Finding the Right Self Storage Facility for You

by Admin 11. January 2018 19:00

Safeguard Self Storage facility

A facility just down the road doesn’t automatically make it the best choice. A cheap leasing agreement doesn't guarantee value for your money. Location and cost are big factors when you're looking for storage units in Miami, FL, but you also want something that fits your individual needs. Let us help with this guide to choosing the ideal storage facility.

Factor in Your Location

Here in the Miami metropolitan area, we take care of you with nine Safeguard Self Storage locations, and we're adding to your options with brand new facilities in Allapattah and Miami Shores. How do you choose the best storage site for you? Consider these factors:

  • Business storage works best between home and the office, making it accessible from either place.
  • If you're in sales, multiple units along regular routes save valuable time.
  • For residential storage, store for the shortest trips necessary.
  • Sharing a unit with friends or another business is easier with a central location.

Figure Out Preferred Features

The best storage facilities offer a wide range of features and unit sizes. Take into account what you want to store, when you want to store it, and what kind of access you expect.

  • Climate-controlled storage units work very well for business inventory.
  • Drive-up units make it easier to store big items like lawn equipment and furniture.
  • Many storage facilities allow extended access hours to units, backed up by advanced security systems.

Expect the Best Customer Service

You have many choices in self storage facilities, so expect the best customer service from on-site teams. When management shows a sincere interest in taking care of your storage needs, you know you're working with industry professionals.

  • The best storage pros answer your questions and don't mind explaining details.
  • Count on expert advice about specific unit types and sizes for your budget.
  • On-site teams make sure the facility stays clean from front offices to the back lot.
  • Management always answers phone calls and email with a quick response.

We recommend exploring your options online first. Narrow down your choices, visit several locations, and take a look at different units. You want a storage facility that's just right for you, and you deserve the best.

We're Always Ready to Help

We're proud of our reputation as a national storage company that seeks a local feel at all of its facilities. You're invited to drop by and meet our hardworking teams all across Miami, FL. Be sure to check out our new Allapattah and Miami Shores locations too. Here at Safeguard Self Storage, we're always at your service, and we're always ready to help.

A Guide to Moving Your Grad Out

by Admin 4. January 2018 14:00

A recent graduate moving her belongings from her parents' house to her car

It's December, and your favorite college student is finally picking up a diploma and moving back home. It's never too early to guide your newly graduated son or daughter towards a better fit in a place of their own. Here in Baton Rouge LA, self storage makes that transition easier for everyone.

Help Them Move On

When graduates take up residence in their old bedrooms at home, they're just part of the new normal. It's become a routine passage from school to the working world, and you can help. Even the smartest grads need a little guidance. Start with a family strategy session. Sketch out long-term goals, but set a definite move-out date. Discuss plans for getting started at the new place and funding options to cover moving expenses. This is a good time for leasing an affordable storage unit to make the change in address a little easier.

Share Budget-Friendly Ideas

Moving into an apartment means coming up with deposit money, but first-time renters often don't anticipate ongoing expenses. As you share your wallet offsetting costs, share advice on how to stretch a new household budget.

  • Teach your grad couponing, grocery shopping and home-cooking skills.
  • Scout out used furniture at second-hand stores and garage sales.
  • Introduce the new grad to bargains on clothes and more at thrift shops.
  • Streamline the move by leasing an inexpensive storage unit nearby.
  • Stress transportation savings gained by using the city's CATS transit system.

Make Self Storage Permanent

Most young adults make a local storage facility a permanent part of new living arrangements. It's ideal for holding dorm room leftovers, so it gives recent grads flexibility as they furnish new quarters. Climate-controlled storage protects course books headed for resale, and it keeps seasonal clothes from crowding apartment closets. You can enjoy the extra space too. By sharing a unit with grads headed out the door, you help them with relocation and living expenses. Most modern facilities offer online account management, so you can teach another important life-lesson: how to take care of a monthly account.

Our Storage Solutions Always Fit

As they head towards a bright future, we salute graduates at Louisiana State University, Southern University, and campuses all across Baton Rouge, LA. Safeguard Self Storage salutes parents, too, who work hard to make it happen. You can count on us to do our part with affordable storage solutions that always fit you and your graduates.

