Storage for Your Startup: Business Equipment You Really Need

by Admin 24. May 2018 13:00

You have a solid plan, and it’s getting bigger and better every day. You're going to make a real difference in this big city. As you outline successful strategies, start tracking equipment you'll need to launch your startup. Business storage here in Jamaica, NY and throughout Queens, NY helps you keep it all organized.

You Have to Sit Down

You can't run a company standing up. Even a staff of one needs a place to work. Whether you're renting commercial space or opening a home office, you'll need the basics.

  • At least one desk with plenty of drawers
  • Comfortably designed working chairs
  • Directionally adjustable task lighting
  • File cabinets, bookcases, and side tables

You Need to Power Up

Electronics run almost every aspect of a successful business. As you acquire more equipment, keep backups in climate-controlled self storage near your new office. Start with the essentials, and upgrade when you can afford it.

  • Laptops or desktop computers and monitors
  • Printers, scanners, copiers, and a fax machine
  • Charging stations for tablets and cell phones

Consider investing in small printers for each computer and a multifunction printer that can handle the bulk of office paperwork. A wireless router setup is another smart choice for streamlining operations.

Retail Requires Extra Equipment

If you're opening the doors with on-site sales, put business storage on your must-have list. The extra space serves as affordable warehousing that lets you control inventory and organize startup equipment.

  • POS systems and cash registers
  • Shelving units, racks, and display cases
  • POP setups and materials
  • Tagging, labeling, and pricing equipment
  • Shopping bags, baskets, and carts
  • Exterior and interior promotional signage

Small Stuff Counts Too

What kind of phone system do you need? Will a coffee station and water cooler fit on a corner table? Think about how well a few potted plants and framed prints can work with your working environment. As you focus on the big picture and organize your business equipment, always keep an eye on the small stuff.

We Can Help

Wherever you plan on opening shop in Jamaica, NY or the remainder of Queens NY, business storage makes everything easier. We can help, with multiple locations and a variety of affordable storage units. Our teams here at Safeguard Self Storage look forward to helping your startup become a success.

An Overlooked Place for Storage: Underneath Your Bed

by Admin 17. May 2018 13:00

How do you expand home storage space and get rid of dust bunnies under the bed? Easy: Start utilizing that space under your bed. Find out how you can take advantage of this often-ignored place, and see how self storage can help you with the rest in Miramar, FL.

It's Hiding in Plain Sight

Most double beds hide more than pesky dust bunnies. They cover almost 28 square feet of unused space. That's a little larger than a 5 foot by 5 foot storage unit. Here are five ideas for making the most of this hidden area.

1. Sturdy Cardboard Boxes: Cut the tops off cardboard boxes, and slide them under the bed. You can pick up inexpensive, sturdy boxes at most self storage facilities.

2. Trays on Wheels: Home decor outlets carry a variety of trays and bins designed for under-bed storage. These clever units glide in and out on wheel and track systems.

3. Luggage in the Closet: This is another idea that solves two problems at once. Create more closet space by stashing seasonal things in your luggage and sliding it all under the bed. 

4. Vacuum Storage Bags: Compression bags are sized for everything from sweaters to comforters. Tough plastic construction makes them ideal for long-term storage.

5. Archival Garment Boxes: Why not sleep on top of that wedding gown? It keeps safely in an archival wardrobe box under the bed. These specialty containers are ideal for heirloom clothes.

Use Your DIY Talents

Measure your hidden under-bed space before you decide on a storage strategy. Measure the bed itself to get an idea of available square footage, and check clearance from floor to bed frame. Always measure twice just to be sure. Use these DIY tricks to finish off your self storage system.

  • Elevate the bed four-to-seven inches with bed risers.
  • Cover your cardboard boxes with pretty paper or fabric.
  • Attach wheels to old dresser drawers for DIY pull-out storage.
  • Expand your new storage solutions by using space under every bed in the house.

We Solve Storage Problems Too

If you're like us, you'll eventually fill up that sweet spot under the bed. We always have extra room for your extra things, and our storage units are available in all sizes. Stop by our Miramar, FL Safeguard Self Storage location, and let us help you solve all your storage problems.

