Keeping Your Kitchen Drawers Organized, From Spatulas to Spoons

by Admin 13. July 2018 13:00

You might be inspired by the wonderful ethnic food markets on Argyle Street. Maybe you want to prep for a Lincoln Park picnic. If messy kitchen drawers cramp your home cooking style in Uptown and Lake View, it's time to get organized with drawer-expanding ideas and convenient storage units here in Chicago, IL.

How to Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

1. Clear the Counters: Give yourself plenty of room to purge kitchen drawers. Turn countertops into clearing houses, and set aside labeled boxes for things you'll want to move to self storage. 

2. Start by Sorting: Sort things by use. If you only pull it out of the drawer once or twice a year, move it to a designated box. Climate-controlled storage units hold seasonal kitchen items year-round. 

3. Clean and Line: Pull drawers out, and clean with a good shake and wipe over the trash can. Line them with colored or patterned washable contact paper. 

4. Turn the Silverware: Make room in the silverware drawer by turning its tray horizontally. This frees up extra storage space at the back of the drawer. 

5. Think Clearly with Acrylic: Clear acrylic trays keep full drawer interiors from looking cluttered. They let you enjoy your attractive drawer linings too. 

6. Divide Drawers Diagonally: This trick works well for storing long utensils in kitchen drawers. A diagonal layout makes it easier to organize and access extra-long spoons, spatulas, and tongs. 

7. Layer Tiered Storage: Make the most of deep drawers with several tiers of sliding storage trays. Use the layered layout for utensils that you don't need often. 

8. Store for Convenience: Keep kitchen utensils conveniently close. Store knives in drawers next to prep areas, spatulas by the stove, and silverware within quick reach of serving areas. 

9. Mark Things to Move: As you finish up, clearly label boxes of drawer extras headed for self storage. When you're ready to retrieve seldom-used items like holiday cookware, just follow the labels in your storage unit. 

10. Junk Is Okay: Allow yourself the luxury of one junk drawer. Let it be the place to toss things you don't want in your newly organized kitchen drawers. 

Keeping You Inspired 

Once you organize those messy kitchen drawers, you can set your culinary talents free. Keep on conquering pantry problems with any of our six Safeguard Self Storage locations in Chicago, IL, including ones in Uptown and Lake View. It's our pleasure to keep you inspired in the kitchen and all around the house.

Make Way for Memorabilia: A Guide to Starting a Collection

by Admin 6. July 2018 13:00

You love vintage stamps. Why not turn that passion into a collection? You wonder if those boxes full of seashells are hiding any treasures. Why not connect with other collectors and find out? There are so many ways to enjoy collecting here in Miami Gardens, FL and plenty of storage units to help you keep it all organized. 

Focus on Your Favorites 

Once you decide on what to collect, get started with a few smart strategies. You could go after every piece of memorabilia from games in Hard Rock Stadium. You'll do better to focus your love of all things Dolphins on specific collectables like bobbleheads or trading cards. 

Whether you adore Barbie dolls or Harley-Davidsons, research your favorite things online. Take a look at auction sites, and get an idea of their cash value. Take a look around the house, and make sure you have room to get started. If you set your heart on collecting antique motorcycles, put self storage on your must-have list too – climate control is the perfect insulation. 

Start with Just One 

Start out by acquiring just one piece at a time. Enjoy the fun and satisfaction of slowly building your collection. Learn as you go by networking with other collectors. You'll begin to better understand the value of your favorite things and use that new skill to make smart buying decisions. 

Turn collecting into treasure hunting with trips to flea markets and thrift stores. Always keep an eye on auction sites for collectibles. Over time, your collection will grow. Think about leasing self storage now so that you can keep things organized as you add to your cache of special things. 

Expand, Curate, and Store 

As your collection expands, keep track of its value, and keep it in good condition too. Use a spreadsheet to inventory and update information about purchase locations, dates, and prices. Turn your storage unit into a clearing house for collectibles, and enjoy these benefits. 

  • Climate-controlled units for curating fragile treasures
  • On-site security features to protect valuables
  • Easy access for rotating new and old collectibles
  • A variety of unit sizes and flexible leasing options

Keep Your Keepsakes with Us 

When something makes you smile, make it your goal to turn that special something into a special collection. We're happy to help with convenient storage units here in Miami Gardens, FL and 13 other locations across the Miami metro area. You can always keep your best keepsakes with us here at Safeguard Self Storage.