Organization Resolutions: Preparing for the New Year

by Admin 28. December 2017 19:00

A notebook for making a New Year's resolution

The best New Year's resolutions are the ones that are easy to keep. They make a wonderful, long-lasting difference too. Organizing the house is a great example of a promise you can enjoy fulfilling now and relaxing with for the rest of the year. Our Brooklyn self storage facility on Atlantic Avenue can help make it happen. Let's take it one room at a time.

Leverage Living Room Zones

  • Free up floor space and create a special play spot for the kids by moving extra furniture to self storage.
  • Keep the couch cleared of napping pillows and cozy throws with a trunk tucked behind the sofa.
  • Store magazines and paper clutter in pretty baskets tucked under the coffee table.
  • Develop a system for organizing messy multimedia into easily accessed collections on bookshelves.
  • Corral home entertainment equipment with caddies for remotes and daisy-chained ties for cables.

Cut Down on Kitchen Clutter

  • Tame cleaning supplies in cabinets under the sink with small, stackable plastic bins.
  • Consolidate cleaning cloths by hanging them on hooks inside lower cabinet doors.
  • Take stock of pots and pans, and retire seldom-used cookware to your storage unit.
  • Put your DIY talents to work by installing shallow shelves behind doors that usually stay open.
  • Convert hanging plant holders into storage space suspended over countertops.
  • Extend your reach in lower cabinets with tiered wire shelving that slides in and out.

Break Out Bedroom Space

  • Free up extra room by breaking up matched bedroom sets and moving extra pieces to storage.
  • Keep dust bunnies at bay with wheeled storage trays that slide underneath beds.
  • Expand closet space by elevating shoes in hanging racks on the back of closet doors.
  • Turn empty corners into decorative storage from floor to ceiling with triangle-shaped shelving.

Make One More Resolution

When you get everything under control, make one more easy resolution. Promise to keep on streamlining your busy life by keeping your storage options open. Turn a climate-controlled unit into a year-round solution for organizing your home. With online account management and flexible leasing, it's a resolution you can afford to keep all year.

We're Here to Help

How will you celebrate the New Year in your beautifully uncluttered home? Start by enjoying less housework and more relaxing downtime. We're happy to help make it happen with our convenient Atlantic Avenue facility and six other locations across Brooklyn. Safeguard Self Storage is always here to help you keep your best resolutions.

Your Special Occasion Made Simple with Self Storage

by Admin 21. December 2017 17:00

A family enjoying one another's company

Sometimes, you have the luxury of making plans weeks in advance. Sometimes, you just have to smile and jump in with an impromptu attitude. Special occasions are always fun, but they turn the house upside down. Here in Tamarac, FL, self storage lets you tame that chaos, and you don't have to do it with a long-term lease.

Short-Term Storage Solutions

When you think of storage units, you should picture them as convenient locations for stashing belongings over an extended period of time. They're ideal for everything from switching out seasonal clothes to stocking business inventory. Now, think about how you can simplify special occasions with short-term storage.

  • Hide birthday and holiday gifts in your unit and away from curious eyes.
  • Give visitors plenty of closet space for luggage by moving your suitcases to a storage unit.
  • Make room at home for weekend guests by temporarily stashing extra furniture in storage.
  • Free up garage space for folks driving in by parking your car at a secure storage site.

Simple, User-Friendly Setup

Whether you're planning a backyard wedding or hosting the annual family reunion, it takes time to coordinate all the details. But it only takes a few clicks to set up self storage. You don't even have to be sure about how much space you need. Our online tools make it easy to estimate the best unit size for your special occasion. You can reserve a unit from the comfort of your computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone wherever you are. On-site storage specialists are always available for help and advice by phone or email, and we carry a great selection of boxes and packing materials at the facility. It's all fast, simple, and very user-friendly.

Short- and Long-Term Benefits

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and we completely understand that. Our rental agreement is on a month-to-month basis, which gives you the flexibility to extend your stay if needed. Whether you’re storing for the short or long term, you’ll get these great benefits.

  • Temperature-controlled storage prevents damage to your precious items.
  • You can have packages and presents delivered directly to your unit.
  • On-site dollies and carts make it easy to move in and out.
  • Drive-up units take the work out of loading and unloading heavy items.

Your Partners for Every Occasion

When friends and family wonder how you do it, share your secret, and direct them to the best storage units in Tamarac, FL. We're here on West Commercial Boulevard and all across Broward County with affordable storage solutions that fit every event. Just think of Safeguard Self Storage as your partner in planning for all of your special occasions.

