What to Do with Your Extra Room

by Admin 22. March 2018 13:00

Large, empty room

You're always tossing things into the extra room, so it's not exactly wasted space. Still, you daydream about converting it into something really useful. With so many affordable storage units in Brooklyn, NY, why not kick out the clutter and work some DIY magic with these spare room makeover ideas?

1. Shape Up in a Personal Gym

Transform your extra room into a personal gym with all the equipment you've stashed in self storage. When it's too wet to jog in Prospect Park, hit the treadmill back at the house. It's easy to stay motivated in the privacy of your home.

2. Create an Art Studio

Set your inner artist free inside a home art studio. Hang sectioned shelving dedicated to oil, pastel, and watercolor supplies. Use a tilting table as a sketch board, and set up your easel next to a bright window.

3. Give Kids Study Space

Liberate spare desks and chairs from self storage for homework in the extra room. Set up a quiet space where the kids can study. Make it a designated spot for stashing school supplies and backpacks.

4. Give Youngsters a Play Station

Let younger kids go wild in their own special play room. Corral their stuff with bench seating that doubles as toy storage. When the kids get noisy in their new den, quietly close the door, and let them have fun.

5. Make Man Cave Dreams Come True

Turn the extra room into the ultimate man cave with a gaming table that can handle cards, poker chips, and dice. Set up a small flat screen opposite comfy loungers and console setups for non-stop online multiplayer action.

6. Glide Into a Fashionista's Walk-In

Treat yourself to a beautiful walk-in closet with this DIY spare room conversion. Install wall- and floor-mounted storage units with hanging racks and glide-out shelves. Add full-length mirrors to reflect your fabulous fashionista taste.

7. Relax in Your Own Cocktail Lounge

Elevate the home bar a few shots above an ordinary happy hour with an in-house cocktail lounge conversion. Center decorating around the retro fun of a leather-padded island bar, hipster stools, and a wheeled cocktail cart.

Keep Kicking Out Clutter

Whether you work out, sketch, or toss back a few, enjoy your new room. We make home makeovers easy with several self storage locations across Brooklyn, NY, including our Crown Heights facility. Our Safeguard Self Storage facilities are the best in the borough, so keep kicking out that clutter and expand your personal space at the house.

Our Two New Miami Facilities: Giving You More Space Than Ever

by Admin 15. March 2018 13:00

We're always excited to open up new locations and expand our services here in Miami, FL. If you live or do business in Allapattah or Miami Shores, your self storage solutions are now closer than ever. Our newest facilities offer all the convenience, security, and amenities you've come to expect from Safeguard Self Storage.

Just Down the Road in Allapattah

If you make your home here, you know it's one of the city's hardest working neighborhoods. If you do business here, you know the opportunities grow every day. Even downtime is exciting when you can explore nearby shops or catch a ballgame at nearby Marlins Park.

Our modern storage facility on Northwest 27th Avenue is situated less than a mile from the heart of Allapattah. The new location puts our modern storage units just down the road from your home or business.

Room for Everything in Miami Shores

Do you commute into Greater Miami from this friendly village? Are you one of the community's happy retirees? With Silver Blue Lake due north and Miami Beach across Broad Causeway, Miami Shores is a great place to live and play.

We can help you do both with our new facility on Northwest 7th Avenue. Our units are ideal for decluttering the house or downsizing into a smaller home. From storing seasonally to stashing fishing gear, we have extra room for everything.

The Amenities and Security You Expect

Whether you're reclaiming space at home or expanding business inventory, our two new Miami locations are open and ready to serve all your storage needs with:

  • Climate-controlled units
  • Access seven days a week
  • Digital video security
  • Individual door alarms
  • Our friendly storage solutions staff
  • Carts, dollies, boxes, and packing supplies

Lease a closet-sized unit just right for a few boxes, or reserve expanded space that holds up to 12 rooms worth of furniture. It's affordable, convenient, and all yours at Safeguard.

The Best Storage Facilities in Miami, FL

How well do we serve you here in Miami? For years, we’ve provided storage solutions in Little Havana, Miami Gardens, and West Miami. Our modern facilities include locations in Coconut Grove, the Design District, and Hialeah North East.

Add our two newest locations plus Palmetto Bay, Miramar, and Hollywood, and you have 11 of the best storage facilities all available within Miami, FL’s city limits. Our Safeguard Self Storage teams are always proud and happy to be at your service.