Adding to Philadelphia's Vibrant Arts Scene with Self Storage

by Admin 28. June 2018 13:00

The City of Brotherly Love is a city that loves its art scene. Museum, stage, and club doors are wide open in Philadelphia, PA. Whether you paint, perform, or play, this is the place to be. Stay ready for anything, and keep the tools of your craft ready to go in self storage.

Historic Art Collections 

Imagine an exhibition of your latest work in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The world-renowned institution has shown the best in the city since 1876. Picture your canvas next to a Cezanne or Matisse at the Barnes Foundation. You'll be in good company with collections established in 1912. Until you're ready to hang your first show, protect the tools of your budding art career.

  • Climate-controlled storage units keep canvases, stretchers, and easels in good shape year-round.
  • Paper, sponges, and brushes last longer in air-tight containers stored in your unit.

Performing Arts Venues 

Perhaps you plan on auditioning for the Kimmel Center's next production. You might be the city's top tailor or seamstress ready to dress performers in small venues along Broad Street. This stretch became Philly's Avenue of the Arts through a miraculous revitalization during the early ‘90s. When the curtain goes up, be ready to hit the stage. 

  • Wardrobe boxes are ideal for protecting costumes in your storage unit.
  • Use wheeled shelving for organizing stored wigs, makeup kits, and small props.
  • Keep sound and lighting equipment in storage until the next production.

Philly's Best Music Scenes 

If you sat in the Philadelphia Orchestra's original violin section, you were playing in 1900. Today, its musicians share the city's love with a different set of sounds. You might be one of those new talents lighting up the DJ scene along Vinyl Row on Fourth Street. Whether you're into tradition or electronics, take care of your equipment. 

  • Climate-Controlled storage units are perfect for instruments like violins, guitars, drum sets and pianos.
  • On-site security features such as computer controlled access, unit door alarms and digital video recordings add layers of protection for expensive turntable setups.
  • Make it easy to make the next gig with extended access hours to instruments and equipment.

Your Personal Staging Space 

Wherever your talent shines in Philly, we're here to back you up with seven locations across the city. You can always count on Safeguard Self Storage as your personal staging space, with the best storage units available Philadelphia, PA.

How to Store the Gear from Your Atlantic Ocean Adventures

by Admin 21. June 2018 13:00

Here in the Heart of the Gold Coast, you dive, fish, and paddle year-round. All that Atlantic Ocean fun adds up to stacks of gear in the garage. Treat yourself to extra space at home, and take good care your favorite water sports equipment in the process – park it in affordable storage units here in Pompano Beach, FL.

A Quick Guide to Storing Saltwater Gear

Before storing your sports gear, rinse away traces of salt with fresh water. The residual salt can corrode or cause abrasions on your gear. Then, to prevent mold or mildew, let everything air dry, and then follow these tips for safekeeping each type of aquatic equipment in self storage.

Scuba Diving Gear

  • Store face masks in their cases, and loop regulator hoses into coils without bending.
  • Turn wetsuits inside out to dry, and store on flat shelving, or double-over wide plastic hangers.
  • Use wooden pallets to elevate scuba equipment off the unit’s floor.

Fishing Equipment

  • Long salt rods that break down store best vertically in rod sleeves.
  • Remove line from fly reels, check for frays, and store loosely coiled on shelving.
  • Protect expensive fiberglass and graphite rods in climate-controlled self storage.


  • Inspect the body for dings, lubricate metal parts, and tighten bolts and screws.
  • An average 9- to 12-foot kayak fits comfortably in a 10-by-20-foot unit with room to spare.
  • Support the hull's bow and stern on a wooden rack designed for watercraft storage.
  • You can also suspend a kayak from the ceiling top-side down with wide straps.

Paddle Boards

  • Protect hard paddle boards in self storage by keeping them inside their day bags.
  • A slight release of air pressure helps the seals on inflatable boards stay in good condition.
  • Save space for extra gear by storing 15-foot paddle boards in 10-by-25-foot units.

Convenient Storage, Just West of the Beach

Whether you store equipment long-term or in between weekend adventures, you can count on us at Safeguard Self Storage. Our Pompano Beach, FL storage units are two miles west of the beach on North Federal Highway, and we have four more locations across Broward County. Our Safeguard teams always extend Florida's warmest welcome to you and your aquatic gear.

