Storing Your Items During Uncertain Times

We are all living in a different world now. Social distancing and self-quarantine are today's norms. Wearing gloves and a mask to the supermarket is as common as wearing shoes and a shirt. The value of hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes has never been greater.

Safeguard Self Storage completely understands the worries and concerns that this pandemic has caused, and as society is changing, so is the way we are doing business. We have always approached self storage a bit differently than others in our industry, but today, more than ever, our differences are lending themselves to a better storage experience.

Contactless Storage Unit Rentals

Safeguard has always felt that business should be conducted in a manner that is the most convenient for our customers. Now, we are taking it a step further. For over a decade, we have offered the ability for our customers to rent a storage unit on our website. Out of an abundance of caution, we are now urging all customers to rent online. When you complete your rental online, your rental agreement and all appropriate forms will be sent to you electronically. There is no need to ever step into the office.

If you’re not comfortable renting your storage space on our website, simply call us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have, recommend the perfect unit for your storage needs, and complete your rental on the phone. Again, your rental documents will be sent via email, so there are no required face-to-face interactions.

Touchless Entry

At all of our facilities, we offer touchless access to the building and each storage area using an access fob. The fobs are sold in our office and are programmed with a unique code, which will provide access to the building and allows access to the storage area where your unit is located. Our system also records the access activity of each entry for security purposes. 

At some of our facilities, we have gone a step further by installing the latest Bluetooth or iCloud access. All our newest locations are being built with new access systems that allow customers to use an app on their smartphones to gain access. These high-tech systems can be found at the following locations:

Property Cleaning

We have always held cleanliness to a very high standard. Now, it is more important than ever.  We have added greater focus to cleaning processes and frequency, making it our top priority.  Directives have been sent to all our facility personnel with new and improved cleaning duties, all to keep our customers and our team members safe and healthy.

All personnel has been instructed to wash their hands at least once an hour and after every exit from the office. We have provided antibacterial soap to each facility for both the manager’s service area and the customer restrooms. We have also placed hand sanitizer in every office for customer and manager use.

In the storage facility, we have instructed that any common areas be wiped down with disinfectant wipes, especially frequently touched places, such as keypads, cart handles, and elevator buttons. While customers are at the facility, managers are urged to stay in the office with the doors locked and to conduct as much business as possible through locked doors.  Whenever that is not possible, social distancing is to be practiced by keeping all individuals a distance of at least 6 feet apart.

Our Commitment

Even during these trying times, we remain open and available to solve the essential storage needs of our community. At Safeguard Self Storage, we are committed to the safety and well-being of our customers and our staff. Please remember to stay safe and together we will make it through these tough times.

Solar Power System Installed at Elizabeth, New Jersey Store

Safeguard Self Storage is committed to fostering environmentally friendly practices, so we are thrilled to announce the installation of new solar power systems at one of our facilities. We began producing solar power at our Elizabeth, New Jersey store on October 17, 2014. The solar power system was acquired from Trinity Solar, a major retailer and installer of solar power systems in the northeastern United States. The solar power system is designed to produce 129.6 KW of electricity, which is expected to supply about 80 percent of the store’s electricity needs.

Our Elizabeth self storage facility has many features that require electricity. These top-of-line features include computer-controlled recorded access, digital video recording, individual door alarms, facility-wide intercom system and much more.

Safeguard Self Storage does not intend to stop there! Installations of solar power systems are underway at 25 other stores in the company’s portfolio in New Jersey and New York. These systems are slated to go online and begin producing power later this year and early 2015. We already have a fully operational solar power system at our Thornwood, New York store, which provides over two-thirds of the store’s power needs. 

The system will drive NOI higher while helping Safeguard and its clientele reduce their impact on the environment. If you’re looking for self storage in your area, contact Safeguard Self Storage today! We’ll ensure that your belongings stay safe, while making sure our facilities stay green. 

