How to Sort Through Your Cluttered Bathroom Cabinets

by Admin 14. September 2018 13:00

If you think you're the only one in Lombard, IL who could fill an entire storage unit with bathroom clutter, you're not alone. It's a common problem, but it's easy to solve by taking advantage of space at home and in self storage. Just take it one step at a time.

Get Ready to Save Space

Well-organized bathroom storage sets you free to enjoy that extra cup of coffee in the morning. Start by pulling everything out of drawers and cabinets. If you haven't used it in a year or it's expired, throw it away.

Use a microfiber cloth to dust cabinet and drawer interiors. Step back, and take a good look. Your bathroom is now ready for a space-saving makeover.

Create Extra Counter Space

Use a cake stand to elevate vanity necessities and create extra counter space just underneath. Fill pretty glass jars with everyday unbreakables like cotton balls and makeup brushes, and put them on a turning tray. The jars become small storage spots that you can spin through as needed.

Divide and Conquer Drawers

Rule bathroom drawers by dividing spaces with interlocking tray organizers. These smart storage solutions snap into all kinds of configurations. Silverware trays and repurposed party dip trays also work well as inexpensive drawer dividers.

Lighten Up Under the Sink

Illuminate space under the sink with adhesive under-cabinet lights placed where they're easy to reach. Take advantage of the newly bright area with tiered wire basket units. Look for models that slide in and out like drawers.

Double Medicine Cabinet Space

Double stacking space inside the medicine cabinet with small, acrylic risers. Put the inside of the cabinet door to use with stick-on pods in different heights and widths. Mount a magnetic knife strip inside the door with a picture hanging strip, and use it to hold things like nail care tools and bobby pins.

Take Advantage of Organizing Tools

You probably have more bathroom decluttering power than you realize. Use these potential organizing treasures to open up space:

  • Stackable wicker baskets
  • Spare wall shelving
  • Extra kitchen spice racks
  • Standing magazine organizers

We Always Have Extra Room

Enjoy organizing your bathroom, and don't worry about running out of space. We have plenty to spare with our Lombard, IL storage units and 14 other Safeguard Self Storage locations across Chicago and the suburbs. When you need extra room in any room, you can always count on us for convenient self storage.

Home Inventory 101: Making Note of Everything You Own

by Admin 7. September 2018 13:00

Making an inventory of everything you own can actually be more fun than you’d think. Think of all the rooms in your Miami Shores, FL home as small storage spaces filled with your belongings, helping you re-examine your space in the process. Thus, this is a project with several positive purposes. It might seem like a big job, but you can do it.

Why This is a Great Idea

Whether you own or rent, it's always smart to protect your things with insurance. Homeowners and renters policies outline specific coverage, but a current inventory makes filing any type of damage claim much easier.

Taking inventory also streamlines home organizing. As you work, note different things you want to move into self storage. Use your storage unit to hold extra furniture or spare clothes for donation. Include potential garage sale items that can put a little cash back in your pocket.

How to Inventory Your Home

  • Take on this project with a flexible plan. If one approach doesn't work, don't get discouraged. There are several efficient ways to inventory the contents of your home.
  • Tackle one room at a time. Start with the big stuff like furniture, move on to smaller belongings, and finish up with the contents of closets and drawers.
  • Focus on one category at a time. Inventory one thing at a time throughout the house. It can be clothes, furniture, electronics, jewelry or art work.
  • Take pictures and videos. Use your smartphone to document and organize inventory details with photos and videos. Let the files serve as digital storage that preserves permanent records of your things.
  • Use a home inventory app. These smart apps work like spreadsheets. You can enter itemized information including descriptions, serial numbers, and estimated values.

Easy Home Inventory Tips

As you work out a strategy for your home inventory project, these tips keep things on track.

  • Don't plan on finishing everything in just a few days.
  • Download a printable home inventory checklist.
  • Stay motivated by tracking your progress with notebook entries
  • Save printed copies of the final inventory for access when you need it.

Your Greater Miami Storage Specialists

When friends and family want to know how you did it, share our home inventory ideas. When they ask about the best storage units in Miami Shores, FL, point them in our direction. We're always ready to serve as your self storage specialists at 14 Safeguard locations across the greater Miami area.