What to Do When You're Limited on Closet Space

by Admin 10. May 2018 13:00

In a perfect world, every room in your home would feature at least one walk-in closet. In reality, you do the best with what you have. We offer 10 space-expanding hacks for conquering limited wardrobe capacity. From shoe ladders to close-by self storage, these ideas are great for broadening small closet horizons in Elizabeth, NJ.

Storage Solutions for Small Closets

1. Double Up on Racks: Double closet space by installing two rods across the same area. Hang tops on the upper rack, and use the lower rack for skirts and pants.

2. Put Drawers in the Closet: Cloth pull-out bins come in a variety of sizes. Mount the soft-sided drawers in vertical rows from closet floor to ceiling.

3. Snap in Shoe Racks: Use tension rods to get shoes off the floor. A pair of parallel rods a few inches apart creates an airy rack for your favorite flats.

4. Store on the Door: Turn the closet door into a storage space with a hanging shoe organizer. Fill the clear plastic pouches with purses, scarves and caps.

5. Show Off Your Shoes: Move outside the closet with a shoe ladder against an empty wall. Keep your prettiest footwear on display and ready to go.

6. Hook Up Empty Corners: Every room has four, so notch up extra space for hanging things by mounting wall hooks in empty corners. Valet rods work well too.

7. Rack Up on Wheels: Freestanding wheeled clothes racks become mini storage units outside the closet. They're never in the way because you can rearrange them with just a push.

8. Go Retro With an Armoire: Scout second-hand shops for an armoire that serves as an extra closet with benefits. Many of these clothing cabinets feature built-in shelf storage.

9. Slide Under the Bed: Roll-out trays are ideal for under-the-bed shoe storage. Use pretty wicker baskets under taller beds for everything from purses to hats.

10. Liberate Space with Self Storage: Move seasonal things to a small storage unit, or go wild. Spoil yourself with something big enough to replace a dozen walk-in closets.

Explore Our Storage Solutions

It takes talent to make the most of limited space, and we know you can do it. Don't forget the easiest tip on the list. Stop by our Elizabeth, NJ self storage location, and explore our wide selection of liberating storage units. You can always count on Safeguard to help you conquer limited space.

Get the Storage You Need in the Busy Chicago Downtown

by Admin 3. May 2018 13:00

You love living in the big city. The high energy level brings out the best in everyone who works and plays in the heart of this great place. Still, expanding personal and business space can be a real challenge in bustling Chicago, IL. Finding self storage solutions in and around downtown makes metro life so much easier.

Space Comes in Sizes

Whether you rent an apartment or own a condo, efficient floor plans don't leave much room to grow. Downtown Chicago storage units solve the problem with a range of sizes. A 25-square foot unit serves as an extra closet, a bigger unit holds furniture, and you can lease enough space to store the contents of an entire house. It's easy to find exactly what you need.

Convenience Always Counts

You're constantly on the go, so every minute counts. Self storage lets you choose a nearby location that works with your daily routine. Flexible hours and 24/7 access keep personal and business schedules simple. You can manage your account and even lease new space conveniently online.

Security Is Important

It's important to feel secure in a large metro area. The best downtown storage units provide layers of on-site security that protect you and your belongings. Lot entrance and building access are computer-controlled. Digital and video recording systems track activity all hours of the day. Facility-wide intercoms and individual door alarms watch over every unit.

Extras Make a Difference

Businesses that want loyal customers offer extras that make a difference. Professional storage management teams also work hard catering to your expectations with these amenities and more:

  • Climate-controlled units
  • Drive-in loading areas
  • Boxes and packing supplies
  • Delivery acceptance services

It's All Affordable

Residential and commercial square footage comes at a high price in the city. With self storage located downtown, you can expand your space for a fraction of that cost. Short- and long-term options help match tight budgets with storage needs. A nearby unit gives you affordable, flexible room to grow personally and professionally.

We're Always Around the Corner

If you're like us, you don't want to make your home anywhere else, and you don't need to. You have Safeguard Self Storage to help stretch your space in the Chicago, IL metropolitan area. Our storage units make life in the city easy and secure. We always have your perfect fit, and we're always just around the corner.