Self Storage: The Next Stop on Your Band's Tour

by Admin 8. March 2018 14:00

Guitarist jams with band on stage during a gig

Along the road to top billing, you pick up extra guitars, drums, and brass. No one in the band has room for it all back home, but you need a place to park everything between gigs. It's time to set up a permanent staging area in Tamarac, FL with convenient, affordable storage units.

Protect Your Investment

Whether you strum an acoustic guitar or blow an alto sax, you want to give that investment as much protection as possible. Climate-controlled self storage insulates band equipment and expensive electronics from Florida's heat and humidity. Modern facilities offer high-tech, on-site security, and you can lease a drive-up unit for quick access between shows. If you'd rather stay inside, available push carts make it easy to haul heavy gear back and forth.

Preserve Equipment Long-Term

The best storage units in Florida can't take care of your equipment if you don't take care of it first. Always clean each piece before putting it away, and use these long-term storage tips for your valuable musical instruments.

  • Guitars: Relax neck tension by tuning strings down a few notes.
  • Brass: Protect casings, bearings, and valves with a coat of heavy oil.
  • Drums: Reduce head tension top and bottom by half.
  • Pianos: Wrap legs and pedals in heavy padding.

Use Smart Storage Strategies

Prep instrument cases for extended self storage by lining them with acid-free paper. Hit high notes of extra safety by adding silica pouches. Set up wood pallet stages that keep equipment elevated a few inches off the floor. If you're doubling down on the unit with furniture storage, cushion cases between soft surfaces like mattresses and sofas.

Keep It Ready to Rock

Get everyone in the band on board with a regular sound check in the unit. You don't need to turn anything on. Just take a minute to open cases and look for any cracks, discoloration, or mold. Change out sheets draped over equipment to ward off dust, and enjoy knowing it's all ready to rock when you need to roll. 

Stash It with Us

Wherever the next gig takes the band, you always have a home here in Tamarac, FL with Safeguard Self Storage. Fill up your schedule, expand the playlist, and stash the tools of your musical trade with us. With locations all across South Florida, we're just around the corner from your next stop on the tour.

Food and Functionality: Improving Your Kitchen Layout

by Admin 1. March 2018 14:00

Full view of a kitchen

Wonderful meals and great company make every kitchen the heart of a home. Whether you're building a new house or planning a remodel, think about this special room's function, design, and space. Make the project deliciously easy by including Baton Rouge, LA self storage in your recipe for the perfect home kitchen.

Build with Universal Design

When you're going over new home floor plans, talk with your builder about universal design in the kitchen. This approach helps make a room both functional and comfortable for everyone in the house. Use the principle to customize things like free floor space, door widths, and counter heights.

As you work out details for the new kitchen, pay close attention to the locations of the sink, stove, and refrigerator. Picture each of these busy spots as a point on a triangle. Ideally, you want a clear path that lets you move easily from one station to the other.

Remodel Looks and Function

With a kitchen remodel, focus on upgrading both the room's looks and its function. New backsplashes add colorful accents while protecting walls over sinks and stoves. Pendant lights are another easy way to freshen up decor and brighten up prep and cooking areas.

Marry form and function by turning wasted kitchen space into handy storage units. Open up areas under corners where countertops meet with lazy Susan shelving and folding doors. Install drawers in the kitchen island, and make it a decorative center of attention with pot racks hanging overhead. Free up extra remodeling room by moving old kitchen furniture to a nearby storage facility. 

Say No to Kitchen Mistakes

It's easy to get caught up in the fun of kitchen design. It's also easy to overlook common mistakes that can spoil the best building and remodeling plans.

  • Open shelves are pretty, but they're dust magnets too.
  • Garbage and recycling bins need their own hiding spaces.
  • Kitchen islands breathe easier with three feet of free space on all sides.
  • Refrigerator doors need four feet of clearance to open properly.
  • Too much trendy decor wears out its welcome in just a few years.

Save Space with Us

Once you set up your perfect kitchen, keep it organized while you expand your culinary horizons with room to spare. Just shelve deep fryers, boiling pots, and cast iron skillets at one of our convenient Baton Rouge, LA storage units. Here at Safeguard Self Storage, we're always cooking up great ways to help you save space.