Finding Dad Space for Father's Day

by Admin 14. June 2018 13:00

He deserves something special this year, but it seems like he already has everything he wants, and you can only hope for a wish list. This Father’s Day, give him a gift he can enjoy that doesn't crowd closets or fill up the garage. Make it easy and affordable by surprising your dad with self storage, here in Naperville, IL.

Give His Hobbies a Home

When his woodworking talents outsize the garage, dad needs extra space for tools and supplies. And after flying a model aircraft at Prairie Forest field, he needs a place to park his RC planes. Nearby storage units give dad's hobbies a home away from home. This gift for dad can double as a gift for mom, making the house less cluttered.

Organize Fishing Gear

Save him from fumbling through fishing rods shoved in a closet. The next time dad heads up to Mud Lake, he can swing by his storage unit and pick out the gear he needs. With a new home for fishing equipment, it can easily be organized in a way that makes sense, helping your dad land his favorite catch.

Clear Out the Garage

Make the day really special by volunteering a little time and muscle. Work with your dad to reclaim the garage. Round up all the stuff that crowds out his parking space, box it up, and move it to his new off-site storage spot. He’ll be grateful for a roof overhead of his precious car.

Carve Out a Man Cave

Let dad stake a claim on the spare room as a private man cave. All he needs is a storage unit for stashing stuff that's in the way. You can lend a hand with this one, too. Help him clear out old clutter and carve out a new hideaway – he may he even let you enjoy the new space.

Help Him Launch a Home Business

Storage units are ideal for business storage, so encourage the entrepreneur in your dad. Gift him with space that can launch his ideas in time for the next Last Fling's business expo. With extra room for inventory and equipment, he can finally start his own startup.

Self Storage Benefits

You can't wrap up a unit and present it to him at the breakfast table, but you can give him a Father's Day card with his new storage unit access fob and a few notes about the benefits of storage:

  • A choice of sizes and leasing arrangements
  • Climate-controlled units, drive-in loading area and on-site security features such as:
    • Computer controlled access
    • Unit door alarms
    • Digital video recording
    • High-quality disk or cylinder locks
  • Online account management 24/7

Let him know that this space is his to use as he pleases – whether it’s for a hobby or a man cave, dad could use a little more room.

Say Thanks with Storage

When you surprise your dad with his own storage unit, you really are giving him a gift that keeps on giving. We can help with Safeguard locations across the Naperville, IL area. Make this Father's Day one he will always remember with storage and a smile.

Tips for Staying Clutter-Free in Your New Place

by Admin 7. June 2018 13:00

Your new home is a beautiful blank canvas. You can turn it into anything you want. This is your opportunity to break old habits and begin a new, clutter-free beginning here in Harvey, LA. Make it happen with simple move-in strategies ranging from donation boxes to nearby storage units

7 Easy Tips for a Clutter-Free Move-In 

1. Focus on One Room 

By unpacking one room at a time, you can sort through belongings and identify potential clutter. If it doesn't have a place in the new room, think about letting it go. 

2. Downsize Stuff in Drawers 

Make a pledge to make junk drawers a thing of the past. Promise to only put stuff in drawers that you really need and use. Extend this commitment from the kitchen to the bedroom and bathroom. 

3. Give Everything a Place 

Keep new home storage systems clutter-free by reserving different shelves, racks, and bins for specific items. It's easier to find keys, cell phones, and wallets when everything has a place.

4. Save Things in Self Storage

Cut down on clutter in new closets by moving seasonal clothes to self storage. Make the extra space a permanent, off-site part of home organizing. Use it to stash things like hobby supplies, holiday decorations, and sports gear.

5. Designate Donation Boxes 

If you're not sure about keeping something, imagine the difference it might make to someone else. Designate home donation boxes for things you can give to different organizations and charities in Jefferson Parish. 

6. Start Recycling Clutter

If it's not suitable as a donation, that clutter might be a candidate for recycling. It can help you help our parish environment too. Set up a recycling bin in your new home for paper, plastic, and even used moving boxes. 

7. Slow Down on Shopping

Resist rushing out and buying new things for the new house. Plan just a few shopping trips to Uptown and the Garden District, and set a budget that keeps you on track so that you only purchase what you really need.

