What Not to Store in Your Storage Unit

You trust your common sense. Even if you needed to store explosives, you wouldn't stash them in your Arlington Heights, IL storage unit. Self storage can handle just about anything, but safety and liability issues establish clear guidelines. It's good to know the limits before filling up that extra space.

10 Things You Don't Want in Your Storage Unit

Any Type of Hazardous Material

This category covers the obvious. You can't store chemicals, gasoline, fireworks or propane tanks. If it can explode, corrode or catch fire, keep it out of the unit.

Firearms and Munitions

Most facilities prohibit storing guns and ammunition. In many cases, it violates local and state regulations. Gun shops and shooting ranges are better storage choices.

Too Many Tires

Self storage sites often set a limit of four spares per unit. The reasoning is simple. If they're abandoned, management has to pay for tire disposal.

Undrained Yard Equipment

When it's time to park your lawn mower in the unit, don't let it turn into a storage hazard. Drain gasoline before putting away seasonal yard equipment.

Packaged and Perishable Food

Even boxed cereal eventually goes bad. Canned goods hold up to long-term storage, but everything else invites spoilage problems including rotten smells, bugs and rodents.

Plugged-In Appliances

It's OK to store refrigerators, freezers, and space heaters in your unit. It's not OK to plug them into outlets or run a generator in the unit.

Anything Smelly or Wet

If it smells bad, it's an invitation for a pest invasion. If it's wet, it's a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Keep stored belongings clean and dry.

Your Hard-Earned Cash

A storage unit might seem like the perfect vault for stashing extra bills. However, insurance won't cover your cash loss in case of a fire, break-in, or natural disaster.

Pets of Any Species

They need your love and attention. Don't keep any type of pet in a storage unit. Even an overnight stay can be disastrous for your animal buddies.

You as a Tenant

Yes, leasing storage costs less than renting an apartment or making a mortgage payment. Yes, there are laws against living in a unit even for a few days.

Everything You Want in Storage Solutions

We have faith in your common sense. Our Arlington Heights, IL teams are happy to help with smart storage solutions. You're always welcome here at Safeguard Self Storage.

An Overlooked Place for Storage: Underneath Your Bed

How do you expand home storage space and get rid of dust bunnies under the bed? Easy: Start utilizing that space under your bed. Find out how you can take advantage of this often-ignored place, and see how self storage can help you with the rest in Miramar, FL.

It's Hiding in Plain Sight

Most double beds hide more than pesky dust bunnies. They cover almost 28 square feet of unused space. That's a little larger than a 5 foot by 5 foot storage unit. Here are five ideas for making the most of this hidden area.

1. Sturdy Cardboard Boxes: Cut the tops off cardboard boxes, and slide them under the bed. You can pick up inexpensive, sturdy boxes at most self storage facilities.

2. Trays on Wheels: Home decor outlets carry a variety of trays and bins designed for under-bed storage. These clever units glide in and out on wheel and track systems.

3. Luggage in the Closet: This is another idea that solves two problems at once. Create more closet space by stashing seasonal things in your luggage and sliding it all under the bed. 

4. Vacuum Storage Bags: Compression bags are sized for everything from sweaters to comforters. Tough plastic construction makes them ideal for long-term storage.

5. Archival Garment Boxes: Why not sleep on top of that wedding gown? It keeps safely in an archival wardrobe box under the bed. These specialty containers are ideal for heirloom clothes.

Use Your DIY Talents

Measure your hidden under-bed space before you decide on a storage strategy. Measure the bed itself to get an idea of available square footage, and check clearance from floor to bed frame. Always measure twice just to be sure. Use these DIY tricks to finish off your self storage system.

  • Elevate the bed four-to-seven inches with bed risers.
  • Cover your cardboard boxes with pretty paper or fabric.
  • Attach wheels to old dresser drawers for DIY pull-out storage.
  • Expand your new storage solutions by using space under every bed in the house.

We Solve Storage Problems Too

If you're like us, you'll eventually fill up that sweet spot under the bed. We always have extra room for your extra things, and our storage units are available in all sizes. Stop by our Miramar, FL Safeguard Self Storage location, and let us help you solve all your storage problems.