Packing for the Plane: How to Load Your Suitcases for Air Travel

by Admin 31. August 2018 13:00

It used to be so much easier. You retrieved extra luggage from your closet, basement, or self storage and filled it up with whatever you liked. Today, packing for a flight out of Chicago, IL takes a lot more planning. Our handy how-to guide can help you get ready for your next trip like a seasoned travel pro. 

Conquer Carry-On Bags 

Carry-ons work like personal storage that let travelers pack just what they need. Knowing how to conquer a carry-on lets you avoid the expense and hassle of checking luggage for short trips. Pack plenty of underwear, but save space by adding just a few changes of clothing. 

If you're traveling with checked luggage, think of the carry-on as your designated emergency kit. Pack enough clothes for a day or two, and include essentials like toiletries, electronics, and chargers. Keep travel ID and flight documentation in a carry-on pocket for quick access during check-in. 

Lighten Up Luggage 

The standard luggage weight limit is 50 pounds, but that's a heavy load to wheel around the airport. Pack light, and leave room for souvenirs. Save suitcase space by tightly rolling clothes instead of folding. Make even more room by stuffing shoes with socks and wrapping them with a shower cap. 

Secure liquids like shampoo, lotion, and sunscreen in plastic bags with zip seals. Pack heavier items at the bottom of your suitcase, and put things you'll want right away at the top, including backup copies of personal identification, flight information, and hotel reservations. 

Fly High with Power Tips 

Always make a quick list of must-haves before you start packing, and double-check it before heading out. Once you're ready for take off, take a few minutes to maximize your flying prowess with these travel pro power tips. 

  • Scan important travel documents, and email copies to yourself and a friend.
  • Check your destination's weather forecast for the upcoming week.
  • Plan on wearing shoes that slip off easily at security checkpoints.
  • Top off your carry-on with relaxing essentials like earplugs and an eye mask.
  • Make room in the carry-on for packaged snacks, but leave peanuts at home.

Let Us Handle Your Baggage 

We have one more travel pro tip: Don't crowd closets with luggage you only use a few times a year. We're just around the corner with small inexpensive locker storage units that are ideal for luggage and other small household and seasonal items. We offer convenient locations all across Chicago, IL including West Rogers ParkUptownLake ViewHermosa, and Beverly. Let Safeguard Self Storage take care of your excess baggage.

A Guide to Furnishing Your New Place From Scratch

by Admin 24. August 2018 13:00

You're so excited about moving into a new house or apartment. It's time to upgrade the old furniture. If you don't have much to work with, you might be starting from scratch. Pre-move strategies, shopping inspiration, and household storage make furnishing your new East Rockaway, NY home so much easier. 

Take a Deep Breath 

Moving to a new address puts a big dent in your wallet. Maximize what you can spend on furniture by taking a deep breath and asking yourself: 

  • What will my budget look like after moving expenses?
  • How do I balance what I want with what I need?
  • Can my old stuff generate cash at a yard sale?

Crunch the numbers. You might be surprised at just how much buying power you really have. 

Take Stock and Measure 

As you take stock of old furnishings, let a tape measure help you make decisions. Start with big items like the sofa and dining table. If they fit the new floor plan, they fit your plan to stretch the furniture budget. 

Start a list of things you want to keep, things you can part ways with, and things that aren't worth moving. If something doesn't make the "keep" or "toss" list, stash it in self storage until you can donate it or covert it to cash with a yard sale. 

Buy New with Confidence

Once you're sure about what you need, shop for new furniture with confidence. Keep an eye on the budget, compare prices, and look for quality. A new bed that costs a little more will last much longer than a bargain buy. 

If you're furnishing a place from scratch, stick with the basics. That new bed, a sofa, and a dining set are enough to get you started. Your pocketbook will thank you for not rushing things. 

Don't rule out the savings you can find at thrift stores and yard sales. Friends and family can be a great resource too. Ask if they have anything that they might donate to your move-in cause. 

Enjoy Your New Home 

It's fun to hit the decorating reset button, so make the most of your move. Take your time, furnish the new place just the way you want it, and let us help you stay organized. Give yourself plenty of room to enjoy your new home with household storage at our Safeguard Self Storage facilities here in East Rockaway, NY and all across the city.