Turn Your Dream Game Room Into a Reality

by Admin 22. February 2018 14:00

Pool table in a game room

Every home needs one room dedicated to the fun of gaming. The space should accommodate your favorite playing table, video setup, or arcade cabinet with enough range for serious action. How can you make this gamer's fantasy real? Take a few measurements, move some things to nearby Chicago, IL storage units, and score the game room of your dreams.

Make Room for Fun and Games

There's nothing like playing your favorite game. It's even better when you compete in the comfort of your very own game cave carved out of the basement, den, or spare bedroom. The most important rule of game room conversion applies to space. You need plenty of it, and that means moving extra furniture into a nearby self storage facility. These guidelines can help you stake out gaming ground for your personal playing field.

1. Traditional Table Setups

Tables take up space, and you do too. As you measure a room for one of these traditional table setups, give yourself generous clearance for competition.

  • Air Hockey: Standard air hockey tables need a minimum 7 feet by 8 feet of open space.
  • Pool Tables: These classics work best in rooms measuring at least 18 feet by 14 feet.
  • Foosball: Shoot for a playing space of 7 feet by 8 feet to accommodate the table, as well as the rods.

2. Classic Arcade Games

Too many pinball machines and arcade cabinets wind up in storage units because they're so heavy. Save yourself the heartbreak of parking a vintage game. Be sure you're setting up Tron Legacy and Pac-Man on solid flooring that can support 250 to 300 pounds of arcade fun.

3. Big Screen Video Gaming

Indulge in your love for this type of action with at least 32 inches of quality flat screen. Beyond finding an affordable TV, this game room setup is one of the easiest. Get comfortable with an old couch, upgrade the sound system, put in a mini-fridge, and you're ready for massively multiplayer first-person anything.

Glad to Do Our Part

We admire your drive to play hard and have fun. It's that kind of spirit that turns plain rooms into dream game rooms, and we're glad to do our part. With more than a dozen Safeguard locations across Chicago, IL, our self storage facilities always score high. When you need easy access, climate-control, and high-tech security, our modern units make sure you're a winner. Find your nearest Chicagoland facility:

Use Your Space Wisely: Tips for Finishing Your Attic

by Admin 15. February 2018 14:00

An attic repurposed as a home office

While you may daydream about adding a room to the house, it’s not always easy to picture this dream becoming a reality. It may be even harder when it’s your attic. From Frankford and Germantown down to Grays Ferry, homes here in Philly have space to spare up in the attic. It's the perfect place for Philadelphia, PA homeowners to make over, and it's just overhead.

Plan It From Floor to Ceiling

Start pre-planning your upstairs transformation by looking at storage units near the house. Lease space for stashing attic stuff, move everything out, and break out the tape measure. If you have at least 70 square feet, seven feet from floor to ceiling and seven feet to move in any direction, you have room for an attic conversion. A construction contractor can advise you on reinforcing the floor with extra joists and subflooring.

Plan on adding windows for light and ventilation. They also double down as secondary fire exits. Help windows with air circulation by installing ceiling fans, and brighten up the attic with recessed LED fixtures. This is the best new room in the house for a skylight too.

Have Fun with Finishing Touches

Once you've done the heavy work, turn your attention to decorating details. Keep things simple by using the same paneling on walls and the attic ceiling. Keep things bright by painting with soft shades of white. Try these tricks to customize the space:

  • Give the kids a spacious bedroom by placing their twin beds head to head along one wall.
  • Reserve the attic as a private home office with desks tucked into dormer spaces.
  • Expand the new area as a fashionista's personal studio with banks of wall mirrors.

Know Your Codes

Attic conversions are an exciting way to upgrade square footage, but always consult with a construction professional. They can explain applicable city building codes and neighborhood restrictions before you begin the job. Knowing details in advance saves time, money, and remodeling headaches. Recommended inspections before you get started include the foundation, framing, electrical system, and plumbing.

We Have Room to Spare

When you're ready to make attic daydreams come true, we can help, and we're just around the corner. Our seven Safeguard Self Storage facilities in Philadelphia, PA include storage units in Germantown, Frankford, and all across the city. Whenever you need extra space, we always have room to spare.

Your Guide to Antiques: From Shopping to Storing

by Admin 8. February 2018 14:00

Antique vases, pitchers, and glasses

Are you ready to go treasure hunting at one of the country's largest indoor antique shows? The four-day celebration of everything vintage starts February 9 at the Miami Fair Expo Center. The Original Miami Beach Antique Show has enthusiastic antiquarians making extra room in their storage units in Miami, FL for collecting fun and adventure. Here are a few favorites you'll find at the show, along with shopping and storing tips for the best buys.