The Smart Way to Store Your Television

A TV mounted on a wall

It's heavy and fragile, but you need to relocate it for just a little while. Break it, and you’ll miss the next Yankees game, as well as the premiere of your favorite show. How do you get your TV ready for a safe move to self storage in Elmsford, NY? It's not as hard as it sounds, but it does take smart pre-planning, smart packing, and a climate-controlled storage unit.

1. Take Time to Get Ready

  • Snap a picture of the TV's back so you have a digital diagram before disconnecting everything.
  • Label wires and cables with colored tape, and pack them in a separate box with remotes and any other hardware.
  • Clean the TV with a microfiber cloth to eliminate dust that can scratch its screen and compromise its electronics.

2. Pack With the Right Box

  • Use the original box if possible, if not, buy one that fits from a moving supply store.
  • Protect the screen with a piece of heavy, clean cardboard cut to fit and secured with a blanket of bubble wrap.
  • Reinforce storage box seams with packing tape, and cushion the bottom with a layer of Styrofoam peanuts.
  • Slide the TV upright into the box, finish packing with bubble wrap or Styrofoam, and add a few pouches of a drying agent product.
  • Seal with packing tape, label the box "fragile," and also clearly label it "this end up" on all sides.

3. Store With Care and Climate Control

Electronics are sensitive to our Westchester County temperature swings, so even the oldest TV sets deserve climate-controlled storage units. They're also prone to tipping over, so protect your boxed TV with large, sturdy items already in your unit. Sandwich it between sofa backs, headboards, or bookshelves so that it stays upright and secure. Don't put the TV in danger by trying this trick next to a dresser full of drawers.

Our Smart Storage Tips Are at Your Service

Whenever you need smart storage advice, you can visit our self storage tips webpage or check in with our Safeguard Store Teams. Our Elmsford, NY storage units are located east of Saw Mill River Parkway on Valley Avenue, and we have three more facilities across the area. Whether you need help with a TV or an entire home entertainment center, we're always at your service.

The Breakdown on Transporting and Storing Fragile Items


There are so many smart reasons to move fragile treasures to secure storage units. Collectibles outgrow display space at home. Family heirlooms deserve better than closet shelves. You might be adding to your own vintage resale inventory. Northwest of downtown Chicago, self storage units in Arlington Heights, IL and Palatine, IL offer safe havens for your breakable things, but how do you get them there safely?

Start with Good Boxes

Round up cardboard boxes from grocery stores, retail shops, or recycling centers. If you can't find clean, sturdy boxes, you can buy new ones at any Safeguard Self Storage facility. Purchase ten items or more and receive a 10% discount on your order.

Use Quality Packing Supplies

Crumpled newspapers make great box padding, but the print can stain fragile items. Stock up on quality newsprint paper, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts. Wrap valuable antiques, photos, and printed materials in acid-free paper.

Stand Up Plates

Use Dish Boxes and Dish Cell Kits to protect your plates from chips or cracking. Individually wrap plates with bubble warp. Cushion the bottoms of moving boxes with crumpled newspaper or bubbles. Stack wrapped plates standing up in boxes with room between each plate for additional padding.

Protect Glass Stems

Wind bubble wrap around glassware stems, and finish up with packing paper around the entire glass. Fold it over and into the glass, and secure with crumpled paper. Keep packed boxes light in weight for safe stacking in your storage unit.

Disassemble Lamps

Remove shades and harps from lamps, and wrap parts separately. Secure cords coiled around lamp bodies by wrapping with layers of packing paper. Box all pieces together, cushioned with bubble wrap.

Move with Care

Top off boxes with a final layer of packing materials. Tape lids shut, and tape box corners for additional protection. Use old towels bunched between boxes to stabilize the load as you drive packed breakables to your storage facility.

Store Confidently

Eliminate worries about extreme temperatures and humidity by storing fragile things in a climate-controlled storage unit. Keep boxes off the floor on shelving or wood pallets, leave room to walk between stored items, and avoid building stacks that can turn into box-crunching avalanches.

Keep Your Delicate Items with Us

With 15 locations across Chicagoland, Safeguard Self Storage gives you many good reasons to store fragile things with us. Our Palatine, IL and Arlington Heights, IL self storage facilities offer a full line of packing and storage supplies, climate-controlled units, drive-in loading areas, and more. When your most delicate treasures need a safe home away from home, we're just around the corner.