Self Storage Is Growing in Popularity: Why It's Time You Join In

by Admin 17. August 2018 13:00

If you haven't checked out our new storage facility here in Allapattah, FL lately, you're in for a pleasant surprise. Now's the time to join in and enjoy expanding your personal and business space. Find out for yourself how self storage is gaining new momentum with these four benefits. 

1. Self Storage Is Good for Your Home 

You can keep things stacked up in closets. You can shove stuff into the garage. But eventually, you’ll realize it's just not working. Storage units are good for your home because they: 

  • Keep seasonal clothes and bedding out of the way.
  • Help organize sporting gear, hobby supplies, and holiday decorations.
  • Hold your stuff when you remodel, relocate, or downsize.
  • Create extra space away from home for just about anything.

2. It's Good for Your Business Too 

Off-site business storage comes with all kinds of benefits that make it easier to get things done. Whether you're a small startup or an established company, business storage works for you with these money-saving perks. 

  • Inventory has plenty of off-site space for expansion.
  • You always have room for bargain equipment buys.
  • Unit space costs a fraction of the price of commercial square footage.

3. A Storage Unit Is a Great Value 

A convenient storage unit is easy on any budget, but it also offers value in a surprising number of ways. Add up the benefits and cost savings, and combine those positives with these storage extras. 

  • You can manage your account online 24/7.
  • Different unit sizes fit all needs.
  • Flexible leasing options fit all budgets.
  • Stored belongings are always easy to access.

4. The Amenities Are Impressive 

Gone are the days of endless garage-style doors, dark hallways and stuffy units. The best storage facilities cater to your needs with an impressive array of customer-pleasing amenities including: 

  • On-site retail access to moving and packing supplies.
  • Well-lit, climate-controlled storage units.
  • Keypad entry and facility-wide digital security cameras.
  • Drive-up units and covered loading area.
  • Knowledgeable storage solution specialists on-site.

We’ll Serve You with the Best 

If you haven't made the move yet, it's time to join folks all across the area. Drop by our Safeguard Self Storage facility in Allapattah FL, or check out our locations in Hialeah North EastMiami Shores, and the Miami Design District. We're ready to serve you with the best storage solutions in Miami-Dade County.

How Self Storage Comes in Handy for Handymen

by Admin 10. August 2018 13:00

Whether you work around the house, help your neighbors, or run your own company, handyman jobs keep you busy. You take pride in your fix-it talents and the tools of your trade. Imagine how you can expand home or business projects with self storage here in Thornwood, NY

Storage Units Make Work Easier 

Anything that makes a project easier makes you a better handyman. Renting a storage unit close to the house or your business comes with benefits that increase job efficiency. 

  • You don't lose valuable time trying to find things in your crowded garage.
  • Keeping your handyman tools in storage keeps them organized.
  • You can set up job-specific shelves for different supplies and tools.
  • Long-term rental equipment can stay put in a storage unit.

Things Are Always Handy in Storage 

You know what a difference it makes when you start a new job with an organized toolbox. Self storage streamlines handyman projects so that you can get work done faster, and that gives you more time to relax. 

  • Pick up different toolboxes for different projects with just one stop.
  • Drive-up units make it easier to load and unload heavy equipment.
  • Switch out supplies between jobs with on-site carts and dollies.
  • Flexible unit sizes and leasing options let you expand home or business operations.
  • Affordable storage saves the expense of leasing commercial space for a handyman service.

Self Storage Protects Your Investment 

You make sure to inspect and clean your tools before putting them away. You know how to protect your investment, and storage units help you take good care of your equipment too. Climate-controlled facilities protect toolboxes and supplies from the elements. Even expensive power tools weather our New York climate better in storage. 

You can also enjoy layers of on-site security. Computer-controlled access and facility-wide digital video recording give you peace of mind 24/7. Individual door alarms alert management systems to unauthorized entries, and extra options include maximum-security locks for unit doors. 

We Help You Expand 

Think of a storage unit as the ultimate handyman's toolbox. You always know your valuable tools are nearby and easy to access. Let Safeguard help you make it happen at our Thornwood, NY location and multiple facilities across Westchester County. We're just around the corner and ready to help you expand your handyman reach.