10 Items That Are Vulnerable to Cold Weather Damage

by Admin 14. December 2017 14:00

A cup of cocoa and gloves sitting in front of a snowfall

As the chilly breeze blows in off South Oyster Bay, your thoughts turn to getting ready for winter. It's time to look around the garage, shed, and backyard. Have you stashed away your summer gear? Not all of those warm-weather items can handle a hard freeze here in Massapequa, NY. Self storage is the safest cold-weather home for so many things around the house. Here's a list of ten items that handle winter better in your storage unit.

Caring for the Most At-Risk Items

1. Musical Instruments: If they migrated from the house to the storage shed, protect strings, skins, and wood winds from winter blasts with a warm unit.

2. Leather Items: Leather quickly discolors and develops mildew in moist environments. Climate-controlled storage units save expensive leather items, such as baseball gloves, from the cold.

3. Summer Clothes: Even in the winter, clothing stored in the garage invites mold. Keep your summer wardrobe ready for next year's boardwalk sun and fun by storing it in your unit.

4. Sporting Gear: Plummeting temperatures affect bicycles, hiking gear, and even fishing poles stashed in the garage. Keep sporting equipment ready for spring in the warmth of your storage facility.

5. Wooden Furniture: Cold weather dries out wood furniture stashed in garages or storage sheds. Clean it, wax it, and move it to self storage.

6. Outdoor Furniture: Winter storms rust metal frames and ruin fabric on outdoor furniture. Save the cost of replacements by storing outdoor tables and chairs in your unit.

7. Barbecue Grills: Covering the backyard grill with a tarp doesn't keep out freezing rain. Baby your barbecue by letting it spend the winter in the safety of nearby storage.

8. Lawn Equipment: A hard freeze can ruin lawn mowers and garden tractors. Park them in storage now, and they'll be ready to roll come warm weather.

9. Tools: The cold makes tools brittle, and drastic swings in temperature make metal tools likely to rust. Keeping them in storage prevents damage and breakage.

10. The Boat: When it's too cold to fish, it's time to winterize the boat. Park your watercraft in a drive-up unit until the bass start biting again next spring.

Relax with Safeguard

When chilly sea breezes give way to freezing northern winds, relax knowing you've tucked things away for another Nassau County winter. Safeguard Self Storage keeps your belongings warm with eight Long Island facilities and the best storage units in Massapequa, NY. Regardless of the weather, you can always count on us.

Antique Appreciation: A Chicago Museum Guide

by Admin 7. December 2017 14:00

Museum in downtown Chicago

Our city's been making and preserving history since its incorporation back in 1837. Our municipal treasures can serve as inspiration for protecting your personal antiques in self storage. Chicago, IL celebrates everything collectible from art and architecture to science and ancient artifacts. These five museums are just a few of our favorites.

Five of Our Favorite Museums

1. The Museum of Contemporary Art: Browse away an afternoon enjoying one of the country's largest and most renown modern art collections. Finish with fine dining at the museum's on-site Marisol Restaurant.

2. The Art Institute of Chicago: This is the place to view art from almost every corner of the world. Exhibits showcase more than 300,000 pieces dating from antiquity to today.

3. The Clark House Museum: Walk back in time through Chicago's oldest surviving home. This 1836 Greek Revival residence in South Loop features extensive ceramic, glassware, and furniture collections.

4. The Museum of Science and Industry: Explore interactive exhibits that define our nation and our city. Navigate a World War II submarine, board a diesel-electric train, and walk a Chicago cobblestone street dating back to 1910.

5. The Field Museum: Lose yourself in the city's premier natural history museum while investigating an Egyptian tomb and making friends with a Tyrannosaurus rex. Learn more about both at the museum's 3-D movie theater.

Preserve Your Special Treasures

A visit to the city's museums renews our appreciation for the grace of age in so many things. Take care of your antiques by keeping them safe in climate-controlled self storage. These tips can help preserve your private collection.

• Protect antique furniture with layers of bubble wrap around legs.

• Drape furnishings with clean sheets that allow fresh air circulation.

• Wrap framed mirrors and paintings with glassine paper, and store upright.

• Preserve paper items like books and photographs inside acid-free sleeves.

Choosing the right storage unit for your antiques is very important. The temperature should remain as consistent, and the size should allow ventilation around all of your cherished pieces. Our on-site storage experts are here to help you find that perfect unit.