How to Prepare for Your Family's First Holiday Season

You've never entertained the entire family before, but you're living in a city of firsts. If Philly could publish the nation's first daily paper and open the country's first zoo, you can make history too. Just take the time to do a little holiday planning, and give yourself plenty of room with extra space in self storage. No need to worry, your Philadelphia, PA festivities are going to run smoothly.

Prepare for House Guests

Party planning doesn't take practice, but it does take an eye for detail. Clean house like a pro by dusting often-missed baseboards, air vents, and light fixtures. Freshen bathrooms with scented soaps and extra guest towels. Let climate-controlled storage units help you get your home ready for company. Give them closet space for coats and hats by hanging some of your things in your storage unit. It's the perfect place to park extra furniture so that everybody has room to enjoy the party. You can even use storage to hide holiday presents.

Make Them Part of Your Plans

Making your guest list is easy because it's family and close friends, but stay in touch with everyone through social media. This lets you update the gang on any changes in plans, and it gives you a way to reach out for a little help. Streamline cooking by asking several guests to bring different dishes. Are youngsters part of the party? Ask for volunteers to take turns keeping an eye on little ones during the celebrations. Be sure to kid-proof the house by moving breakables to self storage.

Keep It Fun and Drama-Free

Make everyone feel welcome by making them all a part of the festivities. Organize drama-free fun like playing old parlor games or singing seasonal carols. Get the grownups busy baking desserts, and let the kids decorate cookies. And keep backup ice in a cooler so that holiday cocktails stay fresh. Offer a variety of music so that everyone gets to hear their favorite tunes. Encourage turning off the smartphones and turning on conversations. It's your party, so you get to set the rules. Just do it with a big smile and a warm hug.

You're Making History

We want to add one more very important tip: Relax, and have fun. You're starting new family traditions with this first celebration, and you can always count on Safeguard Self Storage for help. We like making history easy with convenient storage units in Philadelphia, PA.

10 Bedroom Storage Hacks

Woman reading book on bed

Moms are always right: We should've been better about picking up our rooms, but it's never too late to become organized adults. If a tight bedroom puts the squeeze on your stuff, just combine our Chicago, IL self storage with these 10 super-smart hacks.

Your Bedroom, Organized

1. Expand Your Headboard: Replace the headboard with a floor-to-ceiling bookcase that matches your bed's width. This creates an airy, artistic space for storing and decorating.

2. Slide and Hide: Tell friends you borrowed this trick from Uptown's Chicago Magic Lounge. Slip roller trays under the bed, and make clutter disappear. Now you see it, now you don't.

3. Pegboard a Wall Turn this traditional garage storage system into a wall of space-saving wonder by painting it to match the room. Unleash its storage power with hooks, pegs, and shelves.

4. Hang Fruit Baskets Move these tiered metal contraptions from the kitchen to your bedroom, and repurpose their potential. Inexpensive hanging fruit baskets redefine overhead storage.

5. Fill Up Corners Create a cache for stuff by installing corner shelves from floor to ceiling. Congratulate yourself on converting wasted space into room accents with purpose.

6. Assign Double Duty Write the next Uptown blockbuster while you're sitting at the bedside table. Double the function of its limited tabletop by using it as a desk.

7. Stack for Self Storage Keep a stack of lidded plastic bins in the closet. Fill them up with things headed for storage, and make one easy trip to your unit when they're full.

8. Double-Rack Closets Arrange clothes rods as upper and lower storage. Hang your tops on the top rack and your bottoms on the lower rack.

9. Stash a Chest of Drawers Enlarge the closet by moving a clothes rod up 6 inches. Just fill in the space below with a roomy chest of drawers.

10. Roll With Cool Wheels Put a retro bar cart to work as portable storage around the bedroom. Check out local vintage flea markets for cool ideas on wheels.

[H3] We're Happy to Help

Now that you're organized, treat yourself to a stroll along Montrose Beach. Our Safeguard Self Storage facility is located less than a mile northwest on Sheridan Road, so stop by, and say hello to the Uptown Store Team. We're happy to help you finally get that room picked up with the best storage units in Chicago, IL.

10 Tips to Keep Your Dorm Room Organized This Semester

Young woman sitting on a pile of cardboard boxes after moving into her new dorm room.