Tricks of the Trade: Setting Up Your Business for Success

by Admin 26. April 2018 13:00

There are plenty of opportunities for the trades here in Miami, FL. Areas like Allapattah are great for starting up a new business. You've put in your time. You're ready to make your hard work and solid skills pay off. From marketing ideas to commercial storage, we’d like to share five quick tips to help make it happen.

5 Tips for Turning Your Trade Into a Business

1. Know Your Market
Are you opening an auto repair shop? Set up in a location where you can handle the competition. There are hundreds of shops across the city, but how many operate in the Allapattah neighborhood? Make sure you have plenty of room to grow in the local market.

2. Sell Your Expertise

Make experience a selling point on your website, brochures, and business cards. Come up with a company name that tells customers who you are and why you're the best in your trade. Partner with someone who handles online and print marketing, and offer them your expertise in exchange for their services.

3. Streamline with Software

Every small business runs better with trade-specific software. Look into different apps that can streamline job scheduling, invoicing, inventory, and taxes. Share digital job details with several employees. If you're commuting to the shop from another area like Miami Shores, software lets you stay connected to the office even on days off.

4. Get Licensed, Insured and Bonded

Verifiable paperwork is an important part of opening a new business. Customers enjoy a higher level of confidence in your shop when they know you have a trade license. They trust you because you can show proof of insurance and bonding. Make the information available on your website, business cards, and even field trucks.

5. Line Up Commercial Storage

Compare the cost per square foot of shop space to self storage. A storage unit offers affordable business solutions for everything from storing extra equipment to saving important records. With commercial self storage, you don't have to worry about your trade crowding closets and garage space at home. You also enjoy 24/7 online account management.

Supporting Your Business Success

As you pull all the details together, you can depend on Safeguard Self Storage. Our team of storage professionals are here to help, with 13 Safeguard locations all across metropolitan Miami, FL. From Miami Shores to Allapattah, you have easy access to the area's best commercial storage facilities. We look forward to supporting your trade and business success for years to come.

Storage and the City: Your Solution to Area Real Estate Rates

by Admin 19. April 2018 13:00

It's easy to love living in East Tremont with all of the great things New York City has to offer, but it's hard to imagine upsizing your home. Our densely packed neighborhood keeps real estate prices above the national average. How can you live larger without busting the budget? Think small, and expand your space with an affordable storage locker here in Bronx, NY.

Make More Room with a Small Space

A 5-foot by 5-foot self storage unit serves up 25 square feet of space. That's more room than most apartment closets. Just imagine how well your organizing talents can work in a locker-sized unit.

Clean Out the Kitchen

  • Turn a locker into off-site kitchen cabinets for seldom-used pots and pans.
  • Empty the junk drawer, and give all that stuff a home away from home in storage.
  • Clear counters and reclaim space by moving small appliances to the locker.
  • Keep extra dishes safe for special occasions on shelves in your unit.

Go Seasonal with Storage

  • Let extra blankets and comforters stay put in your climate-controlled storage locker.
  • Save closet space by rotating clothes in and out of the unit according to the seasons.
  • Celebrate the holidays with decorations that don't get tangled and broken in locker storage.
  • Stop by your unit to swap out fishing rods for bird-watching gear on the way to Crotona Park.
  • Move vacation necessities like coolers and suitcases out of the garage and into storage.

Stash Personal Stuff

  • File important personal papers in climate-controlled storage for long-term safekeeping.
  • Reclaim home space by reorganizing hobby supplies in your locker space.
  • Use the unit as a holding area to keep garage sale items ready for market.
  • Convert self storage into an affordable clearing house for your home business inventory.
  • Use the locker to save special souvenirs from games at Yankee Stadium.
  • Liberate drawer space by recycling the kids' hand-me-downs through your storage unit.

Expand Your Space with Us

Whether you rent or own, there's never enough room for everything at home in New York City. We solve the problem with affordable storage lockers at all three of our Bronx, NY Safeguard locations. Whether you're in East Tremont, Concourse Village, or Wakefield, our knowledgeable storage professionals are standing by to help you expand your home space.