Get More Value Out of Storage with Our “Choose Your Special” Feature

by Admin 27. July 2018 13:00

When searching for a storage unit, we understand that you want the best value. That’s why, at Safeguard Self Storage, we offer special discounts for many of our units. Recently, we launched a new feature on our website that gives you more flexibility in the special that’s best for you – and more opportunities for savings.

How Our Specials Work

We understand that everyone’s storage needs are different. You may want self storage for a short period of time to help you with a move, or perhaps you’re looking for something longer-term to hold on to things you don’t have room for at home. To fit your situation, we offer three different specials for three different lengths of time:

  • Free First Month’s Rent
  • 50% Off 2 Months’ Rent
  • 20% Off 6 Months’ Rent

Because we want you to have the best storage experience right from the start, you can choose to have the first month's rent while storing with us free for select storage units. With discounts beyond the first month, you also get the option of a lower overall cost – and greater total savings – if you need to store with us longer. Our contracts are month-to-month, so you don't need to make any time period commitment to activate a special.

Note: Discounts for any unused periods are unearned and therefore non-refundable.

“Choose Your Special” Online Option Now Available

With a recent update to our website, you can now “Choose Your Special” online anytime, anywhere. It’s built right into our unit descriptions, so you’re easily able to see what discounts are available and select the one you’d prefer. This new feature helps as you do the following:

  • Look at our unit offerings: We specifically highlight the units for which we offer specials. This lets you easily scan the specials alongside other unit features and sizes. This makes comparing unit options easier than ever.
  • Select your special: Check the box of the special you’d like – it’s that simple. We automatically account for the pricing change in our system when you make your online reservation.

Get the Best Deal on Self Storage with Safeguard

If you’re looking to get the most out of self storage, look no further than Safeguard Self Storage. Our new special-selection feature lets you take full advantage of the deals we have to offer. Simply check the box to activate the special of your choosing. You no longer need to rely on discount schedules, sales reps, or special limitations. For convenient savings and even more convenient storage, reserve a storage unit with us today!

New Job, New Setting: Tips for Filling Up an Empty Office

by Admin 20. July 2018 13:00

Downtown revitalization has really made a difference in Jamaica, NY. Plenty of office space and business storage across Queens makes the area a great place for startups. Get ready for your new job by turning that empty office into a setting primed for business success. 

Maximize Your Desktop 

It's your primary work area, so make your desktop work for you. Back up traditional trays and containers with accessories that maximize productivity. Keep track of notes on the fly with a flat, desktop calendar. Keep track of your phone with a dock that features expandable charging options. 

Don't let personal stuff clutter the desktop. Invest in a sturdy coat rack that can handle jackets, umbrellas, and even a light blanket for chilly days in the office. Fill up desk drawers with things like noise-canceling headphones and a personalized first aid kit.

Zone Your Workspace 

Break up the space in your new office by using furniture placement to designate zones. As you arrange things, allow plenty of room for foot traffic around these strategic areas.

  • Your Work Desk: Position your primary work station in a quiet place, and pair it with a comfortable chair.
  • A Paper Zone: Create an area for handling paperwork by grouping file cabinets, book shelves, and small tables.
  • An Electronics Center: Let scanners, copiers, printers, and charging stations share space and cable organizers.

Save Room and Money 

Business storage is a smart investment when you're setting up a new office. A climate-controlled storage unit lets you archive paper billing and invoicing, trade publications and important records. Off-site storage saves office space with extra room for everything from spare furniture to sales samples. 

Compare the cost of commercial square footage with an affordable self storage unit. It makes good business sense to free up expensive floor space at the office with cost-effective storage space just down the street.

We're Proud to Serve 

It doesn't take long to turn new office space into a productive home for business success. You can depend on Safeguard Self Storage to make it easier with six facilities across Queens, including our Jamaica, NY location. We're proud to serve the neighborhood and the borough with business storage solutions that fit every business model.

Keeping Your Kitchen Drawers Organized, From Spatulas to Spoons

by Admin 13. July 2018 13:00

You might be inspired by the wonderful ethnic food markets on Argyle Street. Maybe you want to prep for a Lincoln Park picnic. If messy kitchen drawers cramp your home cooking style in Uptown and Lake View, it's time to get organized with drawer-expanding ideas and convenient storage units here in Chicago, IL.

