proud of our reputation as a national storage company that seeks a local feel at all of its facilities. You're invited to drop by and meet our hardworking teams all across Miami, FL. Be sure to check out our new Allapattah and Miami Shores locations too. Here at Safeguard Self Storage, we're always at your service, and we're always ready to help.

Hurricane Recovery with Self Storage

pieces of a home scattered by a hurricane

Hurricane Irma affected everyone from the Keys up through the Panhandle and beyond. Cleanup and recovery efforts will go on for a very long time. We know how badly the storm impacted so many lives, especially here in Miami, FL. We’d like to offer these self storage tips to help you as you get back on your feet.

Saving the Important Things

Remediation after a catastrophic hurricane like Irma generally applies to rebuilding our homes. We're pulling up wet carpets, tearing out soaked sheetrock, and throwing away ruined insulation. Part of our successful recovery depends on saving our belongings too.

Unfortunately, big stuff doesn't weather a hurricane very well. It's hard to salvage furnishings and appliances. Fortunately, the little things can often be rescued. When we gather family heirlooms, important documents and some of the kids' toys into secure storage units, we know we haven't lost everything.

As you work through the process of making things right again, use these quick tips as a reference for keeping belongings safe after the storm:

  • Clean Before Storing: Wash and thoroughly dry clothes and bedding before packing up for storage. This helps prevent mold and mildew.
  • Fan Important Papers: Dry photos, books, and important paper records by spreading them out and securing them in front of fans for several days.
  • Double Check Furnishings: Pull back upholstery, and inspect padding and frames. Damp furniture will mildew even in climate-controlled storage units.
  • Make an Inventory: Synchronize an inventory list with numbered boxes in storage. Keep the information on your smartphone for quick access.
  • Don't Haul Off Everything: Document what you can't save by taking pictures. Pile it outside your home so that it can be assessed by your insurance adjuster.

Rebuilding with Extra Room

Rebuilding doesn't happen overnight, but we're all in this for the long haul. Putting everything back together takes time, and nearby self storage can be a big help with extra holding room for replacement furnishings and appliances. It gives you space to spare in uncertain times, and that gives you much-needed peace of mind.

Standing Strong and Moving Forward

We know from past experiences with destructive storms that we'll dig out and rebuild. Irma knocked us down, but we're already getting back up and moving forward. Safeguard Self Storage pledges our commitment to the community's recovery here in Miami, FL and all across our great state. We're proud to stand strong beside you.

Sky's the Limit: The U.S. Air Force Turns 69 This Year

An archival photo shows U.S. Air Force bombers flying in formation during World War II.

If your heart soars when you see jets fly overhead in formation, get ready to commemorate one of our military’s most exciting milestones. This September 18, the U.S. Air Force marks its 69th birthday. Whether you fly your own or treasure a toy plane collection stationed in self storage, Miami, FL skies are wide open for celebrating this special day.

From Then Through Now

What started in 1907 as a small Army division wasn’t even fully funded until 1912. That year, our infant Air Force flew nine planes. On the eve of World War I, 12 officers commanded a fleet of only six planes. That rapidly changed over the years as the fledgling Air Service became the Air Corps in 1926. The expansion continued beyond World War II, and in 1947, the National Security Act officially created the Air Force as we know it today.

Our Very Own Homestead

Our area here in southern Florida played its own role in Air Force history with the establishment of Homestead Air Reserve Base in 1942. It stood as a war-time home for officers and enlisted men, but a massive hurricane in 1945 destroyed all operations. The field recovered and served as Dade County’s airport for another 10 years. Its strategic location led to reactivation as a military base in 1955. Homestead demonstrated its importance during the Cuban Missile Crisis and Vietnam War, and it still plays a vital role in our nation’s defense.

Miami’s Tribute and Showcase

With so much Air Force history just down the Reagan Turnpike, it’s no surprise that Miami celebrates our aviation past and present with a dedicated hangar. The Wings Over Miami Air Museum stands as a tribute to veteran aviators and a showcase for vintage planes. Visitors enjoy a hands-on experience that includes World War I aircraft, mid-century seaplanes and retired jet fighters. The museum is an ideal location for honoring the Air Force on its 69th birthday.

We salute the brave men and women who make our U.S. Air Force strong, and we appreciate their hard work and dedication. Whether you’re a member of the service, a resident in one of our neighborhoods or a local business owner, Safeguard Self Storage shares your pride in our great community. Wherever you are in Miami, FL, our storage facility solutions are always at your service.