You can do this. A little smart planning makes it easy to get ready for a new semester. Both Kean University and New Jersey Tech are just a few miles away, so split the distance with self storage here in Elizabeth, NJ. You’re perfectly positioned to rock the new semester with these 10 tips for organizing your dorm room.


  1. Make the most of limited clothes storage options with plastic slide-out drawer sets. These stackable faux dressers help expand tight wardrobe space.
  2. Decorate a shower caddy, hang it over your desk, and enjoy compliments on your suspended solution to clutter. No one has to know that your clever wall organizer came from the bathroom.
  3. Put up inexpensive shelving for books and more. You can find great deals on easy-to-assemble sets at a local DIY store. This portable organizing solution lets you cubbyhole anything.
  4. Turn an over-the-door shoe organizer into a snack storage zone. The clear plastic compartments give you easy access to packaged munchies while they protect goodies from hungry bugs.
  5. Stretch small spaces with tension rods. Mount these tough suspension bars where no other storage can go, and turn tight corners into mini closets.
  6. Keep track of the little stuff with plastic ice cube trays. Put several in a top drawer for organizing everything from paper clips to vending machine change.
  7. Transition a plain, plastic silverware tray into your favorite desk organizer with a little fabric and glue. If things get really crowded topside, slip it in a drawer next to the ice cube trays.
  8. Tame chargers and cords by wrapping them with brightly patterned Washi tape. Trade fumbling and figuring out matches with a quick visual reference covering all your gadgets’ lifelines.
  9. Save limited floor space with a mattress caddy. Nightstands take up valuable indoor real estate, so keep your essentials tucked in a colorful organizer made just for beds.
  10. Turn wasted space under the bed into extra storage with handy roller trays. These smart catchalls also cut down on room cleaning chores by discouraging dust bunnies.


Stay centrally located with our Safeguard Self Storage facilities right here in Elizabeth, NJ. We’re at your service all year-long with student-friendly units and great amenities. When you store your stuff with us, you can enjoy campus life wherever you go in Union County.

4 Tips for Small Living Room Storage

A plain, small apartment in Brooklyn, New York.

The largest borough in New York, Brooklyn is home to more than 2.6 million people – and continues to grow on a yearly basis. With many diverse neighborhoods to choose from, it’s no wonder Brooklyn appeals to so many different people. From historic Brooklyn Heights filled with row houses to Downtown Brooklyn’s cramped apartments, the real estate selection in the area varies from neighborhood to neighborhood. But with a city as populous as Brooklyn, it’s important to make every square foot count – and investing in a Brooklyn private storage rental may be the solution to your cramped quarters.

Make the most of your living room storage with these helpful tips from Safeguard Self Storage.

Scale Down with Self Storage

The first step to making the most of household storage in your Brooklyn apartment is distinguishing the difference between clutter issues and space issues. Unnecessary clutter in a small space can easily make your living room unlivable. Get rid of belongings that don’t have a home, or declutter your whole household to create more space overall. A private storage rental is the ideal off-site location for any extra clutter you can’t find a place for. 

Select Smart Furniture for Easy Storage

Choose furniture that does double duty as both storage and functionality. Try any of the following suggestions to increase your household storage:

  • Storage ottomans or benches can hide extra blankets, pillows and reading materials.
  • Use a tiered coffee table or coffee table with drawers to store belongings below.
  • Nesting tables are great space savers when the different levels aren’t in use.
  • Built-in shelving allows for extra storage in the walls of your living room.

Make Storage Choices into Design Elements

You can hide clutter in plain sight by choosing household storage that matches the interior design of your living room. Use decorative baskets to hide children’s toys. Add colorful storage boxes to your shelving; clutter stays creatively hidden from sight, and the living space looks artfully designed. Also consider using special, hidden storage items like a picture frame storage box or refurbished medicine cabinet.

Don’t Forget Your Vertical Space

The space in your home includes more than just what’s at normal eye level. Many people may forget to utilize all the extra space you have below furniture and above your head. Utilize under couch storage boxes to hide smaller items like movies and CDs. Storage boxes can also go under end tables, without looking disorganized. You can also use wall space to install shelving; installing shelves over doors is a particularly great way to hide extra storage items. And hanging hooks aren’t just for pots and pans storage in the kitchen! Use decorative ceiling hooks in your living room to hang everything from your bike to tiered, hanging baskets.  