How to Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

1. Clear the Counters: Give yourself plenty of room to purge kitchen drawers. Turn countertops into clearing houses, and set aside labeled boxes for things you'll want to move to self storage. 

2. Start by Sorting: Sort things by use. If you only pull it out of the drawer once or twice a year, move it to a designated box. Climate-controlled storage units hold seasonal kitchen items year-round. 

3. Clean and Line: Pull drawers out, and clean with a good shake and wipe over the trash can. Line them with colored or patterned washable contact paper. 

4. Turn the Silverware: Make room in the silverware drawer by turning its tray horizontally. This frees up extra storage space at the back of the drawer. 

5. Think Clearly with Acrylic: Clear acrylic trays keep full drawer interiors from looking cluttered. They let you enjoy your attractive drawer linings too. 

6. Divide Drawers Diagonally: This trick works well for storing long utensils in kitchen drawers. A diagonal layout makes it easier to organize and access extra-long spoons, spatulas, and tongs. 

7. Layer Tiered Storage: Make the most of deep drawers with several tiers of sliding storage trays. Use the layered layout for utensils that you don't need often. 

8. Store for Convenience: Keep kitchen utensils conveniently close. Store knives in drawers next to prep areas, spatulas by the stove, and silverware within quick reach of serving areas. 

9. Mark Things to Move: As you finish up, clearly label boxes of drawer extras headed for self storage. When you're ready to retrieve seldom-used items like holiday cookware, just follow the labels in your storage unit. 

10. Junk Is Okay: Allow yourself the luxury of one junk drawer. Let it be the place to toss things you don't want in your newly organized kitchen drawers. 

Keeping You Inspired 

Once you organize those messy kitchen drawers, you can set your culinary talents free. Keep on conquering pantry problems with any of our six Safeguard Self Storage locations in Chicago, IL, including ones in Uptown and Lake View. It's our pleasure to keep you inspired in the kitchen and all around the house.

Make Way for Memorabilia: A Guide to Starting a Collection

by Admin 6. July 2018 13:00

You love vintage stamps. Why not turn that passion into a collection? You wonder if those boxes full of seashells are hiding any treasures. Why not connect with other collectors and find out? There are so many ways to enjoy collecting here in Miami Gardens, FL and plenty of storage units to help you keep it all organized. 

Focus on Your Favorites 

Once you decide on what to collect, get started with a few smart strategies. You could go after every piece of memorabilia from games in Hard Rock Stadium. You'll do better to focus your love of all things Dolphins on specific collectables like bobbleheads or trading cards. 

Whether you adore Barbie dolls or Harley-Davidsons, research your favorite things online. Take a look at auction sites, and get an idea of their cash value. Take a look around the house, and make sure you have room to get started. If you set your heart on collecting antique motorcycles, put self storage on your must-have list too – climate control is the perfect insulation. 

Start with Just One 

Start out by acquiring just one piece at a time. Enjoy the fun and satisfaction of slowly building your collection. Learn as you go by networking with other collectors. You'll begin to better understand the value of your favorite things and use that new skill to make smart buying decisions. 

Turn collecting into treasure hunting with trips to flea markets and thrift stores. Always keep an eye on auction sites for collectibles. Over time, your collection will grow. Think about leasing self storage now so that you can keep things organized as you add to your cache of special things. 

Expand, Curate, and Store 

As your collection expands, keep track of its value, and keep it in good condition too. Use a spreadsheet to inventory and update information about purchase locations, dates, and prices. Turn your storage unit into a clearing house for collectibles, and enjoy these benefits. 

  • Climate-controlled units for curating fragile treasures
  • On-site security features to protect valuables
  • Easy access for rotating new and old collectibles
  • A variety of unit sizes and flexible leasing options

Keep Your Keepsakes with Us 

When something makes you smile, make it your goal to turn that special something into a special collection. We're happy to help with convenient storage units here in Miami Gardens, FL and 13 other locations across the Miami metro area. You can always keep your best keepsakes with us here at Safeguard Self Storage.

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