Jewelry in Dazzling Varieties

From art deco bracelets and moonstone rings to the finest names in bling, the Miami show has it all. Prices on Van Cleef and Arpels, Chanel, and even Bulgari are often a real steal.

Shopping Tip: Online research before the show can help you recognize maker's marks that predate the 1950s.

Fine Art for Every Taste

Are you after an affordable Picasso print? Do you favor antique paintings dating between 1800 and 1915? Well-known and famously obscure artists are all available for installation in your exclusive home gallery.

Shopping Tip: Worn back boards and frame stretchers are good indicators of older artwork.

Glassware from Every Era

Beautiful show-stoppers like Tiffany, Lalilque, and Luneville share display space with Depression glass and cameo wall art. Look for the shine of Victorian vases, English drinking glasses, and American perfume vials.

Shopping Tip: Keep a small magnifying glass handy for checking tiny maker's marks on vintage glassware.

Furniture in All Sizes

If you're in the market for furniture, add a Queen Anne table, Hepplewhite case clock, or Eames lounge chair to your collection. This show features 17th-19th century items, notably those from Federico Marino. Use self storage to stash your new purchases or make room in your home for them.

Shopping Tip: Period furniture often features dovetail construction and threaded-post secured hardware.

Take Care of Your Treasures

As you make plans for the best antique shopping experience in South Florida, plan on making room at home for your new treasures by moving a few things into self storage. Stash extra collectibles in your unit, or turn it into a clearing house for your own antique inventory.

Whether you collect for fun or profit, climate-controlled storage units are a must-have. Modern facilities offer real security features for your valuables, such as computer controlled access, unit door alarms, high-tech camera systems, and an on-site management staff. We're here to help you make room for everything, with multiple locations and top-notch storage units in Miami, FL. You can trust it all with us at Safeguard Self Storage.

The Smart Way to Store Your Television

by Admin 1. February 2018 14:00

A TV mounted on a wall

It's heavy and fragile, but you need to relocate it for just a little while. Break it, and you’ll miss the next Yankees game, as well as the premiere of your favorite show. How do you get your TV ready for a safe move to self storage in Elmsford, NY? It's not as hard as it sounds, but it does take smart pre-planning, smart packing, and a climate-controlled storage unit.

1. Take Time to Get Ready

  • Snap a picture of the TV's back so you have a digital diagram before disconnecting everything.
  • Label wires and cables with colored tape, and pack them in a separate box with remotes and any other hardware.
  • Clean the TV with a microfiber cloth to eliminate dust that can scratch its screen and compromise its electronics.

2. Pack With the Right Box

  • Use the original box if possible, if not, buy one that fits from a moving supply store.
  • Protect the screen with a piece of heavy, clean cardboard cut to fit and secured with a blanket of bubble wrap.
  • Reinforce storage box seams with packing tape, and cushion the bottom with a layer of Styrofoam peanuts.
  • Slide the TV upright into the box, finish packing with bubble wrap or Styrofoam, and add a few pouches of a drying agent product.
  • Seal with packing tape, label the box "fragile," and also clearly label it "this end up" on all sides.

3. Store With Care and Climate Control

Electronics are sensitive to our Westchester County temperature swings, so even the oldest TV sets deserve climate-controlled storage units. They're also prone to tipping over, so protect your boxed TV with large, sturdy items already in your unit. Sandwich it between sofa backs, headboards, or bookshelves so that it stays upright and secure. Don't put the TV in danger by trying this trick next to a dresser full of drawers.

Our Smart Storage Tips Are at Your Service

Whenever you need smart storage advice, you can visit our self storage tips webpage or check in with our Safeguard Store Teams. Our Elmsford, NY storage units are located east of Saw Mill River Parkway on Valley Avenue, and we have three more facilities across the area. Whether you need help with a TV or an entire home entertainment center, we're always at your service.

The Breakdown on Transporting and Storing Fragile Items

by Admin 25. January 2018 19:00


There are so many smart reasons to move fragile treasures to secure storage units. Collectibles outgrow display space at home. Family heirlooms deserve better than closet shelves. You might be adding to your own vintage resale inventory. Northwest of downtown Chicago, self storage units in Arlington Heights, IL and Palatine, IL offer safe havens for your breakable things, but how do you get them there safely?