No matter what city you’re in, your space can get crowded with clutter! Check out our blog for other household storage tips, and contact Safeguard Self Storage when you need more than a small storage solution. 

Storage Tips for Small Kitchens

Microwaves, blenders, food processors, and other kitchen appliances crammed on a kitchen counter.

Does a freezing December picnic over at Smokey Oval Park sound better than trying to cook in your small kitchen? Are you tired of putting together great meals in a tight space? Conquer culinary confines, get organized with convenient Richmond Hill mini storage, and unleash the power of hidden kitchen space.

Set Existing Space Free

Your kitchen plays host to an assortment of space-stealing culprits. Countertop appliances, over-sized pans and big serving bowls are the worst offenders. Round them up, and pack them off to nearby Richmond Hill self storage. Kicking out clutter frees up space and reveals existing possibilities. Are you stuck with a skinny cabinet that doesn't hold much? Take off the door, and turn it into a vertical wine rack. Would the convenience of a built-in cutting board make life easier? Insert framing in the knife drawer, and turn it into a retractable base for your trusty prep piece.

Clear the Counters and Decorate

Once you've discovered concealed possibilities, investigate the kitchen again. Old cookbooks, canister sets and knickknacks make great candidates for a yard sale. Stash them in your
Safeguard Self Storage unit, and cash in when you're ready. Decorate blank walls with small racks for hanging utensils or slender shelves for favorite spices. Get potted plants off the counter by suspending them in front of sunny windows. Brighten up tight spaces with under-cabinet lighting, and fill empty corners with pretty stacking baskets that double as decorative storage. 

Put Your DIY Warrior to Work

If you're handy with a hammer, stretch kitchen space by focusing on small projects with big payoffs. Why waste the wall behind an open door? Install shallow cabinets for storing things you don't use very often. Is there a dead area lurking beneath the corner where countertops meet? Open it up with a folding door, and install lazy Susan shelving inside. Keep DIY projects on track by keeping things out of the way at nearby Richmond Hill mini storage, and treat yourself to built-in luxuries like vertical sliding cabinets and gliding drawer systems.

Every tight space has delicious potential. Mix affordable Richmond Hill self storage into your space-saving recipes, and you have big solutions for small kitchens. When you need to open things up, depend on Safeguard Self Storage. We're always here for you with
locations throughout Queens and the surrounding boroughs.


New Renters' Guide to Self Storage

A woman peeking out of a box inside a storage unit.

New renters often find that the available space in their new home or apartment does not allow enough room for everything that they have acquired over the years. While downsizing is one solution to this problem, you might be wary of getting rid of personal belongings that hold deep sentimental value. Fortunately, a Safeguard Self Storage unit can help you keep everything close at hand without having to clutter up your rental space.

Tips For Efficiently Using Storage Units

Holmdel, NJ self storage offers you the opportunity to keep your prized possessions without pushing the storage limits of your new rental home or apartment; getting everything to fit without piling it all in is another matter. These
storage tips will help you keep everything easy to access while optimizing the space.

• Place your smaller items in boxes to protect the items during transit and to keep the storage unit organized. You can also stack the boxes to help maximize the cubic footage inside of the storage unit. Click here to find a full list of moving and packing supplies available at your neighborhood
Safeguard Self Storage Location.

• Label everything. When you are sorting through your belongings that will be stored away, make an inventory list for each box. Keep like items together, and create a short label that reflects the type of items that are contained in the applicable box. An itemized list can be kept in a spreadsheet to make it easy to find exactly which box to pull out when you head to your unit.

• Take furniture items apart before storing them to make sure that you can fit more into the space.

• Store your items an inch or two away from walls to allow for better air circulation, and avoid the temptation to stack your items right to the ceiling.

• When everything is put away, map out your unit so that you can navigate it easier.

Take Control of Your Space with Holmdel NJ Storage Units

If you need storage space after moving into a new place,
Holmdel, NJ self storage gives you the space you need to get some breathing room in your home. Safeguard’s Holmdel, NJ storage units come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs, and your personal belongings are always close at hand. There are even climate controlled options to protect your belongings from temperature and humidity changes. Safeguard Self Storage has locations in Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Find a location near you and start creating the household space you need!