We're Just Around the Corner

Our city continues to make history every day, and we're proud to be a part of it all. We're here to help you preserve your personal treasures with our South Loop facility located at 1353 South Wabash Avenue, or any one of our 14 additional locations across Chicago, IL, including:

Uptown – 5026 North Sheridan Road

West Rogers Park – 6014 North California Ave.

Beverly – 1909 West 95th Street

Lake View – 2757 West Clybourn Ave.

Hermosa – 4534 West North Ave.

Safeguard Self Storage is always just around the corner to house your most important collections.

A Homeowner's Guide to Holiday Lighting

by Admin 23. November 2017 14:00

String of holiday lights held in hands

You're ready to string lights and turn on the glow around your South Side home, so it's time to sort through those boxes of strands in self storage. Your Chicago, IL neighbors are headed for the roof too. Everyone in Beverly brightens up at the thought of putting up lights for the holidays, so make these smart tips part of your decorating scheme this year.

Stay on the Safe Side

You turn your home into a wonderland of dazzling lights every holiday season. You also make sure to play it safe, so review your list of precautions, and then check it twice.

  • Give the ladder a solid safety check before you head up to the roof.
  • Inspect light strands, extension cords, and plugs for any signs of wear.
  • Clear plenty of safe working space by moving outdoor furnishings to your storage unit.
  • Take a look around for power lines that can pose a danger while you're on the ladder.

Streamline the Job

DIY efficiency is one of your hallmarks, and that talent extends to handling holiday lights. As you retrieve the old ones from self storage and add new sparkle to your collection, streamline the job by keeping everything in working order.

  • Test each strand for dead bulbs with a light tester.
  • Tape measure all the lengths you plan on spanning including window frames and porch rails.
  • Replace retired strings and garlands with energy-efficient LED lights.
  • When the strands come down, coil them in large plastic buckets, or around egg cartons for easy storage in your unit.

Create a Holiday Showcase

Traditional lighting around the eaves is just the beginning. Extend that brilliant illumination with outdoor light tricks that turn your Beverly homestead into a holiday showcase.

  • Welcome guests to the house with pretty pathway lights.
  • Make shrubs shimmer with sparkling net lights.
  • Dress up the post mount lantern with strands of twinkling stars.
  • Brighten up your front porch with big glass jars filled with colorful lights.

We Wish You the Best

Don't forget to turn off those beautiful holiday lights before you go to bed. We want you and your Beverly neighbors to stay safe and preserve energy efficiency, especially this time of year. When everything finally comes down, we're ready for you with 15 Safeguard Self Storage Chicagoland locations. Safeguard Self Storage wishes you the best during this special season, and all year long.

Tips for Getting In and Out of Your Storage Unit with Ease

by Admin 16. November 2017 14:00

woman holding heavy boxes

It's convenient and affordable, but how can you make self storage here in Baton Rouge, LA even better? When you know how to maximize your unit for easy access, anything is possible. Whether you're planning a first lease or looking for more room in existing space, these tips keep you organized while you’re coming and going.

Get Ready With a Plan

You're headed down to the Atchafalaya for some bass fishing. You can barely get the boat out of the crowded garage, and you lose time looking for your gear. Storage units solve these problems and more, when you start with a plan.

• Use a storage facility's online space estimator to determine the best unit size for your things.

• Choose self-storage facilities close to home or on the way to your favorite fishing spot.

• Consider leasing a drive-up unit for heavy things like furniture and appliances.

Get Set to Box

Once you've decided on a unit size and location, it's time to start boxing. Are you thinking about opening your own setup at the Deep South Flea Market? Do you need a place to store personal and business records? Whether you're stashing treasures or stockpiling books, these tips work for all your packed items.

• Choose boxes similar in size for easy stacking.

• Use big labels that give you room for a short list of contents.

• Discourage dust buildup in long-term storage by taping lids shut.

• Stuff bubble wrap or packing peanuts in partially filled boxes to keep tops from caving in.

Floor Plans Aren’t Only for Your Home

Streamline your self storage ins and outs with a smart unit floor plan. Do it right, and you’ll have parking space for your bike between cruises along Cypress Bayou, with room leftover for your favorite LSU cheer gear.

• Keep things you don't use often at the back of the unit.

• Stack boxes in rows to create aisles for easy access.

• Stabilize stacks by laying boards across grouped boxes.

• Use wood pallets to raise everything off the floor.

• Stay mobile with wheeled shelving units.