Let Us Help You Feel at Home 

Enjoy settling in your new home for some of the easiest living south of the Big Easy. We're here to support you with air conditioned storage units on Manhattan Boulevard just off the West Bank Expressway in Harvey, LA. It's just one of six Safeguard Self Storage locations across the New Orleans Metro Area where we're always happy to help you feel right at home.

Storage for Your Startup: Business Equipment You Really Need

by Admin 24. May 2018 13:00

You have a solid plan, and it’s getting bigger and better every day. You're going to make a real difference in this big city. As you outline successful strategies, start tracking equipment you'll need to launch your startup. Business storage here in Jamaica, NY and throughout Queens, NY helps you keep it all organized.

You Have to Sit Down

You can't run a company standing up. Even a staff of one needs a place to work. Whether you're renting commercial space or opening a home office, you'll need the basics.

  • At least one desk with plenty of drawers
  • Comfortably designed working chairs
  • Directionally adjustable task lighting
  • File cabinets, bookcases, and side tables

You Need to Power Up

Electronics run almost every aspect of a successful business. As you acquire more equipment, keep backups in climate-controlled self storage near your new office. Start with the essentials, and upgrade when you can afford it.

  • Laptops or desktop computers and monitors
  • Printers, scanners, copiers, and a fax machine
  • Charging stations for tablets and cell phones

Consider investing in small printers for each computer and a multifunction printer that can handle the bulk of office paperwork. A wireless router setup is another smart choice for streamlining operations.

Retail Requires Extra Equipment

If you're opening the doors with on-site sales, put business storage on your must-have list. The extra space serves as affordable warehousing that lets you control inventory and organize startup equipment.

  • POS systems and cash registers
  • Shelving units, racks, and display cases
  • POP setups and materials
  • Tagging, labeling, and pricing equipment
  • Shopping bags, baskets, and carts
  • Exterior and interior promotional signage

Small Stuff Counts Too

What kind of phone system do you need? Will a coffee station and water cooler fit on a corner table? Think about how well a few potted plants and framed prints can work with your working environment. As you focus on the big picture and organize your business equipment, always keep an eye on the small stuff.

We Can Help

Wherever you plan on opening shop in Jamaica, NY or the remainder of Queens NY, business storage makes everything easier. We can help, with multiple locations and a variety of affordable storage units. Our teams here at Safeguard Self Storage look forward to helping your startup become a success.

An Overlooked Place for Storage: Underneath Your Bed

by Admin 17. May 2018 13:00

How do you expand home storage space and get rid of dust bunnies under the bed? Easy: Start utilizing that space under your bed. Find out how you can take advantage of this often-ignored place, and see how self storage can help you with the rest in Miramar, FL.

It's Hiding in Plain Sight

Most double beds hide more than pesky dust bunnies. They cover almost 28 square feet of unused space. That's a little larger than a 5 foot by 5 foot storage unit. Here are five ideas for making the most of this hidden area.

1. Sturdy Cardboard Boxes: Cut the tops off cardboard boxes, and slide them under the bed. You can pick up inexpensive, sturdy boxes at most self storage facilities.

2. Trays on Wheels: Home decor outlets carry a variety of trays and bins designed for under-bed storage. These clever units glide in and out on wheel and track systems.

3. Luggage in the Closet: This is another idea that solves two problems at once. Create more closet space by stashing seasonal things in your luggage and sliding it all under the bed. 

4. Vacuum Storage Bags: Compression bags are sized for everything from sweaters to comforters. Tough plastic construction makes them ideal for long-term storage.

5. Archival Garment Boxes: Why not sleep on top of that wedding gown? It keeps safely in an archival wardrobe box under the bed. These specialty containers are ideal for heirloom clothes.

Use Your DIY Talents

Measure your hidden under-bed space before you decide on a storage strategy. Measure the bed itself to get an idea of available square footage, and check clearance from floor to bed frame. Always measure twice just to be sure. Use these DIY tricks to finish off your self storage system.

  • Elevate the bed four-to-seven inches with bed risers.
  • Cover your cardboard boxes with pretty paper or fabric.
  • Attach wheels to old dresser drawers for DIY pull-out storage.
  • Expand your new storage solutions by using space under every bed in the house.