Making the Most of Your Drive-Up Storage Unit

by Admin 12. April 2018 13:00

You know how convenient it is to have self storage just around the corner. Can it be any easier to enjoy extra space for parking extra belongings? It can when you take advantage of our drive-up storage units here in Bridgeview, IL.

The 8 Biggest Benefits of Drive-Up Self Storage

1. Small, Medium, and Large: You don't have to lease large to enjoy drive-up storage. Unit sizes range from 25 square feet to over 600 square feet of space.

2. Fast Loading and Unloading: Are you in a hurry to catch a soccer game up at Toyota Park? You can load or unload most drive-up units in just a few minutes.

3. Easy Navigation: Imagine relocating the contents of an entire house without squeezing through entrances and navigating hallways. With drive-up storage, even the biggest loads are just a few steps away from your unit.

4. Commercial Equipment Storage: If you run a local business and need extra space for tools of your trade, drive-up storage units offer plenty of room for heavy equipment.

5. Business Inventory Storage: Seven-day access makes drive-up units ideal for holding extra inventory. Add to that the convenience of our Bridgeview, IL self storage facility, just south of businesses inside the Loop.

6. Room for the Winter: When winter blows through Chicago, protect your boat, kayak, and camping gear inside drive-up storage. Save garage space at the house by stashing lawn equipment and the grill in your unit too.

7. Room for Extra Cars: Yes, you can lease a unit big enough to park two cars. Even drive-up storage for one car feels like an extra garage at a fraction of the cost of building a major home addition.

8. High-Tech Security Features Available: Drive-up units are protected by the same facility-wide security systems that take care of indoor storage. Computer-controlled access, high-tech digital video cameras, and individual door alarms keep provide peace of mind while your items are in storage.

Count on Our Storage Solutions

When you store your belongings with us here at Safeguard Self Storage, you can count on our Bridgeview, IL storage solution experts seven days a week. With 15 locations across Chicago and the suburbs, we're always just a quick drive from your home or business.

Spring Cleaning: A Complete Guide for Your Storage Unit

by Admin 5. April 2018 13:00

You're finally done with spring cleaning. Your home looks beautiful, but you have a few things that need to move to a Baton Rouge, LA storage unit. When was the last time you straightened up that handy household storage spot? Are you sure it still has room to spare? Storage units need spring cleaning too, but the job doesn't have to turn into another seasonal project. Just follow these quick tips, and you'll be done in no time.

Open, Look, and Label

Take a peek inside the boxes in your unit. Make sure each one has a label large enough to note details about its contents. Use bright markers to color-code boxes by rooms and closets.

Round Up Clutter

Get tough with household storage that's crowding you out of the unit. If you haven't retrieved something in more than a year, it's a good candidate for a garage sale or one of the city's weekend flea markets.

Consolidate What You Keep

If you just can't give up that rock collection, round it up into one container. Let your old LSU textbooks keep each other company in the same boxes. Free up room in the storage unit by consolidating keepsakes.

Reorganize Your Layout

Store the books and rock collection in the back of the unit. Save space up front for things you need more often like fishing gear for afternoons at Blackwater. As you reorganize your floor plan, leave clear pathways between stacks.

Switch Out Seasonal Stuff

Make room for incoming winter belongings by liberating warm-weather stuff. Move out sportswear and summer bedspreads as you move in coats and heavy blankets. By turning two jobs into one, you’ll finish in half the time.

Sweep, Refresh, and You're Done

Climate-controlled storage units keep things in great shape, but a little dust can creep in. Bust it with a quick spring cleaning sweep. Keep inside air fresh by placing open containers of baking soda in corners and under shelves.

Be Sure to Give Us a Wave

When you finish spring cleaning in your storage unit, give us a wave on your way out. We're taking care of annual chores too at our Coursey Boulevard and Jefferson Highway locations. All of us here at Safeguard Self Storage in Baton Rouge, LA wish you a beautiful spring and an easy summer, and we hope our storage tips and storage units help unclutter your mind and home.

What to Do with Your Extra Room

by Admin 22. March 2018 13:00

Large, empty room

You're always tossing things into the extra room, so it's not exactly wasted space. Still, you daydream about converting it into something really useful. With so many affordable storage units in Brooklyn, NY, why not kick out the clutter and work some DIY magic with these spare room makeover ideas?