Safeguard Goes the Extra Mile for Maintenance

The front of the Safeguard Self Storage Ready to Rent tag, which includes a space for unit information, a maintenance check list, and comment section.The back of the Safeguard Self Storage Ready to Rent tag, which ensures the quality of a storage unit.

When renting a Baton Rouge or Metairie storage unit, we want you to be assured that the unit has been properly cared for and maintained. From cleaning to maintenance checks, you can be assured that your Safeguard Baton Rouge storage unit rental is in prime working order. Safeguard’s Ready to Rent tags assure all of our new renters of Metairie storage unit quality. Our Ready to Rent tags are placed on the outside of every vacant self storage unit after a cleaning and maintenance check has been performed and completed to our high standards.

 The front of the tag features a checklist of tasks that need to be performed, while the back features a list of preventative maintenance performed on the unit doors. All storage unit maintenance tasks are performed by our quality minded store teams.

 Front Checklist:

  • Hasp (Works/No Damage)
  • Door (Cleaned Front/Back)
  • Floor (Sweep/Mop)
  • Door Preventative Maintenance Completed
  • Light (Tested/Works)
  • Pull Rope
  • Pest Package in Place 
  • Security Mesh Intact & Secure
  • Unit Alarm Working Properly

Door Preventative Maintenance:

1.    Clean and spray tracks with silicone spray.

2.    Roll down door and spray springs with lithium grease.

3.    Lightly spray hasp with silicone spray.

These measures ensure that our Metairie and Baton Rouge storage units are not only clean, but also in proper condition. Door preventative maintenance is important to storage units because the parts can wear if not cared for properly. This can cause problems when trying to open or close the door, which can be frustrating when you’re trying to access or secure your belongings.

 By cleaning the vacated unit, Safeguard guarantees that every unit is like new – even if it’s been rented before. New customers don’t have to worry about any items being left behind or messes left by previous renters. If the unit isn’t ready, then there is no Ready to Rent tag.

Our Ready to Rent tags are just one more way that Safeguard Self Storage maintains excellent quality and the highest level of customer service in the self storage industry. Contact Safeguard Self Storage today to find a self storage location in your neighborhood, and rest assured knowing that your new storage unit has been properly prepared for you.

New Building in Miami

Exterior of the Safeguard Self Storage facilty in Miami, FL, on Palmetto Expressway.Exterior of the Palmetto Expresway Safeguard Self Storage's covered loading area and parking lot.

We are excited to announce a new addition to one of our Miami, FL storage facilities. To better accommodate your storage demands, our Palmetto Expressway Store in Miami, FL is opening a new building with an additional 192 units. These new storage units are equipped with the features our customers asked for such as drive-up accessibility which makes these units incredibly convenient. Customers can drive their vehicle straight up to the unit door to unload their belongings directly into the unit. No hauling stuff over long distances! Plus, the 10-foot high ceilings make these units great for storing oversized items and vehicles and boats. Boating is a major activity in Miami and finding reliable Miami, FL self storage is important for many boat owners. While these units are non-climate controlled, they still offer the same stringent security controls as the rest of the Palmetto Expressway storage facility. Our units are equipped with computer controlled access, unit door alarms and digital video recording for our customer’s peace of mind. When looking for reliable Miami, FL self storage, consider the new storage units at Safeguard’s Palmetto Expressway store. Call 786-587-1947 to reserve your space in our brand new storage building. 

Here We Grow Again: Safeguard Expands in Chicago

A 3D rendering of the new Safeguard Self Storage facility on N Sheridan Road near Uptown in Chicago.

Safeguard Self Storage is expanding again in Chicago! On May 28, 2014, Safeguard Self Storage announced the purchase of land in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. Once complete, the self storage facility will be the 69th store for the company nationally and the 12th store in the Chicago area. Another planned store in the West Rogers Park neighborhood is presently under construction.