Start with Good Boxes

Round up cardboard boxes from grocery stores, retail shops, or recycling centers. If you can't find clean, sturdy boxes, you can buy new ones at any Safeguard Self Storage facility. Purchase ten items or more and receive a 10% discount on your order.

Use Quality Packing Supplies

Crumpled newspapers make great box padding, but the print can stain fragile items. Stock up on quality newsprint paper, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts. Wrap valuable antiques, photos, and printed materials in acid-free paper.

Stand Up Plates

Use Dish Boxes and Dish Cell Kits to protect your plates from chips or cracking. Individually wrap plates with bubble warp. Cushion the bottoms of moving boxes with crumpled newspaper or bubbles. Stack wrapped plates standing up in boxes with room between each plate for additional padding.

Protect Glass Stems

Wind bubble wrap around glassware stems, and finish up with packing paper around the entire glass. Fold it over and into the glass, and secure with crumpled paper. Keep packed boxes light in weight for safe stacking in your storage unit.

Disassemble Lamps

Remove shades and harps from lamps, and wrap parts separately. Secure cords coiled around lamp bodies by wrapping with layers of packing paper. Box all pieces together, cushioned with bubble wrap.

Move with Care

Top off boxes with a final layer of packing materials. Tape lids shut, and tape box corners for additional protection. Use old towels bunched between boxes to stabilize the load as you drive packed breakables to your storage facility.

Store Confidently

Eliminate worries about extreme temperatures and humidity by storing fragile things in a climate-controlled storage unit. Keep boxes off the floor on shelving or wood pallets, leave room to walk between stored items, and avoid building stacks that can turn into box-crunching avalanches.

Keep Your Delicate Items with Us

With 15 locations across Chicagoland, Safeguard Self Storage gives you many good reasons to store fragile things with us. Our Palatine, IL and Arlington Heights, IL self storage facilities offer a full line of packing and storage supplies, climate-controlled units, drive-in loading areas, and more. When your most delicate treasures need a safe home away from home, we're just around the corner.

Self Storage for Fashion Connoisseurs

by Admin 18. January 2018 19:00

A rack filled with a variety of clothing items

It's so much fun to be a fashion connoisseur here in the Bronx. Between indie boutiques and all the stores at Bay Plaza, you never run out of places to browse and things to buy. It seems so unfair that you run out of room for keeping it all. Save your crowded closet from becoming a burden on your clothing collecting hobby with smart self storage in East Tremont, NY.

Give Fabrics Fresh Air

Some of your clothes are classics that you'll keep forever. Other things are just for fun, strictly for work, or even candidates for resale. Mix it all up with seasonal favorites, and your closet becomes a small space stuffed with fabrics that need fresh air. Clothes squeezed into a closet easily develop mold and mildew. One tiny, overlooked damp spot can ruin a collection and turn your curated wardrobe into a pile of throwaways. Climate-controlled storage units give fabrics room to breathe and give you space to expand your fashion sense.

Fold, Protect, and Preserve

Before setting favorite fashions free in self storage, make sure everything is clean. Don't cover items with any type of plastic material or dry-cleaning bags. Treat your clothes with special style by following these simple tips.

  • Use acid-free tissue paper to minimize creases in folded items.
  • Loosely stack folded clothes in storage bins blanketed with protective covers.
  • Protect leather and furs on padded hangers inside ventilated garment bags.
  • Preserve shoe and boot shapes by stuffing footwear with rolled-up socks or shoe puffs.

Store Like a Fashion Pro

Your unit can operate like a runway backstage when you know how to store like a pro. These tricks keep your couture easy to access and ready to wear.

  • Use padded hangers to store leather and furs on wheeled wardrobe racks.
  • Elevate vintage fabrics in acid-free archival boxes stacked on tiered shelves.
  • Arrange shelving several feet away from walls for double-sided reach.
  • Quickly find anything by labeling garment bags, storage bins and archival boxes.
  • Leave pathways between shelves and racks for easy access and fresh air circulation.

Never Run Out of Closet Space

When friends wonder how you manage a wardrobe that's always daring and different, share your storage secrets. We have room for every fashion guru’s collection with climate-controlled storage units at our East Tremont, NY location and self storage facilities all across the Bronx. Here at Safeguard, we make sure you never run out of closet space.

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