1. Shape Up in a Personal Gym

Transform your extra room into a personal gym with all the equipment you've stashed in self storage. When it's too wet to jog in Prospect Park, hit the treadmill back at the house. It's easy to stay motivated in the privacy of your home.

2. Create an Art Studio

Set your inner artist free inside a home art studio. Hang sectioned shelving dedicated to oil, pastel, and watercolor supplies. Use a tilting table as a sketch board, and set up your easel next to a bright window.

3. Give Kids Study Space

Liberate spare desks and chairs from self storage for homework in the extra room. Set up a quiet space where the kids can study. Make it a designated spot for stashing school supplies and backpacks.

4. Give Youngsters a Play Station

Let younger kids go wild in their own special play room. Corral their stuff with bench seating that doubles as toy storage. When the kids get noisy in their new den, quietly close the door, and let them have fun.

5. Make Man Cave Dreams Come True

Turn the extra room into the ultimate man cave with a gaming table that can handle cards, poker chips, and dice. Set up a small flat screen opposite comfy loungers and console setups for non-stop online multiplayer action.

6. Glide Into a Fashionista's Walk-In

Treat yourself to a beautiful walk-in closet with this DIY spare room conversion. Install wall- and floor-mounted storage units with hanging racks and glide-out shelves. Add full-length mirrors to reflect your fabulous fashionista taste.

7. Relax in Your Own Cocktail Lounge

Elevate the home bar a few shots above an ordinary happy hour with an in-house cocktail lounge conversion. Center decorating around the retro fun of a leather-padded island bar, hipster stools, and a wheeled cocktail cart.

Keep Kicking Out Clutter

Whether you work out, sketch, or toss back a few, enjoy your new room. We make home makeovers easy with several self storage locations across Brooklyn, NY, including our Crown Heights facility. Our Safeguard Self Storage facilities are the best in the borough, so keep kicking out that clutter and expand your personal space at the house.

Our Two New Miami Facilities: Giving You More Space Than Ever

by Admin 15. March 2018 13:00

We're always excited to open up new locations and expand our services here in Miami, FL. If you live or do business in Allapattah or Miami Shores, your self storage solutions are now closer than ever. Our newest facilities offer all the convenience, security, and amenities you've come to expect from Safeguard Self Storage.

Just Down the Road in Allapattah

If you make your home here, you know it's one of the city's hardest working neighborhoods. If you do business here, you know the opportunities grow every day. Even downtime is exciting when you can explore nearby shops or catch a ballgame at nearby Marlins Park.

Our modern storage facility on Northwest 27th Avenue is situated less than a mile from the heart of Allapattah. The new location puts our modern storage units just down the road from your home or business.

Room for Everything in Miami Shores

Do you commute into Greater Miami from this friendly village? Are you one of the community's happy retirees? With Silver Blue Lake due north and Miami Beach across Broad Causeway, Miami Shores is a great place to live and play.

We can help you do both with our new facility on Northwest 7th Avenue. Our units are ideal for decluttering the house or downsizing into a smaller home. From storing seasonally to stashing fishing gear, we have extra room for everything.

The Amenities and Security You Expect

Whether you're reclaiming space at home or expanding business inventory, our two new Miami locations are open and ready to serve all your storage needs with:

  • Climate-controlled units
  • Access seven days a week
  • Digital video security
  • Individual door alarms
  • Our friendly storage solutions staff
  • Carts, dollies, boxes, and packing supplies

Lease a closet-sized unit just right for a few boxes, or reserve expanded space that holds up to 12 rooms worth of furniture. It's affordable, convenient, and all yours at Safeguard.

The Best Storage Facilities in Miami, FL

How well do we serve you here in Miami? For years, we’ve provided storage solutions in Little Havana, Miami Gardens, and West Miami. Our modern facilities include locations in Coconut Grove, the Design District, and Hialeah North East.

Add our two newest locations plus Palmetto Bay, Miramar, and Hollywood, and you have 11 of the best storage facilities all available within Miami, FL’s city limits. Our Safeguard Self Storage teams are always proud and happy to be at your service.

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