“The Chicago area is a terrific market for Safeguard and provides the company with the opportunity to add value to the Safeguard portfolio,” said Allan Sweet, Safeguard Chief Executive Officer. “This property is in a region where the company already owns and operates stores and we consider its addition to our real estate holdings as an important next step for the company.”

The new Uptown facility will provide 770 storage units in various sizes. Amenities at this location will include heated and air conditioned storage units, drive-in loading area, computer-controlled building access and digital/video recording of the property. The outside of the store has also been upgraded to blend into the surrounding neighborhood.

“The Uptown store, similar to all our Chicago facilities, is designed to provide an exceptional customer experience,” said Ken Finlay, Safeguard Senior Vice-President of Operations. “This facility will complement our product offerings in Illinois and demonstrates our commitment to and confidence in this strong market.”

The West Rogers Park property and the Uptown store are scheduled to open in 2015.

Contact Safeguard Self Storage to find out more information about storing your belongings at a Safeguard in your neighborhood.

Safeguard Self Storage Announces the Opening of a New Self Storage Facility in Bronx, New York just north of Manhattan

Safeguard Self Storage expanded its presence in the New York metropolitan self-storage market again with the opening of its newest location, a 57,000 net rentable square foot addition to its existing facility on Bronx Boulevard in Bronx, New York about four miles northeast of Manhattan. Safeguard opened its 63rd store nationwide and its 23rd store in the New York metropolitan market today.

front view of Safeguard Self Storage facility

Safeguard Bronx II Self-Storage

Safeguard Self Storage, a provider of premium self-storage solutions, opened its twenty-third operating location in the New York metropolitan self-storage market. This facility, conveniently located at 4323-4327 Bronx Boulevard in the Bronx will continue to help provide this community's growing demand for high-quality storage units and self-storage space.

Safeguard has a deeply established presence in the New York market, now with 23 open locations. Less than three months ago, Safeguard Self Storage opened its 21st operating location on Utica Avenue in Brooklyn, New York and acquired its 22nd location in Thornwood, New York (about 20 miles further north) a month later.  As is typical of Safeguard's 63 stores nationwide, the Bronx II self-storage facility is designed with security, convenience and customer service in mind. Amenities at this location include: heated and air conditioned space, a convenient drive-up loading area, computer-controlled access to the building and digital\video recording of the property.

"Safeguard's strong development ability enabled the company to acquire the land and design and build this exceptional 57,000 square foot facility in a densely populated area to help serve this market.  This new store complements the company's development and acquisition of new locations.  The company owns four other properties in development, two of which are in New York and one of which is also in the Bronx and two of which are in South Florida.", reported Allan Sweet, Chief Executive Officer of Safeguard Self Storage. 

"This new store expands the company’s presence and adds to the critical mass that the company has developed around the Safeguard brand in the New York metropolitan area", said Mark B. Rinder, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. 

"The Bronx Boulevard location, like all of our New York facilities, is designed to provide an exceptional customer experience and is tried and true for the company.  Safeguard built the Bronx I store on the same street, nearly immediately adjacent to this new store and opened it in 2005.  Thus, we know this market well.  With this new store open, we continue to move full speed ahead on the company’s West Farms location in the Bronx and expect to open that store next year” said James Goonan, Senior Vice President of Development who has been leading the development activities of Safeguard portfolio for 13 years. 

Ken Finlay, Senior Vice President of Operations added, "Its convenient location (immediately off the exit ramp from the Bronx River Parkway), the plethora of amenities and the company’s dedication to providing outstanding customer service, makes renting with Safeguard the best storage option in the Bronx and the surrounding area.  What makes Safeguard unique is the relationship that we develop with our customers--they are very important to us.   We look forward to continuing to serve the residents and business people of the Bronx that we’ve gotten to know over the past eight years. It's a great community and we're proud to be part of it."