We Solve Storage Problems Too

If you're like us, you'll eventually fill up that sweet spot under the bed. We always have extra room for your extra things, and our storage units are available in all sizes. Stop by our Miramar, FL Safeguard Self Storage location, and let us help you solve all your storage problems.

What to Do When You're Limited on Closet Space

by Admin 10. May 2018 13:00

In a perfect world, every room in your home would feature at least one walk-in closet. In reality, you do the best with what you have. We offer 10 space-expanding hacks for conquering limited wardrobe capacity. From shoe ladders to close-by self storage, these ideas are great for broadening small closet horizons in Elizabeth, NJ.

Storage Solutions for Small Closets

1. Double Up on Racks: Double closet space by installing two rods across the same area. Hang tops on the upper rack, and use the lower rack for skirts and pants.

2. Put Drawers in the Closet: Cloth pull-out bins come in a variety of sizes. Mount the soft-sided drawers in vertical rows from closet floor to ceiling.

3. Snap in Shoe Racks: Use tension rods to get shoes off the floor. A pair of parallel rods a few inches apart creates an airy rack for your favorite flats.

4. Store on the Door: Turn the closet door into a storage space with a hanging shoe organizer. Fill the clear plastic pouches with purses, scarves and caps.

5. Show Off Your Shoes: Move outside the closet with a shoe ladder against an empty wall. Keep your prettiest footwear on display and ready to go.

6. Hook Up Empty Corners: Every room has four, so notch up extra space for hanging things by mounting wall hooks in empty corners. Valet rods work well too.

7. Rack Up on Wheels: Freestanding wheeled clothes racks become mini storage units outside the closet. They're never in the way because you can rearrange them with just a push.

8. Go Retro With an Armoire: Scout second-hand shops for an armoire that serves as an extra closet with benefits. Many of these clothing cabinets feature built-in shelf storage.

9. Slide Under the Bed: Roll-out trays are ideal for under-the-bed shoe storage. Use pretty wicker baskets under taller beds for everything from purses to hats.

10. Liberate Space with Self Storage: Move seasonal things to a small storage unit, or go wild. Spoil yourself with something big enough to replace a dozen walk-in closets.

Explore Our Storage Solutions

It takes talent to make the most of limited space, and we know you can do it. Don't forget the easiest tip on the list. Stop by our Elizabeth, NJ self storage location, and explore our wide selection of liberating storage units. You can always count on Safeguard to help you conquer limited space.

Get the Storage You Need in the Busy Chicago Downtown

by Admin 3. May 2018 13:00

You love living in the big city. The high energy level brings out the best in everyone who works and plays in the heart of this great place. Still, expanding personal and business space can be a real challenge in bustling Chicago, IL. Finding self storage solutions in and around downtown makes metro life so much easier.

Space Comes in Sizes

Whether you rent an apartment or own a condo, efficient floor plans don't leave much room to grow. Downtown Chicago storage units solve the problem with a range of sizes. A 25-square foot unit serves as an extra closet, a bigger unit holds furniture, and you can lease enough space to store the contents of an entire house. It's easy to find exactly what you need.

Convenience Always Counts

You're constantly on the go, so every minute counts. Self storage lets you choose a nearby location that works with your daily routine. Flexible hours and 24/7 access keep personal and business schedules simple. You can manage your account and even lease new space conveniently online.

Security Is Important

It's important to feel secure in a large metro area. The best downtown storage units provide layers of on-site security that protect you and your belongings. Lot entrance and building access are computer-controlled. Digital and video recording systems track activity all hours of the day. Facility-wide intercoms and individual door alarms watch over every unit.

Extras Make a Difference

Businesses that want loyal customers offer extras that make a difference. Professional storage management teams also work hard catering to your expectations with these amenities and more:

  • Climate-controlled units
  • Drive-in loading areas
  • Boxes and packing supplies
  • Delivery acceptance services

It's All Affordable

Residential and commercial square footage comes at a high price in the city. With self storage located downtown, you can expand your space for a fraction of that cost. Short- and long-term options help match tight budgets with storage needs. A nearby unit gives you affordable, flexible room to grow personally and professionally.

We're Always Around the Corner

If you're like us, you don't want to make your home anywhere else, and you don't need to. You have Safeguard Self Storage to help stretch your space in the Chicago, IL metropolitan area. Our storage units make life in the city easy and secure. We always have your perfect fit, and we're always just around the corner.

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