Come See Us Soon

Our teams are always glad to share insider knowledge, so come see us soon. We're here to serve with two Safeguard Self Storage locations in Baton Rouge, LA and six additional locations in the Metro New Orleans Area. It's our job to make sure you have the best storage experience possible, so let us help you make the most out of your unit.

How to Prepare for Your Family's First Holiday Season

by Admin 9. November 2017 14:00

You've never entertained the entire family before, but you're living in a city of firsts. If Philly could publish the nation's first daily paper and open the country's first zoo, you can make history too. Just take the time to do a little holiday planning, and give yourself plenty of room with extra space in self storage. No need to worry, your Philadelphia, PA festivities are going to run smoothly.

Prepare for House Guests

Party planning doesn't take practice, but it does take an eye for detail. Clean house like a pro by dusting often-missed baseboards, air vents, and light fixtures. Freshen bathrooms with scented soaps and extra guest towels. Let climate-controlled storage units help you get your home ready for company. Give them closet space for coats and hats by hanging some of your things in your storage unit. It's the perfect place to park extra furniture so that everybody has room to enjoy the party. You can even use storage to hide holiday presents.

Make Them Part of Your Plans

Making your guest list is easy because it's family and close friends, but stay in touch with everyone through social media. This lets you update the gang on any changes in plans, and it gives you a way to reach out for a little help. Streamline cooking by asking several guests to bring different dishes. Are youngsters part of the party? Ask for volunteers to take turns keeping an eye on little ones during the celebrations. Be sure to kid-proof the house by moving breakables to self storage.

Keep It Fun and Drama-Free

Make everyone feel welcome by making them all a part of the festivities. Organize drama-free fun like playing old parlor games or singing seasonal carols. Get the grownups busy baking desserts, and let the kids decorate cookies. And keep backup ice in a cooler so that holiday cocktails stay fresh. Offer a variety of music so that everyone gets to hear their favorite tunes. Encourage turning off the smartphones and turning on conversations. It's your party, so you get to set the rules. Just do it with a big smile and a warm hug.

You're Making History

We want to add one more very important tip: Relax, and have fun. You're starting new family traditions with this first celebration, and you can always count on Safeguard Self Storage for help. We like making history easy with convenient storage units in Philadelphia, PA.

10 Bedroom Storage Hacks

by Admin 2. November 2017 13:00

Woman reading book on bed

Moms are always right: We should've been better about picking up our rooms, but it's never too late to become organized adults. If a tight bedroom puts the squeeze on your stuff, just combine our Chicago, IL self storage with these 10 super-smart hacks.

Your Bedroom, Organized

1. Expand Your Headboard: Replace the headboard with a floor-to-ceiling bookcase that matches your bed's width. This creates an airy, artistic space for storing and decorating.

2. Slide and Hide: Tell friends you borrowed this trick from Uptown's Chicago Magic Lounge. Slip roller trays under the bed, and make clutter disappear. Now you see it, now you don't.

3. Pegboard a Wall Turn this traditional garage storage system into a wall of space-saving wonder by painting it to match the room. Unleash its storage power with hooks, pegs, and shelves.

4. Hang Fruit Baskets Move these tiered metal contraptions from the kitchen to your bedroom, and repurpose their potential. Inexpensive hanging fruit baskets redefine overhead storage.

5. Fill Up Corners Create a cache for stuff by installing corner shelves from floor to ceiling. Congratulate yourself on converting wasted space into room accents with purpose.

6. Assign Double Duty Write the next Uptown blockbuster while you're sitting at the bedside table. Double the function of its limited tabletop by using it as a desk.

7. Stack for Self Storage Keep a stack of lidded plastic bins in the closet. Fill them up with things headed for storage, and make one easy trip to your unit when they're full.

8. Double-Rack Closets Arrange clothes rods as upper and lower storage. Hang your tops on the top rack and your bottoms on the lower rack.

9. Stash a Chest of Drawers Enlarge the closet by moving a clothes rod up 6 inches. Just fill in the space below with a roomy chest of drawers.

10. Roll With Cool Wheels Put a retro bar cart to work as portable storage around the bedroom. Check out local vintage flea markets for cool ideas on wheels.

[H3] We're Happy to Help

Now that you're organized, treat yourself to a stroll along Montrose Beach. Our Safeguard Self Storage facility is located less than a mile northwest on Sheridan Road, so stop by, and say hello to the Uptown Store Team. We're happy to help you finally get that room picked up with the best storage units in Chicago, IL.

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