Bronx II, NY Location: 
Safeguard opened the Bronx II, NY self-storage location on August 14th, 2013. This facility has 893 storage units in 57,000 leasable square feet with a variety of unit sizes currently available. The Bronx II store team is led by the same team which Walter Mejia, Facility Manager and Denise Hardy, Assistant Manager, and Andrea Wallace, Assistant Manager.

Mark B. Rinder - Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Safeguard Self Storage | Atlanta

What Can I Store? The Dos and Don’ts of Self Storage

What can I put in self storage?

This is a common question which should be explored thoroughly prior to moving items into a self storage unit. Self storage units provide a temporary home for the items of individuals who are experiencing this thing we affectionately call “life”. Find a self storage location with plenty of amenities so you will enjoy peace of mind during the time your items are in storage. But before you let your imagination get away from you, there are some definite dos and don’ts to self storage. 

The Dos:

When deciding to store, understanding the way in which you will access the unit is very important. If you plan on making frequent trips, you should double-check your facility’s hours. Safeguard Self Storage offers 7 day-a-week access hours to your storage units. Most locations offer extended hours and some offer access 24 hours a day to business customers.

Make sure adequate airflow reaches delicate fabrics and that fragile items are spaced out accordingly. Stuffing your storage unit to the brim just to save a few coins could cost you more in damage to your storage items. If in doubt go a bit bigger when selecting storage sizes. A larger unit will also allow easier access to your items saving you time and effort during each trip to the storage unit.

Some items do not do well with fluctuating temperatures and moisture. Be sure to choose air conditioned and heated units or indoor storage where temperatures are regulated when storing sensitive items. Safeguard Self Storagespecializes in indoor 

storage but also offers outside accessible units at some locations based on our customer’s needs.

What are some good items that belong in self storage?

Any item that is not perishable, explosive, corrosive, flammable or harmful make for great storage items, but the list doesn’t stop there.

The Don’ts: 

Weapons are widely prohibited in self storage for reasons of security and safety. Ammunition and/or explosive materials could go off inside the self storage unit. Other hazardous materials such as gas tanks, corrosive liquids or harmful chemicals are not appropriate for self storage. The rules and regulations that prohibit the storage of harmful items are for your safety, the safety of your items and the safety of all other persons and items at the storage location. 

Although some storage facilities offer state of the art security, it is not advised to store extremely valuable items such as delicate family heirlooms, expensive jewelry or irreplaceable photos.

What are some items that don’t belong in self storage?

Weapons, explosives, gas tanks, corrosive liquids, harmful chemicals, expensive jewelry, family heirlooms and irreplaceable photos do not belong in self storage for safety purposes.

At Safeguard Self Storage we have been taking care of our customers storage needs since 1989. Now, with over 60 storage locations across the United States, Safeguard is a leader in the storage industry. When you store with Safeguard, you not only get clean, secure storage solutions—you get over 20 years of storage expertise! Those years of experience mean that you can trust your belongings with Safeguard. Our amenity-packed facilities, competitive pricing, on-site packing supplies, and professional staff make storing with Safeguard easy. Plus, our commitment to our customers’ complete satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. For more storage information visit one of our stores or call us at 1-877-779-6900 today.

5 Essential Storage & Packing Tips

five boxes stacked upon each other with a roll of toilet paper and two books situated on top

Moving and packing items to be placed in storage can be both frustrating and time consuming if you lack a game plan. If you are considering using self storage, the first thing you should put into storage is some thought. You will need to understand available unit sizes so you don’t rent too much or not enough space. You will also need to know how to pack and store your items properly to prevent damage during the moving and storage process. Here are a few tricks to ensue your moving and storage experience is effective and stress free.

Pack & Store Items Well – Use sturdy boxes or plastic containers to prevent scratches and dings to your items during the moving and storage process. Wrapping fragile items in newsprint or bubble wrap will add additional protection. Seal all boxes with tape to prevent dust from affecting the contents. Place heavy items in small boxes so they don’t become too heavy to move. Lightweight items can be placed in larger boxes keeping the large boxes manageable. Place heavy items on the floor of your unit and stack lighter items on top.  

Use Protective Covers - Plastic wrap or covers are essential for protecting furniture, mattresses, and box springs from getting damp or dirty during the move. Furniture pads will also prevent items from getting scratched during the moving and storage process. 

Lawn and Garden Equipment - All fluids inside lawn and garden machinery should be drained prior to storing to avoid corrosive damage. Lawn tools such as rakes, shovels or hoes should be stored in trash cans to prevent them from damaging other items in the storage unit.

Use Your Head, Not Your Back – Be smart and use hand trucks or carts to move heavy items around. Our stores are equipped with flatbed carts for our customers use while on the property. Use our carts and your back will thank you in the morning.

Make The Most of Your Storage Space – Use the cubic footage in the storage unit to store more items. Long horizontal items should be stored vertically when possible to save on square footage. Store items inside of large appliances, dresser draws or on shelves to maximize the available space. Label all boxes so items are easy to find and place frequently used items in the front of the unit for easy access. If you have a lot of items that you access frequently you should create isles in the storage unit. This will ensure you can access all of these items quickly and easily. 

Utilizing self storage should help alleviate stress about where to store your items. Packing and storing your items correctly should eliminate all moving related anxiety. For more information regarding proper moving and self storage techniques contact your storage professional today.

Does Air Conditioned & Heated Storage Really Make a Difference?


With 50% of all self storage customers being first time users one may ask how does air conditioned and heated storage make a difference? This is an important question, as many factors play into the decision to store in a climate controlled environment. Air conditioned and heated storage, simply put, makes a world of difference and here’s how: 

Elemental Protection – Standard, non-climate controlled storage units are usually found in buildings constructed of metal or tin. These building are generally susceptible to the elements as wind, rain and humidity find ways to penetrate the outer seams and openings. These types of buildings are also affected by major temperature swings as they tend to heat up rapidly during summer days and then cool down at night causing condensation. This moisture can cause warping of wood, yellowing of paper and mildew to grow on stored item.  During the winter months these buildings can become extremely cold causing stored goods to crack or chip. Temperature controlled storage units are designed to protect stored items from large temperature variations preventing moisture and mildew from forming which help items maintain their stored condition.

Sensitive Belongings – documents, photos, antiques, family heirlooms, and other valuables may not survive long term in regular outdoor storage. Choosing a climate controlled storage unit could save you from experiencing significant damage to weather sensitive items. 

Peace of Mind – Knowing that your items are stored in a climate controlled environment, protected from the elements just like your home or office will provide great comfort.  Air conditioned and heated storage units were designed so your items come out of storage in the same condition as when you put them in. What a concept!  

Making the right decision about self storage types is just as important as the decision to store. Making the wrong decision, in the long run, could cause more harm than good. To fully understand what self storage unit type and size is right for you, contact a storage professional today.

Storage Safe: Heavy Rain & Flooding is No Match For Lombard, IL


The Village of Lombard, Illinois experienced heavy rain and flooding last month accumulating up to six inches in some areas. While the sewage drains and pumps remained fully operational throughout the storm the quality design of our Lombard Storage Facility kept our building and property out of harm’s way.

At our facility in Lombard, 5.8” of rain was funneled from our roof, away from our storage building and deposited into drains around the perimeter of the property. The retention pond filled to capacity, but receded nicely the next morning.

Although the Village President had declared a state of emergency due to flooding of homes and businesses, our facility remained an island amid the rising water. All day our dedicated staff took calls from concerned customers worried about their stored belongings.

It was a pleasure to notify them that our facility was perfectly safe and dry. If you are considering storing your belongings, chose Safeguard Self Storage and discover why we say; don’t Just Store It, Safeguard It!

~Courtesy of Gil Beres